Is Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad/Poor Dad MK Ultra Mind Controlled or Just Having a Nervous Breakdown?

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I spent the day yesterday at G. Edward Griffin's Red Pill Expo. You can see my keynote speech here.

But the most interesting part of the day was when I non-chalantly asked the author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", Robert Kiyosaki, if he was an anarcho-capitalist.

What ensued was absolutely insane.

You can see it here:

I don't know what kind of issues he is having but I hope he gets the help he needs.


Interesting thoughts Jeff. Love your video's.
Cheers! (green juices of course ;) )

Hi Jeff, I think I know WHAT HAPPENED:
during your morning speech (see Video below exactly at minute 22:57)
you spoke about VIETNAM...

(N.B. go to minute 22:57)

I think Kiyosaki was there listening to your speech and took what you said as personal. Then, when you met him, he (un)consciously remember what you said and took a chance to assault you.

What do you think, could this be the reason?

Many people think "anarchist" means anarcho-communist. Kiyosaki thought you were asking if he was commie. Thats why he said, "I killed vietcong!" ie. I killed commies. Also, "capitalist" means "anti-communist" to the Vietnam war generation. People still think "Anarcho-" means rioting unwashed molotov cocktail throwing triggered communist.

Not everyone is redpilled on the real meaning of anarchy.

You've nailed it.

Yeh, took me a while to go redpill.

@jeffberwick, remember in the last comment tread I actually mentioned to watch out for him? That turned out to be rather prescient.

Ofcourse he is not anarchist, howewer clever guy. As I remember from his book he used to be a pilot in the us army, and created his realestate empire using mortgage banking system. So he knows how system works, and this knowlege made him wealthy.

Yo Jeff ! Cold showers are a great body and mind reset. I have 2-3 10 min cold showers everyday since November 2016. Currently in the first month of winter here and I am determined to stick with the cold showers through our winter months. At 53yrs old I have noticed my surfing fitness has improved. My eating habits have changed where after a green smoothie and a green tea for breakfast I am not hungry until late evening 8pm. While it seems odd I just dont feel hungry and Iv'e shed over 3kgs in 7 months. As an anarchast thought, perhaps hot showers are part of our programming. Dig your work Jeff. Thanks.

Maybe he took the term 'anarchy' in the pejorative sense and felt like you insulted him. He probably just misunderstood you - still, slight overreaction on his part. Good thing you didn't ask him that question out in the bush; he might mistake you for vietcong!

Satanic capitalists that depend on banks, don't like to be called out as a corrupt capitalist... by an anarchist... Robert knows that Jeff have the potential to ruin his business, with this video!! So when Robert said that labeling kill people, what he could have meant, was you are ruining my business, my reputation and my life, with your Anarchast... since more and more people don't want to be corrupt capitalists anymore!

Interesting angle... you may have a point there

Anarchism does carry with it very negative connotations. It's actually considered fringe to self identify as an anarchist.

The other thing is at what point does a person discover they are an anarchist? It probably is rude to label someone an anarchist prior to them discovering they are.

Agreed, @jeffberwick, I think most people have not studied anarchism as viable socioeconomic philosophy and still view it as having the molotov-cocktail-throwing stigma. I'm not always comfortable answering other people's self-categorization questions either, because I don't know what those terms might be loaded with in their minds. Also, I don't have a body-guard to give my inner rage-monster a false sense of security.

Seems to me to be a great way to get them to resist it longer. If a person is going to go that path, they probably should definitely come to the conclusion on their own. There is nothing wrong with being a late bloomer ;)

Mind controlled? Nah, he's just grumpy/flaky old man. Yeah, he's done some heinous shit, including "partnering with the government" ( his words not mine) so that, too, might be causing some sort of PTSD ... Personally, I never quite understood why he's idolized as such a hero among free-market capitalists and libertarians.... Because the guy truly is a participant in the massive borrowing scheme of the Federal Reserve. It's his business model. The guy literally stands right next to the doomsday debt machine and gobbles up as much credit as he can....

