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Have u ever wanted to buy a bottle of coke and you reach for your pocket and find your hand moving freely like it would in an empty basket? Can you relate?

Financial freedom is like the craving for a better Kingdom. It is that unquenchable fire that beings forever aspire to keep burning. As children we were told to go to school, study hard, to make our parents proud but beneath the obvious is the message of financial independence. We need not be told that a time will come when the tables would turn: the parent will become the child and vice versa.

How about the uneducated? a good number of them are enrolled as artisans for a stipulated time after which they are expected to be independent. To be independent is to be capable of meeting ones needs without relying on a person or group of persons for life's basic amenities.

Living beings live their lives with the hope to someday achieve financial freedom. This they do by either working, being educated, enrolling as an artisan etc. Every being is grieved by the fear of being broke. It is a natural phenomenon that unconsciously establishes it's presence in our lives. The fact is no one wants to be broke! We desire luxury and other good things but the question is do we all get it?
Of course not! We all want it but we do not all get it. We all want it because we can all attain it and we can all attain it because we have being naturally built or endowed with the ability to achieve it.
So, as I sit on this chair amidst the fanfare of a child's christening I sigh and say to myself: Behold Another Burden Bearer.

NB- As far as this writeup and being broke is concerned, the desire and struggle for Financial Independence is the Real Yoke.

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