See For Yourself What Gold And Silver Market Rigging Looks Like In One Chart. By Gregory Mannarino

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There was an attempt made by some "unknown entity" to slam down the price of Gold and Silver late yesterday which happened SIMULTANEOUSLY and was caught in the chart below. (Snapshot directly from my website TradersChoice). Click here:

At EXACTLY THE SAME TIME huge MARKET ORDERS to sell were dumped onto the market and THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKED LIKE.


Understand, NO trader, no institution, would ever legitimately use a MARKET ORDER to sell large shares of ANYTHING like this, and the reason why is simple.
By using a market order the seller in this case is effectively saying "they are willing to take ANYTHING for what they are looking to sell." In the case here with GLD and SLV, the attempted rigging was quickly bought back up by the market and the seller, by attempting to drive the price down, not only lost money but failed at their attempt to drive the price lower.


Gregory Mannarino, "The Robin Hood Of Wall Street."

See more charts like this right on my website. Click here:


The amount of gold rigging is unbelievable. I think it backfired in the fact that gold bugs have now shifted to cryptocurrencies where they have less control for manipulation.

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@marketreport...Great Analysis! They get burned hands. Upvote and resteem done.

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Someone made money for some people. This looks like something planned. This time the moves were made with gold and silver ... @mafsteem

It’s nice to see the riggers loose for a change, thanks for sharing !

Metals are heavy, they drop :D

Keep stacking!

I'm still stacking and I'm not ready for them to let silver be at true market value 😂

Lynette Zang is going to share when she plans to use her silver...the WHEN to spend is still a mystery to me so I'm curious as to when to hold & when to fold (& when to walk away & when to RUN!).

i haven't given my silver sell strategy much thought. As long as I can be anonymous when buying & selling... that's what I care about the most.

Can't wait to see when gold and silver will be freed and moving like cryptos

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shared !
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Greg, can you address some issues from my blog? I was kicked out today.

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Manipulation by big banks. Upvoted and resteemed.

thanx for this alerts on it @resteemed

Thankyou for information sir
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thanx sir to share this and your predictions always true on market Gregory Mannarino

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Happy new year! Missed you around here.

Did you read that ML is banning on buying selling BTC for their clients?

Im still stiiting on my physical. Hopefully one day they will lose control and it will do something.....hopefully :/

gold and silver are up today. going on a tear in the last 2 weeks.

i just learn about riging .tnq

thats great to tell in advance and also give your link with this is helping us marketreport

Is it a scam to devalue gold and silver
Or put large amounts of this precious metal to purify its value

Lot of thanks for again sharing resteemit and upvoted .
Best of luck master😍

Thanks For Information

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The mysteries revealed

i dont trade in gold but appriciate your work for traders sir
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Hi sir, i'm here and I see your post, it's really awesome post

impressive .....with shortly done.

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Thanks for showing this. it is helpful to know when trading the metals. It seems metal stocks haven't been moving upward proportionally with the spot price.

Greg, love the info and we did upvote and resteem for all to see it

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Manipulated by a big bank. My mind may have given a very big information which benefited from all the benefits of getting the information that the gold and silver charts are manipulated. Thank you.

They won’t get away with it forever, thanks

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thanks for sharing...

Central banks need to cover their asses because the Dollar is tanking! Remember this chart.

Manipulation by big banks. Upvoted and resteemed.

Great chart. Thank you for sharing. Think it USB very encouraging that they bounced back so fast. Hopefully the manipulation will end soon

In the long run, the Exchange Stabilization Fund, banks like Deutsche Bank, the ETF market, all of the above will fail because public demand speaks volumes and manipulation can only persist so long until it meets its inevitable end.
Great work Gregory! Resteemed!

thanks for this one, have a nice day, resteemed..

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you are so rich, give me some

Very good my friend

You are a boss of crypto market.Thanks for sharing us.

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your posts on it with you videos and also these posts also well job sir

Just keep buying physical!

I second that.

Thanx for the info....
Stacking the shiny metal... :-)
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@marketreport Rigging how often do you see this type of thing, at the exact same time?

Thanks Gregory. Caught your video on youtube and went to the link to see the chart. I then realized that it linked to your Steemit. Awesome Job as always. Cheers.

Great work Greg, as always! Seems we are starting to see the start of what could be a bull run in commodities. Inflation rising, USD falling, cryptos rising. There has to be a point in time when the cyrpto market begins to have an effect on the normal markets. These crypto profits will begin to go somewhere. I see as cryptos rise throughout the 1-3Q of this year. People start to book crypto profits and transfer those into metals/commodities. Could be mining shares or physical assests. Perhaps real estate could still rise as people start dumping currency or cryptos into tangible assets.

Boy look at them charts you have hit it on the head I just cant believe this stuff it is unbelievable.

Greg Great job ! the Gold & Silver rigging charts are another proof of fraud. The SLV & GLD are backed by nothing and were created by the Banks as another tool to suppress prices. But there is Hope. The Comex is having gold delivery issues and increasing the Exchange for Physical (EFP) transfers to the London Bullion Banks for delivery, thus proving the Comex is running out of Gold. The Gold Cartel are losing control.
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God Bless You,

I'm only a little guy, but resteemed. Criminal, criminal what they do.

am learning a lot, thanks for sharing

Great post my friend i upvoted your post thank you for sharing it

Greate post.i like your post sir!thanks for sharing !
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Love to see their plan not work.

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well good job brother resteemd

yeah something is happening..may be we don't know...
thank's for your updated.
it's cool..

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Sir i always follow you and resteem your post:)

This looks like a "copycat " that didn't get the memo that "they" are moving on preparing to execute on a new target.

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Good post. IMHO we can thank precious metal market manipulation for the rapid rise of cryptocurrency. Had fiat been allowed to go into a natural, inevitable hyperinflationary cycle with precious metals, there would have been no pressing need for decentralised digital currency. Bitcoin is doing what gold should have been doing since 2010.

it's just quite outstanding analysis..great to share..and bought some physical silver and paper too
best of luck..

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Man, really no market left without manipulation by huge players. I suspect in many cases central banks are the major manipulators. Have stopped trading equity indeces for this reason. Central banks, leave us alone in commodity land at least.

thanx sir to share your always predictions on market @resteemd

Only central banks can do this, since they don't have to care about losses.
Thanks for the great info Greg!
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That is what you get if you miss click when buying a 10000 Sq Ft. Mansion in Monaco.... my bad... sorry guys ;)

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I think the fed needs the metals to stay capped at these prices. But it seems to be getting harder and harder to keep them down.

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No way to tell who the entities are? This would be a good case in point for your "questions" to the SEC case!

Thanks for showing this. I really learned something about that manipulation I have been hearing about for years.

thanks for this one, resteemed..

I love the Japanese Candlesticks for Analysis......From Forex to Pork Bellies.....

Wondeful information thank you

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Are marijuana stocks a good buy now?

Rip the face off GLD and SLV...?

Nah, leave them alone - they are manipulated toxins.

Imagine, years from now, trying to explain to future generations that this kind of crap was actually allowed to happen?

Saw that yesterday. Bought some more physical silver and some paper too. Massive bond buying again.

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Thank you for doing a great job. I know what exactly you are talking about.

totally informative....with updated
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Informative....Thanks for the information and helpful .
Thank's for sharing sir...Wow...what a concept..that was awesome.
First to last...i have read your post..
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Big banks are always like that!
Thanks for great analysis!

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