Teach Me Thursday #001 - How To Earn 6-Figures in Passive Income Online

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Hey Guys!

Welcome to our first episode of Teach Me Thursday!

Every Thursday I am going to be posting a video specifically for online teachers and anyone wanting how to learn earn thousands of dollars in passive income every month!

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Sweet thanks for posting this I am now also following you.. I would love to create some courses or tutorials but would not know how to get started or on what subject to start with.. any tips on this.

Start with what interest you most. People will follow your passion more then the subject! Expand from there.

i just followed you now. Looking forward to every thursday on earning passive income online. i believe the content will top-notch

thank you joe!!!!!!

@joeparys I really appreciate these videos, currently expanding online trying to figure out what I want to do! Your information has given me a few out of the box ideas. I grabbed your free steemit lesson on Udemy, very helpful thank you. When I can start pulling regular income I will be first using said income to further my knowledge through more of your lessons and others! I don’t know what I have to teach or if anyone will want to listen, but it would be a KISS method.
Keep It Simple Stupid

Thank you Dook! You are welcome and thank you for all of your support!

Joe Parys

You have good themes. Let me raise my hat to you. I follow you a lot on YouTube because it is characterized by a little speed. But I will move on dtube

I've been exposed to Affiliate Marketing since 2012. There is no shortcut to success unless you are willing to gamble in MLM and other pyramiding schemes.

Building your own website was the rule of thumb back then, but now with the ever evolving SEO rules and competition growing rapidly, I'm not sure if the statement still holds true.

One of the best incomes is from Youtube... but is hard to be a youtuber, unless you have money to invest on (Cameras, microphones, pc etc.)

Yes! I do earn from YouTube.. but its not close to what I earn on these other sites :)

Except when Youtube decides that your videos are not suitable for their advertisers,or they demonetize them,or simply unsubscribe people.And after their new regulations from this year,I think they just shot themselves on foot.Small channels are already flocking to D.Tube and other platforms!

Big thanks for the support and effort to teach everyone to earn in this platform

@joeparys i have learned so much from your course and blogposts. since seeing your first post i have started to see some imrovments and actually earning nt a lot but patience as you said slowly and steady keep it up

Very cool of you to share this information! resteemed!

Interesting idea. I'm looking forward to Thursdays now!

There is no such thing as passive income :)

good post !!
thanks for helping us !!

That's really cool! Just last couple of days I was starting exploring more internet teaching platforms, like Udemy and thinking to start some course.

It's like made this video for me xD

You're welcome!

@iamdayosamuel just suggested I try out udemy and I come here and see you talking about it. Thanks for sharing @joeparys

Auto upvote from me @joeparys. Love the work you do here. As a newbie to the platform I took your free course and you sir are a natural teacher. I like all the content you make. As we all learn the tips and tricks then Steemit has no choice but to grow. This is a platform worth investing in. Every system needs a good teacher. Thanks again for taking time to do the how to videos. Applause and upvote to ya brother.
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thankss for sharing !

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It requires tremendously lot of hard work and a little bit of luck to be able to make 6 figures online. Even to earn 3 figures is little tough. I have heard that Udemy is very strict with rules. Keep up with the ratings i believe is little difficult.

Really you are giving a good news sharing with us dear

This sites are incredible and you are doing such a great job and the payments are being amazing for you!!
Of course Steemit we all already knew about it, but definitely worth to test some of the others. I´m already exploring your site too.

Nice post, thanks for sharing. Though am new on steemit I like to follow mentors like you @joeparys

That is really great considering everything seems to be heading that direction.

Amazing ,and good post ,please apvote me

@joeparys I really appreciate these videos. thanks for sharing i need it check it out

Excelente. Gracias por estos post. @joeparys

excellent post

Nice post
Please help vote and flbck me

Wow, @joeparys! Between this video and your initial Wisdom Wednesday video on purpose, you've really given me some major encouragement and fresh ideas! My purpose is also teaching, and I've been looking for ways to extend what I do well beyond my full-time position. Thank you!

Great initiative...will keep following you JOE...

Hey Joe, I tried to get in on the free course but it was closed. This platform is kicking my behind trying to learn it. I own two gyms and would love to write about fitness and post some of the cool videos I created but I don't have the slightest clue and I have no idea how to get people on the platform to see my post. Any ideas?

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You my friend, have cornered the market. Impressive business plan taking advantage of your skill set and the technologies out there.

you create a great information....i like it......i hope everybody like your post...thanks for shear it.

Nice, I wasn't aware of a couple of those platforms. Keep up the good work Joe!

I just checked it out now. Am Done resteeming and up voted. Can i get some thanks for that

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thanks for sharing. been on my agenda for a while. will look into it! followed!

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Nice post keep it up.👍

Great post about passive income. My sister and I are currently working on a course for udemy! There are so many different platforms for learning now that its hard to decide which one to utilize. Do you post the same course on different learning platforms? Or do you stick to one? Thanks!

Thanks for sharing this info. Awesome.

thanks for sharing this info. Awesome.

Do you post all your courses to all platforms or do you just put, let's say, your web design courses on Skillshare and your How To Be An Online Teacher stuff on say Udemy?

I will be following your teachings here on d.tube in your episode of "Teach Me Thursday"

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