12/5/17. Post Market Wrap Up PLUS! ENTER THE CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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I can’t wait for the time they lose control over the metals manipulation, cheers mike

Thank you, Gregory. I love your videos, but come on, you know now of us watch cnbc. I do like the Three Stooges, though.

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Greg, as always we love your reports and we did upvote and resteem

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Upvoted and resteemed as always, mate.
But I assume, you are awareof why the CoD and the others are doing this - its not because they are stupid (well, at least not most of them), its because it pays their rent. How long, you think, someone would last there if he openly speaks out what he thinks? Or his boss who lets him do so? Its all about money. It wouldn't surprise me if they call you one day and say "Mr Mannarino, keep your mouth shut and we pay you 25k a month, or carry on and regret it, your choice."


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Mainstream pundits are clueless i have never relied on them for information.

Nice post thank for sharing sir

You're quite the artist Gregory lol

Thanks for another great video, Greg!

Thanks for posting, always good tips and advice. Like that you tell it how it is, and call it like you see it.

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Can i have get your permission to resteem this??

Please do.

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I did not watch CNBC today, feel better:). Gold and Silver being crushed today. They were buying bonds big time, but stock market fall anyway. Agree, stock market is in bubble, not bitcoin.

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Your drawing skills are amazing! You should hold on to it and in ten years "The Confederacy of Dunces" might be worth a million dollars (or one Bitcoin) I am a great fan although I am not even a trader, I just hold Bitcoin and play a little around in the crypto world. Another currency worth watching is Dash. I am the German moderator of the Dash 101 Video series that comes out in January in English, German, Spanish and Russian. Next year will be a big year for the crypto currencies in general in my opinion. The old banking system is doomed to fall like a House of Cards, as seen on Netflix and the drama will be of Shakespearean nature. I got my popcorn ready ;)

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Great info my friend. Confederacy of Dunces CNBC I love your thoughts.

I waited through your video for you to attribute the authorship of the tag, "Confederacy of Dunces" to its 1980 creator, John Kennedy Toole. His novel has been one of my favourites since I first enjoyed its brilliance in the early 1980s and his memory deserves your respect and attribution. Have you been delighted by the work?

That said, we watch your videos and read your articles every day and appreciate your thoughts and your efforts on everyone's behalf. Thank you for all you do - Your traderschoice.net is among my valued bookmarked pages and I refer to it throughout the day.

Take care, Amigo. Also, many thanks for your "Pay it Forward" attitude.

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