Couldn't agree more.

Very well said @guide.prepper

When anyone partners with the government, I RUN!

Robert Kiyosaki knows how to suck the government tit!

Deep thoughts. Waking up to his inner reality. Difficult for him to understand all sides of war are evil. Also his buddy is now "leader" of the USSA.

He is Trumps friend, what do you expect?? Of course he is a satanic capitalist: donald2.jpg

It is sad that he as an Asian-American was sent over by the US Gov't to kill other Asians...just shows you how DEEP the brainwashing truly is. Peace from China.

Yes, war is always bad. That is why we need to get rid of statism.. that is why I am an anarchist.

What does satanism have to do with it? What a moronic statement.

@jeffberwick At what point does a person arrive at the conclusion that they are an anarcho-capitalist?

In my opinion it's not easy to know for sure unless there is some criteria which tells a person "You're now following a political philosophy consistent with anarcho-capitalism".

Good question @dana-edwards. Hey @jeffberwick how about an anarcho-capitalism criteria checklist? Im finally labelling myself (dont do it, says Robert, labels kill people) this year an anarchist after many years of giving up on government. I've never been comfortable with the term anarchy and associated terms like rebellion, troublemaker, violence.. but thanks to you Jeff, with internet, steemit and youtube, truth hammers corruption.

Strange. And sad. I really enjoyed his book, and recommend it as much as I can.

Anybody can lose his mind. with or without official help. And more so I you killed people, like he admitted to.

I read his book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" many years ago. Interesting to know...

I did as well, I think it was the initial crack to lifting the veil

Me too. It was very interesting to me to finally understand that "stuff" like a house, boat, etc is a liability not an asset. Made me think differently about traditional finance.

Oh no! Two of my favorite heroes are fighting against each other. It's like "Captain America: Civil War" all over again. :-) Thank you Jeff for being the gentleman and just leaving the room.

Wow that guy sounds like a nut ball!

thank you Jeff for all that you do

It really is a sad thing I really like his books. To me from your description it looks like alzheimer disease. It can make rambling nasty paranoid freaks, from eloquent smart measured people like my grandfather was.

Good Luck in Vegas! What WSOP day/event are you playing? Please knock Negreanu out!!!

I have read many books from Kiyosaki and even bought his very expensive game (luckily for him!).

But I had always the same feeling that you have about him. There is definitely something that is a big psycological burden and he does not want to tell us. He wanted strongly to be part of the satanic elite. Maybe he discovered that now he cannot get out and envies you ;-)

Sad to know. There is a special place in my heart for Robert, as he was one of the most important people in my current thought process. He's AC and doesn't even know it.

I read all of his books a few years ago when I was in network marketing. Crypto-currency is so much better. I'm an anarchist.

Jeff I just wanted to say that I believe that in the USS of A. when you sign your Social Security Card.....that is your contract. You have now unknowing became a member of the US Corporation!! I'm an Anarchist !!!!!

The simplest explanation is what you said, Jeff. He obviously went through a lot during the war and can't reconcile it in his head. There's no sane reason for someone to just go off and flip the "bird" at someone over a simple question.

Perhaps he is treading the edge of sanity, which is sad. It seems that he does genuinely need some professional help.

Thanks for the post.
I started watching you a couple of months back on Youtube. I want to thank you for posting the recent video that you posted about them.
The more people find out about the truly free ways to communicate, buy/ sell and do everything else we do on an everyday basis without big brother watching us, the more people will run to this new way of life.
Happy weekend :))
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So a guy stuck in the matrix was asked to give a talk at the red pill expo....

Yeah like, "Why are you here at this red pill expo?" "Umm, i dont know!"

My view on this. I have been a long time reader of Kiyosaki and have listened to many of his radio shows.

First, I don't think that Robert has been introduced properly to the real word, anarchy.

