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Hi Guys, Back again with another piece of information that I wish I knew before leaving Laos and travelling on to Vietnam or any other place in the world to be honest ....

If you have any of Laos currency left which is called the (KIP) make sure you exchange it into another currency before leaving the country. We assumed we would be able to change the money back into dollars or into Vietnamese dong as we were going to be in Vietnam but we were mistaken. No where in Vietnam exchanges Laos KIP we tried everywhere. Was super annoying when we had over $100 dollars of basically useless paper in our wallets ahah.

Luckily if you happen to be crossing the border into Cambodia however you might be alright ! We finally managed to change our Kips into Dollars after carrying them around fro two months. We changed them with a vendor in Phnom Penh who had a really small stall and we actually ended up getting a pretty decent rate so not all was lost. The only other ways that we have thought of getting round this issue would be by going to one of the bus stations that actually leaves for Laos such as the busses from Hanoi in Vietnam and make a deal with another traveler.

Hope this helps somebody out there !

Thanks for reading,

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Hey Ben, I checked your instagram and you have pretty good photo with monkey ;)) Enjoy your Sunday!