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RE: Could we see $4 Steem in the next 2 months?

in #money5 years ago

Solid technical analysis. I would love to see a redraw of your top chart usind Steem / USD instead of Steem / BTC. Those neat and clean areas of support/resistance will, I suspect, completely disappear once you account for the increasing value of BTC. The result would be that Steem's recent consolidation is actually notably higher, in USD, than the previous May-June one.

Thanks for the post.


I would love to, just haven't found a reliable chart site that shows Steem against USD. Coinmarketcap has a Steem/USD chart but it's kind of rough looking.

Yeah, that's the only chart I know of too. =/ You can't get it at Kraken or Bittrex.

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