12/22/17. Post Market Wrap Up PLUS! Limited Availability DOES NOT Dictate Price. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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Something is only worth what somebody will pay for it! Bitcoin back to 14K, what you reckon, dead cat bounce? personally I'm out and staying out for now. The Elmers are encouraging people to buy the dip, but I'm going to pass on this one. resteemed and up voted.

@andrewmorgan...It's wise to stay out. I would buy Steem and Ether. There is real value. They recovered a part already but it's still a very good entrypoint. Buy Bitcoin just, when Greg Mannarino tells it. It's a game led by Wallstreet.

The January 2018 futures contract is trading close to itsearlier highs, at around$18,300. That’s up from an opening price of $15,000, andahead of the ‘spot’ price - which is closing in on$17,000 tonight.

@steemoffice...It looks that Bitcoin will rise again. Bitcoin can rise to 50'000 or even 100'000. Who knows. I think there are so many uncertainty with Bitcoin, so I concentrate to Cryptos with real potential. Bitcoin can get destroyed through China. Bitcoin is very slow, is expensive, can never replace Gold etc. For me, there are too many risks.

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Wise move, staying out. Funny how so many putting their money into BTC at these levels are ignoring all of the folks who comment on the technical aspects of BTC's weakness. Increasing fees now so high that those are higher than mining incentive! This coin is now white hot in terms of danger levels.

If crypto is really your bag, buy into something that has a future. IOTA is the best one - at least when the Fed or the ECB decide to tax/ban/shutdown BTC this will never get hurt. It's got a future use for commerce and the IOTA foundation are a registered non-profit "company" in Germany.

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the dip will be brought and yes the wizards will pull it down again
and over and over again till every one gets wise
silver is for the picking, just like they are doing

sorry yes im also out on bitcoin, but i have found a place i get coins free
day by day wallets filling for free

Merry Christmas everyone.
Taking your advice Gregory.... giving back.

I am off with Danny from DASH and friends today to the orphanage( Hogar Infantil Marsh in Acapulco) 70 kids to feed, bring a new tv, fix a couple of computers and the trampoline.

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The Futures market will control BTC.
Next week will hopefully be another correction lower for Alt coins as the Bond Market sells off.

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Upvoted and reestemed! I think we could all benefit from this long weekend. I have a feeling that 2018 is going to be even more action packed than this year in the markets. Merry Christmas Greg. Enjoy your vacation. Thanks for everything!

Happy Holidays Greg! Take some rest!!

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Who wants to bet he can’t stay away for a week?? Haha, happy holidays everybody! Thanks for your thoughts Greg

Fantastic work Greg. I watched your take when the futures were came out and you were(and still are) correct about the manipulation by Wall Street!

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thank you greg!!

Greg, like you, I bemoan "the club" taking a hold of Bitcoin via the futures market, just like they have taken a hold of nearly all markets by manipulation.

I've made the comment on other boards before - "Is the best we can do is follow these peoples' coattails?" It is a disgusting feeling. But if we are forced to follow the futures market, then that is our fate.

However, Clif High has called the SEC market's attempt the "action of shooting themselves in both feet". We will see if that is true over the coming weeks and months.

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Merry Christmas, Greg! And to everyone else as well!

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I have lost almost everything I have in this recent dip in bitcoin price well let's see if it would recover. Thanks for sharing. Resteemed

Thanks for the info. Do you have any updates on the Litecoin selloff? Resteemed and upvoted.

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Glad to see the crypto bloodbath over for now.

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Really cool to hear you disparage the word "HODL" . . . very amusing. With you off the air for a week, I am going to try and find your recent discussion with Lynette Zang. Merry Christmas, Greg. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Glad you're taking some time off. Get some rest and have a Merry Christmas!

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the Bitcoin Cash pump scammers tied to manipulate the Bitcoin price down and the Bitcoin Cash price higher about a month or so ago. My understanding is that the manipulator flooded the Bitcoin network with a massive number of fractional transaction requests.

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The Elmers are encouraging people to buy the dip, but I'm going to pass on this one..i resteem and upvoted... @marketreport

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Mental Gymnastics! The reason why limited supply doesn't dictate price.

Great job Greg .

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BTW I’m steel waiting for BTC to get below $10,000.00 to start scale in even tough people are saying it will never ever get there because of limited supply. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Actually it does!! More scares the resource is; more the value but you also need to look at the underlying tech.

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Something is only worth what somebody will pay for it Bitcoin prices is back to 14K.What you reckon, dead pet bounce? seriously I'm out and staying out for now.upvoted and resteemed

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