1/4/18 Post Market Wrap Up PLUS: MUST SEE FAILED GOLD & SILVER RIGGING ATTEMPT! By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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Bond buying manipulation will continue.
Can you say Inflation?
$100 STEEM by June.

@healthiswealth...Before steemit.com had a 500-error for quit a long time. Did you realize this too? Would steemit.bit work in such a moment?

How you doing @mafsteem?
What does 500-error for quit a long time mean?

@healthiswealth...I couldn't reach steemit.com for half an hour. Other pages were working. But maybe it was just a regional problem. It's quit scary if this thing doesn't work.

yeah, it's such a big moment!

Inflation will "SHOCK" the fed!!! Give me a break!! I love when greg loses it.....thats how i feel all the time!!

Maybe inflation is a main part of the plan called financial repression.

I seem to feel the same way @bmilla

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Another great video Greg!
Greg is right join steemit and make yourself rich instead of Zuckerberg.
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@marketreport...I kicked Mark Zuckerberg out of my bed 3 weeks ago. Upvoted and resteemed.

Way to go Brother!
I have never been part of FakeBook!

@healthiswealth...Me neither. But I was watching Greg Mannarino on youtube. 3 weeks ago I changed to Steemit.

Your a smart cookie :)

@mafsteem Looool Zuckerberg in your bed ?? you amaze me :))

Steemit is much better than Facebook.

This is good thanks for all the help

nice, resteemed.

Habla, blah blah blah blah blah, Español for my bunghole...

thank you Greg, Gold and silver is rising again

upvoted and resteemed thank you for the continued work Greg!

Check my first post in my blog pls. I ve shared my trading idea for todays Non Farm Payrolls on EURUSD. If there are any forex traders :)

I'll take the gift that they want to give! Rippin its Face of Baby!

Steem account going up! Only place to post anything worth while. Good to see the gold/silver rigging less effective. Stack while it's still cheap eveyone

Thanks Gregory for all you do I've been following you on you tube.
Also like your appearances on Greg Hunter and ITM trading.

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nice mate,u got new fan here

Hi Greg. This is Peggy. I finally got on Steemit. Thanks for the pushing and prodding on your video to get me to do that. Geesh. I couldn’t sign up before but it seems they kept me logged in all the time. Lol. Smh

Greg cracks me up! I tune in for the humor.

You are the bomb Greg!

Dear Greg,
I have followed your work for several months and very impressed. Thank You Very Much Grey for all the valuable info.
Got to know Steemit from your youtube post and here I'm in Steemit (My very first social media account on any platform).
Good Luck to all in STEEMIT platform!!!

Gregory! First Post here. Many years with you brother. Trying to keep up with the times. Peace out. God bless you!

Thank you so much my dear sir @marketreport for sharing . now #resteem & upvote done.

hlw sir #resteeem & upvote done sir

Thanks again Greg for another informative video! Let's continue helping each other out!

Great post
A video is a lot of use
Thank you

Infomative post brother, resteem an upvote done

this is so useful, have a nice day, resteemed..

thanks for other informative video
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sir thanx a vide and also is good work like your always videos

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Greg, you out did yourself with this great report and thank you for all the you do and we did upvote and resttem for all to see

"janet yellen is bernie madoff in a skirt"

GREG M has changed my life! I trade crypto daily and buy physical silver every month with the gains!!!

Very good initiative for homeless pets

So cool!!
Nice view!!! resteemed..

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Gotta get me some gold stat

resteemed done

Steem is ON FIRE! Thx for continuing to spread the word on that.

Markets going higher and higher. Steemit is such a no-brainer. Upvoted and resteemed.

that good to make this proper video and say everything marketreport sir @resteemd

Greg, You’ve been spot on with STEEMIT right from the beginning. Glad you were there to remind us of its strength when there were several doubters out there. Please keep up the excellent work. I’ve upvoted and resteemed this important video for those who still have doubts about STEEMIT.


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nice one, @marketreport,, resteemed.

