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RE: 12/22/17. Post Market Wrap Up PLUS! Limited Availability DOES NOT Dictate Price. By Gregory Mannarino

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@andrewmorgan...It's wise to stay out. I would buy Steem and Ether. There is real value. They recovered a part already but it's still a very good entrypoint. Buy Bitcoin just, when Greg Mannarino tells it. It's a game led by Wallstreet.


The January 2018 futures contract is trading close to itsearlier highs, at around$18,300. That’s up from an opening price of $15,000, andahead of the ‘spot’ price - which is closing in on$17,000 tonight.

@steemoffice...It looks that Bitcoin will rise again. Bitcoin can rise to 50'000 or even 100'000. Who knows. I think there are so many uncertainty with Bitcoin, so I concentrate to Cryptos with real potential. Bitcoin can get destroyed through China. Bitcoin is very slow, is expensive, can never replace Gold etc. For me, there are too many risks.

thanks for upvote and restem

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