How XBTFreelancer helped change my life

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This story is about me, and how I left my repetitive and boring life behind and transitioned into an exciting one. I used to work at a call center. It's incredibly depressing, even more so to see people contempt with it. I wasn't, I wanted to do something else from the moment I started working there. Today, not only am I doing something I love, getting paid about two to three times as before and I get to work from home, but back to the boring call center job.

Most of my time there was spent on surfing the web for information about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, which was at the time my newly found passion. After countless hours of browsing and researching, I started getting more and more into cryptocurrencies, and it seemed like a place where everyone could get a "piece of the pie". I decided I was tired of my boring job and that the cryptocurrency world is where I wanted to be. Since I'm a Portuguese native speaker, I tried translating posts for bounties on the bitcointalk forum, which led nowhere. I remember enrolling in multiple freelancing websites, but I didn't put much effort or hope into it. I was actually ready to give up on the whole thing when I got an email from XBTFreelancer, one of those websites I enrolled in. Someone actually invited me to bid on a project!

It was a translation job for a Bitcoin faucet. It paid $15 worth of Bitcoin and I was thrilled! I knew that I wouldn't get daily translation jobs and that even if I did I couldn't live off them, so I decided to browse for other projects. That's when I found a $5 job post to write cryptocurrency articles. I decided to bid on it, approach the employer in the chat room (which may not always be a great idea) and I provided him with a free sample, which got me the job. Working for $5 per article is obviously not sustainable, but I felt that it would help me get started. I wrote articles mostly every day, while still working at my old job.

The more I wrote, the more I learned and evolved. I started doing images for my articles and also tried out some small design jobs. Writing these $5 articles helped my create my portfolio, which in turn allowed me to get higher paying jobs inside and outside of XBTFreelancer. I still work for that same person that posted the $5, but for a higher rate, and I usually receive about $20 for each article on the multiple places I work for, now.

Since then, I've built my XBTFreelancer profile, got a lot of positive feedback from employers, and I'm constantly invited to bid on projects. I've grown my skills, learned new tricks (like using the Grammarly plugin) and I've even post projects myself when I need something done. I've made contacts within the XBTFreelancer community that help me complete jobs that may require outside resources like design or translations (which I rarely do, now).
And guess what, this all happened within 7 months! During this time, I quit my job, got hired as a team member on 2 reputable cryptocurrency related websites and I write articles on a freelance basis for multiple other websites. I even started my own steemit blog before the price took off, which resulted in large profits.

That XBTFreelancer email was the catalyst to my new and improved life. I'm not saying you should go on XBTFreelancer right now and pick the first job post you see, rather list your skills, browse daily until you find a perfect match or until the perfect match finds you. Opportunities will then arise at an exponential rate as your reputation grows and your employers witness what you have to offer.

As an employer, using XBTFreelance also holds multiple advantages, as one gets to trade off quality for the price and vice versa since job bindings from freelancers are usually diverse. From certified professionals to self-taught dabblers, XBTFreelancer has a huge variety of employees. The website's bidding system makes for a competitive market and ensures that you will never get an inflated price, and the escrow system ensures that both you and the freelancer can rest easy when it comes to quality and payment control, in the case of a dispute.

My XBTFreelancer profile:


@kanoptx is also an early beta tester of Steemit and a good friend of mine, if it hadn't have been for his thirst for knowledge on cryptocurrencies and discovering Steemit, I myself would have never been introduced to something so life changing.

He tells me regularly with great excitement of most new crypto news and ICO's, Steemit was one of them which has given me the tools to try and change the world.

@kanpotx is also the Portugal liaison for our @steemdrive billboard campaign which saw a record crowdfund of 26 000 $ before payout. I look forward to his Portugal campaign in the near future.

Watch this man, he will do great things!

oh stop :$

I know a few people who work at call centres and they all describe it as soul crushing and depressing. Good on you for taking a risk.

Thank you :) It truly is, you dont want to talk to customers and customers dont want to tak to you. it's really unhealthy imo.

Takes a special breed to survive customer service. Nice post, thanks for the info

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Glad to hear you made it man. I just tried myself, but in vain: We are sorry but we are not accepting new sign-ups at this time.

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