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You always show great information which is important, @resteem.

i follow you. very Infomative post sir., resteem an upvote done

I am late but upvoted and resteemed @marketreport

@marketreport that good to make this proper video

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That was a bit weird with the kisses man, but as far as steem goes, I remember when I watched you on youtube and you first told us about steem, haven’t been back on YouTube since! I’m may not have made as much as you, your very dedicated, but I post as much as possible, and why would anyone NOT join this platform is just CrAzY!!!!
Thanks for the daily post!

great post man very informative....

Spot on. I was trading in metals only until I started going through your training. I knew it didn't make sense why gold and silver were so suppressed. It's a shame there is no one holding the riggers accountable.

I saw the chart...Yes, a market maker wannabe tried to influence the market but couldn't. Nice that you spot it. Your content is very valuable. I'll go to your website and see if I can sign up there for updates from you. Thanks.

thank you my friend I will resstem this post

Post here! Not on YouTube!
(Although I will admit to having some trouble on DTube. Still working on it.)

upvoted and resteemed... from Lib Central, San francisco this week

great information...thanks for share.Gregory Mannarino you are great

Greg is the man! we all need to learn how to take advantage of the markets we are given and scrape the profits to buy precious metals!! I know i am!!

your videos always helpfull for us and all of others sir

well sir thanx to share it and give new updates on mareket i also @resteem like always

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Steemit Champion!
You were the first person to highlight this platform to me.
Thank you very much!

Well said Greg, and it's only a matter of time until the price of precious metals will no longer be manipulated.

Thanks again!

Awesome as usual ! Thanks @marketreport + UPVOTE

Resteemed. It is really nice to see the PM market show some resilience finally!

Thanks for gold silver rigging chart ..upvoted sir

Hope gold and silver finally start rising

Talking about an excellent topic, you have talked about silver and gold and youth and Gregory Mannarino is thought to be affected by this topic. Important: It is important and meaningful that I think all of us are benefiting from this and getting a great idea about marketing, thank you so much. I think you are a big man of marketing

Hi Greg thank you once again. The SLV/GLD charts are indeed a joke but nothing new there. Remember the days in 2012 and 2013 that were insane? Unfortunately lots of people got hurt really bad back then. Luckily not so much today.

just salute you boss.
always you showed your guideline to us...
we learn from you...you got another thing..here.
thank you very much..
love it..

Thank you for what you do.

would you consider gold and silver to be a good investment.

Hey @marketreport, are you still upvoting everyones resteems? Because I have not had my last three resteems upvoted. Could you please clarify your position on that. Thanks!

This video really helpful for me .Sir, Could you please tell me how can invest in marketing trade? Thanks @marketreport

Wow...what a concept..that was awesome.
First to last...i have read your post...

@marketreport...I kicked Mark Zuckerberg out of my bed 3 weeks ago. Upvoted and resteemed.

Yes, this platform should be the death sentence for freakin totalitarian fakebook and twitta. I will move more over here. Thanks @stehaller for pointing me to steemit.

Thank you for posting. Enjoy all your material

Thank you sir @marketreport for sharing today update. #resteem & upvote done .

Just wondering if the recovery in gold and silver rebound could be some common sense finally setting in. Good for us.

Thanks greg! Maybe we should thank the fed

Nice report, if you don't hold it you don't own it , I have a feeling physical metals are becoming overbought and that makes them nervous. I'm a stacker and continue to do so

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You are a positive force. I feel like I am getting to know you a little better each day. Will you ever post from an outdoor location like Greg Hunter occasionally does?

Rip the face off Mark Zuckerburg!

Pucker up and give him a bigger kiss next time, Greg. You never know, he might turn around and respond to your advances! :)

Very useful post thank you! Wish you all the best! :) im waiting for another posts like this! See you friend :)

thanks for this one, upvoted and resteemed.

After watching your video now your fan from Sweden is finally here, now give me some 💵 😀

@marketreport...I kicked Mark Zuckerberg out of my bed 3 weeks ago. Upvoted and resteemed.

good to see you. resteemed.

this is so helpful video,,

Thank you so much my dear sir @marketreport for sharing . now #resteem & upvote done.

Bond buying manipulation will continue.
Can you say Inflation? Upvoted and resteemed.

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nice anf helpfull video.. re-steem

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