12/19/17. Post Market Wrap Up PLUS! Perspective On Today's Epic Bond Market Sell Off. By G. Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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Bond Market Selling Off!
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Excellent @MarketReport Observations Greg... and Yes, it's always Best to sit back and just observe market reactions when the markets experience the type of actions it did today...

Yes, there were EPIC movements today in the Bond Market.

Rarely post on Steemit but will post tonight a very important post that will help answer some of the excellent questions You spoke about in Your YouTube video today. My Post will probably be completed/posted in about 3-5 hours.

My Post will draw upon some of the most seasoned experts I follow AND who have been patiently waiting for this type of major sell-off we witnessed today...

PUT on Your SEAT BELTS because the rise in interest rates will be one of the quickest rise in rates that we've ever experienced...over the coming days, weeks & months.

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Looking forward to your answers. I'm following now.

Thank You @Scho0768 and a quick apology to Greg @MarketReport.

Sorry Greg, got delayed posting earlier this evening, mostly because of the well coordinated, direct attack on Bitcoin.

As many may be aware, Bitcoin Cash is a poor substitute for the original Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Cash is supported & backed by the Central Bankers.

Suffice to say, there are many strong, "politically motivated" under-currents by the Central Bankers, they are attempting to hold onto the control of Global Banking, that they've held for at least the last 250 years...

Please consider watching the YouTube video by Richard Heart + Tone Vays. Both of these gentlemen are well versed, seasoned veterans in the Bitcoin digital currency arena.

In my humble opinion, the video below is one of the better videos in the last 3 months... it is over 1 hour long, but I recommend You consider watching the entire video.

The 1:11 minute mark is where Richard Heart + Tone Vays talk about Roger Ver/Bitcoin Cash for a few minutes...

Cheers !!

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Upvoted and resteemed. Keep promoting steemit Gregory. I am still having trouble on the traderschoice.net website. For example I cannot see the whole bond market chart on the right and I cannot see the whole charts on the left. But I can see the chart for Bitcoin in the center. I can scroll down but cannot scroll left and right.

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I was off from work today and able to watch the market closely all day. Your bond chart is excellent for comparing bond action to S&P, for example. Thanks for that live chart and the insight to watch it.

I think the Stock Market will remain relatively "flat" throughout the week with the market having already priced in the Government Tax Bill and now uncertain about a "Government Shut Down" possibility on Friday.

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I can't believe that only a few hundred bitcoin selloffs made the price by so much when there are millions of bitcoins.

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I am still hold that QQQ position with a nice profit I might add. It’s easy buy theses things selling to early has always been a weakness of mine.

Take a look at the Iconomi website. Maybe have some of your followers, that are more tech savy than myself, create an index for us to invest in. The dip in crypto was going to happen after a 40% gain in the space but a 20% drop will be the buy time. Just a thought.
Again, thanks for the reply.

And a very small percentage of BTC.... For the "Elmers." All the funds with BTC primary are down.

Greg, I agree with you BTC. It's a shame really. BTW, I was finally able to get into your chat room on traderschoice.net. Lot's of good commentary there. Thanks for all that you do!!!

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