As to his response, he has been taking heat for going against the grain longer than any of us. He has had many more lawsuits like your Gults Gulch fiasco. So many that you wonder if Kiyosaki is really legit.

Take into account that his co-author is now the president (who is being attacked by everything left), and the guy is probably taking flack on everything, everywhere.

If I was under that level of stress and scrutiny, I would probably have a short trigger too.

Also, his income is wed to the banking system. Getting loans to pay for loans to buy houses. So, the guy must have a lot of cognitive dissonance when it comes to the evils of banking. (a strong topic in anarchist circles)

Could it be a result of decades of chemical intrusion by the evildoers of the world?

Wow! That is quite a reaction to your question. Seems out of character from the videos I have seen, but then again those videos were created to show a certain controlled aspect.

@jeffberwick Do your walk and talk in the Mandalay Bay Shark Reef aquarium! The walkway is a tunnel. So the fish are all around you.

He took the red and blue pill😂 All jokes aside let's just all pray for him

Very well said @guide.prepper

When anyone partners with the government, I RUN!

Robert Kiyosaki knows how to suck the government $ tit!

Who is taking the video?

Selfie Stick Is Doing The Camera Work

You are absolutely right, Robert is part of the big agenda, I do not know why hi is not speaking or saying anything about Crytos it is going to be the great transfer of wealth of all time, in fact, it has been already proven, haw many millionaires are auto there thanks to Cryptos, A LOT

@jeffberwick, what is ironic is that you guys talk about the same things (collapse of dollar, government bad..). After reading a few of his books, I would say he is definitely an anarchist from an economic perspective.

Not that it justifies his actions but it seems like he thought you were doing some of the stuff the media does, which is to paint you a certain way then "expose" you to get ratings. Its pretty shady. I am not accusing you of this, but I am saying he got defensive and flipped out.

As far as others flipping out.. lol the deeper I get into the money conspiracy crowd the more normal crazy seems. Just an observation.

Most people feel threatened by honesty, per my observations, Jeff. Keep it up!

He is teaching about financial education all around the world. People struggle whit money, because they do not have financial education. Like Bitcoin is asset and car is liability. But sometimes he loses his mind :)

Well he probably drunk too much fluoride ?!

Dr. Jeff, can you phone me in a prescription for some of those red pills? ;-)

I remember years and years ago when I used to watch tv, seeing Kiyosaki on mainstream talk shows promoting his book. He didn't resonate with me. Because he did experience the unfathomable, including killing someone, he probably is suffering from PTSD, especially considering that outburst of anger. And, yes, those antidepressants make you nutty. I know from experience.

I think we find ourselves in those "weird" situations-like Kiyosaki flipping out on you- because for whatever reason they are presenting lessons we need to learn or figure out. I seem to have those odd experiences, too. Although, they are fewer these days. I don't always get the lesson, though.

What you said around 9 minutes 30 seconds in your video was almost exactly what I just posted about 30 minutes ago. Very synchronistic. Also, did you see those chemtrails at around 7 minutes 30 seconds?

I can't do the coffee enemas when traveling. Not, yet, anyway. So, I do Dr. Josh Axe's detox recommendation when I'm away from home. It's on his site and consists of mixing pink salt with hot water and drinking it. It flushes toxins out for sure. But, it is in no way the same as a coffee enema. Plus, you're not supposed to do the salt-water detox daily.

As always, thank you.

Let's give him the benefit of the doubt. He is pretty old, and maybe he was having a bad day. I've listened to him before, and this is the first negative thing that I have heard about him. That's ashame. Everybody is probably stressed out about all these reports that the economy is about to crash even worse than the great depression.
Thanks for your video.

great speech Jeff. full of truth, fun, and honesty

Cognitive dissonance is my guess.

If I had to say.... Nervous breakdown

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Whoa, interesting interaction. Did you enjoy the conference overall?

