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RE: Bravenewcoin: Dash, the anonymous evolution of Bitcoin

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Dear @jza , @bravenewcoin is primarily a market data provider of Digital Asset market pricing and related data for enterprise; it is not our place to reply on behalf of another project; these answers are best provided by the project itself and its representatives. I will however try convey the message and see if I can get a response for you.


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Hey man. I don't think that adding so shine signature on Steem in every comment is legit. I will struggle with that. Please, don't do that.

Hi Hipster

I saw you even wrote an article about it and feel that was taking it a bit far. I must say I am disappointed with this attack, if I was using my sig on your replies and posts I would understand and respect that, for example I don't use them for @ash out of respect for him and his views that it derails the replies. @thedashguy thinks it's great and is using it himself, we are all unique individuals. I represent a company and it is my duty to promote it however I can, I felt the signature was innovative (I think the first on Steemit) and I even streamlined it to make it less derailing on comments. Attacking companies that join Steemit is not a good strategy and overall will slow down the Steemit adoption to corporate.

I have been advocating Steemit to our company and wanting them to be more involved, I've lobbied to have a more in depth article written by our writers about Steemit to go out to our mailing list of 7000+ readers. I have seen people use .gifs in replies and that has been acceptable. Remember @ned says Steemit is like a dinner party and we all should try get along, I haven't attacked you personally and haven't written a whole negative article about you in at any time.

I have only supported Steem and tried to convert other;, trying to stop me from expressing my entrepreneurship and creativity is in itself censorship and not in the spirit of Steemit. I have no problem respecting you and not using my signature on your posts and in replies to you, but please don't try control how I and my company uses Steemit.

Thanks that you removed this annoying signature.

@hipster I didn't remove it, I just didn't use it for my reply to you out of respect for you.

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