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There seem to be many questions about the InsatntX protocol, during an interview on Bitcoin Uncesored, they question Dash's main figures, Amanda B Johnson, about the way DASH was created and how Instant transactioins are really hard to do, and seem incredible that the DASH community could do it with so little effort. Another point is that the DASH network itself is so small that it could be holded hostage through a Sibil attack which mainly is like a botnet of nodes that could be artificially orchestrated by an attacker and create double spend transactions. Then lately I read this more technical posts about the issues with DASH:

PD: Not here to spread FUD, but want to be caution about these issues, and get a sound explanation.


Dash didn't do anything "with little effort". It's a strawman argument, because no one ever said it was "little effort" anywhere. Evan Duffield and his team worked their asses off to create the features we have today. Don't believe me? Check the Github commits. The proof is there.
As for the remaining lies Chris de Rose and his partner spread, I wrote a thorough debunking:

The "technical issue" you posted from Reddit has also been thoroughly refuted and is impossible to pull off. The author himself already admitted he was wrong.

thank you @macrochip for replying to the above on behalf of the Dash community, I think the last link proves very useful.


Ricardo Goncalves (BNC Steemit Community Manager)

Literally spreading FUD, use Dash for a while then come back here please. >.> Bitcoin Uncensored is complete trash and run by lifetime trolls.

Dear @jza , @bravenewcoin is primarily a market data provider of Digital Asset market pricing and related data for enterprise; it is not our place to reply on behalf of another project; these answers are best provided by the project itself and its representatives. I will however try convey the message and see if I can get a response for you.


Ricardo Goncalves (BNC Steemit Community Manager)
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Hey man. I don't think that adding so shine signature on Steem in every comment is legit. I will struggle with that. Please, don't do that.

Hi Hipster

I saw you even wrote an article about it and feel that was taking it a bit far. I must say I am disappointed with this attack, if I was using my sig on your replies and posts I would understand and respect that, for example I don't use them for @ash out of respect for him and his views that it derails the replies. @thedashguy thinks it's great and is using it himself, we are all unique individuals. I represent a company and it is my duty to promote it however I can, I felt the signature was innovative (I think the first on Steemit) and I even streamlined it to make it less derailing on comments. Attacking companies that join Steemit is not a good strategy and overall will slow down the Steemit adoption to corporate.

I have been advocating Steemit to our company and wanting them to be more involved, I've lobbied to have a more in depth article written by our writers about Steemit to go out to our mailing list of 7000+ readers. I have seen people use .gifs in replies and that has been acceptable. Remember @ned says Steemit is like a dinner party and we all should try get along, I haven't attacked you personally and haven't written a whole negative article about you in at any time.

I have only supported Steem and tried to convert other;, trying to stop me from expressing my entrepreneurship and creativity is in itself censorship and not in the spirit of Steemit. I have no problem respecting you and not using my signature on your posts and in replies to you, but please don't try control how I and my company uses Steemit.

Thanks that you removed this annoying signature.

@hipster I didn't remove it, I just didn't use it for my reply to you out of respect for you.

Literally spreading FUD, use Dash for a while then come back here please. >.>

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