Well I tweeted to poor Robert about being an Anarchist... no reply as of yet. :)

jmb063 joèl b tweeted @ 24 Jun 2017 - 05:05 UTC

@theRealKiyosaki Hey Robert, are you an #anarchist?? #Voluntaryism #Liberty #Capitalism

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Ok so I only got a few minutes into the video and then clicked to see some frames, and it looks like it's just Berwick telling us what happened? Is there footage of the actual incident? What time does it start at?

Such sad story. I like that you enjoy talking to us and that you do not need to pay hundreds of dollars and lie on a couch. You can just walk outside and get some air. :) I love that with you we get to cover so much ground - from karma to coffee enemas - just perfect. Love your videos.

To be honest his books changed my mindset to life.

Thanks, interesting synchronicity for me today. My Son came home and asked me if I new of Robert, and all I could tell him was that I remember him putting out videos and information on real estate ventures. One of his buddies turned him on to his book. For some reason right off the top of my head I said to him, beware of that guy, now I know why.

Hello Jeff Berwick,
Nice talk about anarchism. I haven´t thought about it in that way before. I really got it and of course, then I´m also an anarchist. Antislavery, nobody is supposed to own anybody without their permission. Great!
I would also like to take the opportunity to thank for all great job you´ve done and still doing. I´m new on Steemit but I´ve seen many of your videos on You Tube and most time I agree. To me, you are one the more clear minded people I know of out there and It´s really encouraging to listen to you. Thanks!

Robert Kiyosaki is the reason I did NOT go to the Red Pill Expo. He's bad news. I wanted to go, but not with Robert Kiyosaki as a presenter. If you read "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" you'll see, he was willing to do exactly the same BS to others as those whom we struggle against. Yet, he casts himself as an 'outsider'.

Thanks Berwick, good intuition and discernment.


Yes, an odd reaction. Perhaps he was tired and stressed as a celeb. Perhaps as you said, its easy to go into fight mode with the bodyguard present. Cannabis would be helpful.

I have seen this reaction from Robert Kiyosaki before. He doesn't seem to have a social conscience. He is very focused on how to make lots of money, but nothing about how this money can benefit others around him.

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First timer here, Jeff you are a relly cool guy , that was a awesome video!

Just came across your work. I spent the last two years devastated living in the problem that came with state-ism and central banking, and only just realized the potential for cryptocurrency to bring down these institutions. After watching this video I looked into your anarchast and the people you have been interviewing are the kind of influences I need in my life. Thanks for showing me I am not alone in this, the people I used to surround myself with were just so locked in to the status quo I had no idea how much of a movement all of this really is. I'm currently learning as much as I can from you and other trailblazing thinkers and I hope to be completely independant from the state and the fiat currency system as soon as possible.

Strangely I saw Robert doing an interview the other day on a youtube video, and he was so - for want of another word - 'in the system'. He was being arrogant, and just generally unlikeable. He has never come across this way before, and I had to switch it off, as he was like a person who was looking down on everyone who hadn't made a fortune like he had. He came across really badly, I guess money doesn't always make you happy.

Hey Jeff, Robert Kiyosaki is full of crap, I dont believe a word that comes out his mouth. I found this dude who has been investigating him for years he's name is John T Reed, check him out. cheers

Hi @jeffberwick, I love your videos and listening to you talk as you walk your dogs, it's quite therapeutic. I've been watching also Dr Morse upon your recommendation, very interesting. I was wondering if you would maybe interview him on your Anarchast channel?

I watched one of his recent interviews and he looks awful, he has aged alot, he dosnt look healthy. Him and Trump where close friends, wrote some books with Trump.

Robert Kiyosaki: "You put labels on people, they die". I think apart from his emotional reaction Robert is spot on.

One of the easiest ways to enslave people mentally is done with the language construct "xx is a (nominalization) ".

