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RE: Buddhist Views: What Does it Mean to be Rich? and EFT

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Happy Birthday!!! I'm sure you will enjoy your new road bike!

Maybe something related to Steemit could be your new business. I like being able to empower others here in a small way with my up votes. I know that money from Steemit is really making a difference in come people's lives! :)


Thank you Kenny! It's made a HUGE a difference in my life. I am now, though, looking to something that affords me to get to the next level financially. Maybe it's through Steemit, not sure. I'm open. I want a full-time income that affords me to do more traveling and also looking forward to retirement age, that I am comfortable. Not saying I want to retire! I want to do MUSIC. Ha :) But, not be held back by a lack of finances if there is something I want to do or somewhere I would like to go.

And thank you for your support!

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