This is because those nominalizations can be redefined so easily with propaganda. And this way of propaganda is done daily in the media. To the point where people believing in the changed definitions of those labels start killing.

You can find out more on nominalizations from Noam Chomsky and people who learned from him.

My answer is not about his emotional reaction, it is about the point he made.

Did you meet George Webb as well? Yes, anti debt slavery. That's why we are given a birth certificate. I didn't know he was in Vietnam. I'm here now lol. I heard the Peter Shiff interview with him and he was basically telling Peter if you invite me on your show, shut up and listen to me. Peter was interrupting him often as Peter tends to do. The USA still owes Vietnam 4 billion $ from the war. Been alcohol free for 2 years, cannabis is much better for you. Good luck with Vegas and POKER! Win big and buy cryptos!

Mind controlled? Yes and no

Hypnosis is used to help people deal with the stress of being in the spotlight - all a-list and most b-list celebrities use hypnosis treatments to assist them

It's a lot better than taking medications, although sometimes those are used too.

Stress can cause people to act in an uncontrolled, chaotic manner.

Everything is fine, nothing negative is going on.

When we hold emotional trauma and have controlled/denied emotions with us - meeting a being who emits a frequency of liberation can trigger those deeply held feelings as part of a healing process that 'tunes' the traumatised one into balance. The problem is that many trauma victims do no understand this or even understand that they can heal - so they are stuck being triggered continuously until they figure it out.
The safe way to process such trauma is through emotional processing - allowing the vibrational sound signature of the emotions to be expressed; when compassion is felt due to the individual's own compassion for their own feelings - the feelings can evolve and peace can gradually be found.

Seems like a pretty honest review haha, a lot of famous people become paranoid/crazy, its a normal thing to witness nowadays i guess...

That must have been insane and weird. He had a meltdown. You must have triggered a phrase / word that set him off. Hope he does get some help for whatever issues is facing him. Jeff Berwick, you rock. I'm jealous . What the heck (World Series of Poker) . Good stuff.

He's not MK mind controlled Jeff. He probably told you exactly what the problem is; he's an ex-soldier and he's in some pain. Some people might call it PTSD. You probably watched him experience an ab-reaction. I also think it's possible that he's very aware of where the world economy is right now and what's possibly about to happen, which might add to his stress levels. I agree with you and hope he gets the help he needs.

Hi Jeff thanks for all you do,hopefully Robert just having a bad day.@kevinace

Boom! @jeffberwick - POP YOUR COLLAR LIKE A BOSS!

I love Robert Kiyosaki, hope he is the real deal

I don't particularly like kiyosaki . I watch a few of his interview and found them quite patronising. Most of the answer he gave to questions were " you need to buy my book"

So much of the fall of celebrity is MK (Mind Kontrol) projects from the nazi takeover of the USA during operation paper clip. The method of control uses abuse and multiple personalities to achieve results, so freakouts do happen.

He likes working within the System, so he's probably afraid of being labeled an anarchist, even if he is one, since it might hurt business. That's probably what the "labels kill people" means, it might kill his business to be labeled an anarchist. He may also be overloaded with cognitive dissonance from the stuff he's been hearing at the conference. I heard an interview with him there where he said he doesn't believe all the conspiracy stuff, but he likes to come listen to new ideas. Perhaps he's not as open minded as he thinks he is.

Did it ever occur to you Jeff that Robert K is a Veteran that's a patriot? You say a lot of things that run down the U.S.A. My guess is that you are high profile enough that he may have seen some of your stuff and with that generation you might be stepping on his fighting side (Merl Hagard). I get it you were in shock but the guy probably not Mk ultra and he's probably not on drugs. Your talking points probably piss him off and if he were younger, you might be podcasting from a wheelchair.

The guy acts like he was Bucky fullers best bud. His books suck unless it's a different author but released by his company (But those suck too). He chases government incentives. I don't think he really cares to learn although all he talks about is learning outside of the state controlled methods. He is a walking contradiction. We all are to some degree but at least people like jeff Berwick is in process of unifying self continually (hence the anarchy and wellness indeviours). Jeff is one of the best IMO.

We all have post traumatic stress in one way or another, because we live in a traumatizing world. The test of enlightenment is not in whether we can identify that fact, it is in how we react to the knowledge of our own trauma -- and how we choose to remedy it. You deserve credit, Jeff, for being willing to purify the body and confront deep-set emotional pain via entheogenic plants.

As you continue in your detox process, the mind-body-spirit will continue to merge together into the true self, and all contradictory aspects will either need to be resolved by your own Will, or they will explode externally as a conflict with other people. These conflicts are necessarily tied directly to our past actions, and the harm that our actions may have caused others.

Robert Kiyosaki is obviously aware of the harm his actions have caused others, and like many veterans, he lives the rest of his life trying to deal with the psychological consequences. The question of an arbitrary label, 'anarchist' or 'capitalist', is inconsequential to him especially in the cognizance that individual actions will always matter infinitely more than systems of action. Even if that system is Anarchy, arguably a 'non-system', Robert is 100% correct that individual actions will always be primary.

Anarchy cannot function if Man is not willing to govern Himself. Anarchy requires that ethics be ingrained in the soul of each acting man, otherwise it will devolve into a shitty situation no better than any of the governments we have seen. There is literally no point to even discussing Anarchy as a practical system if all of the participants in the discussion are not 100% committed to living an ethical life and holding others to the same account.

So then Jeff, here's the situation. You can and should continue to purify your body and mind as best you can while spreading the message of liberty far and wide. Nevertheless, out of compassion I offer you this warning:

Karma finds a way to balance the scales one way or another. Running from problems doesn't make them go away. Trying to take the moral high ground in an argument doesn't automatically make you a moral person. Bitcoin won't protect you from the consequences of your actions, even if it goes to $1,000,000 per coin. The financial system collapsing will not give you the mental solace you seek. No matter what Ken Johnson has done with GGC, you are still culpable for the TDV Passports program and there are people that you still need to settle with. They will not cease to exist, and even if they give up, you and the internet will still remember. Now that Bitcoin has rewarded your faith in it, perhaps you should consider reaching out to those still nursing their scars and offer to settle in good faith. Like Bob said -- don't gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is worth more than silver and gold.

In the history of the human race and its long path to Freedom, such atonement would surely be remembered as a powerful symbol, that one by one, Man figured out he was his own Savior the whole damn time. I for one would smile and give thanks. Cheers, Jeff.

Jeff you are turning me into a different human being altogether. Wow, I'm loving the new Me!

Way to go bub.....
You pissed off Robert Kiyosaki

... the way you described the encounter, it wasn't "just a question" as you later state in your video.

You came to a conclusion about him without really knowing what he's really about. That's why he yelled at you.

I hear you Jeff, but.... Belief systems are built up over many years and do not change overnight. People defend belief systems against pain and even death - e.g. the soldier that dies on the battlefield under orders from his officer. You only change belief systems over time after exposure to new material that you start buying in to. It's a slow process. Your confrontation with Robert probably overwhelmed him and he defended his belief system. This does not mean Robert is the enemy. You need to show these guys the rabbit trail and they will probably start following it without feeling coerced by anyone. My 2 cents

Robert was one of my first mentors in 2001... He change my life when I read his books and became an entrepreneur :) ... I don't think it was anything you said. He was probably questioned and judged by hundreds of thousands of people in is life. I can see him flippin out at times.

He changed your life based on corrupt fiat money banking.

nice Play @stackin @jeffberwick beautiful post and thank you for sharing another honest experience. I'm trying that no more drinking still got a fifth of tequila from 3 months ago... think now I will throw it away..I'm finished with that on to smoking..

i have the wombo combo habit of Cannabis/Tobacco . .maybe not enough of me wants to STOP the tobacco

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