The Best Dividend Yield For 2018 And Beyond

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In the world of dividends and yield on capital investments, I feel this asset will deliver staggering yield and appreciation in the coming years.

The biggest reason that the stock market has been on a tear for a decade, is that the money is moving into there seeking yield. With rock bottom interest rates and fixed income investments losing value against inflation (real interest rate), capital has no choice but to take on more risk to get the returns. Pension funds who depend on interest bearing assets to give them 5% with little to no risk, find themselves in the shark tank.

Cryptocurrencies have been notoriously bashed by Warren Buffet, who claims that they don't produce anything. Fiat currencies don't produce anything either, except theft through inflation. I believe that Warren is wrong in this thinking, but he also doesn't invest into things he doesn't understand. He definitely does not understand crypto. He has a hard time investing in things that are intangible, like technologies and software. This line of thinking has cost him, but he does't need the money anyway.

The software and tech industry has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that information technologies create massive amounts of wealth for the investor. The tech industry is dominating and the tech curve is also accelerating.

Cryptocurrency can most definitely create and produce. The internet is a means of production, whether it has tangibility is irrelevant, we are moving to a digital age.

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Dividends are actually a great way to reward investors. I really like the way you explained it especially when it comes to EOS. You didn’t mention Buffet in your video, but since you wrote about him in here in your post I have to agree with you. When it comes to crypto, he just doesn’t understand it. At least he admits it. What I didn’t like about him saying he would short bitcoin if it was easy along with Gates. It obvious they are bias against crypto. They are making full of themself. Hopefully EOS will lunch sooner then later. I belive Dan and others know what they are doing. EOS price is holding very nice so far. It’s consolidating and getting ready for the next leg up.

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Many investors have shied away from buying cryptocurrency due to its extreme volatility and their own lack of understanding of its value and usage,same is the case with warren
well you are absolutely right on EOS dividends

There more like EOS spinoffs instead of dividends. I’m getting a wsllet

I think a spin off (company) has way more risk to a shareholder than an airdropped token. It’s a no lose situation for the EOS holder from a risk perspective. It’s like owning the internet in 1980 and selling all the domain names.

I just watched your video on you tube. Kind of unusual way to record your video, but it’s not the first time. EOS is probably the most talked about crypto coin on the planet along with bitcoin. Can’t wait for airdrops as well as dividends to start flooding in. Your explanation about EOS’s dividends is right on point. I’ve herd Dan wants to start as soon as possible, but the other members want to make sure it starts smoothly without any complications, without any mess. I say let them do their job, as long as it doesn’t take too long and make nervous us investors. It’s never good for investors to be nervous. I’m definitely up for some kind of regulation, or filtration of these new airdrops/ ICO platforms when it comes to EOS. Separate bad actors from good as you said.
Recently I had a chance to see the difference between EOS and ETH. You can easily figure out who the winner might be in a long therm. I’m personally invested in both, but I thought it would be interesting to compare those two.

I had time without watch a video in your car, EOS as technology is great but you can see the new generation of blockchain wow it's amazing for example the coin called Pchain it's like the ferrari of blockchain technology now i'm very exciting to look at the future in terms of this technology. Regards

well i also believe owning the EOS will be the best in this scenario

If you are a FAN of EOS and Conner Kenny and you Love Air Drop Tokens then you got to Love @investing !!!

I love the "car" look. I do like your take on EOS. I still never bought any when I should have because I didn't have the cash and I was staked in steem. I'm wondering if it is still a good idea convert my sbd and buy a little EOS over time or should I just power up? I'm still conflicted.

I created my #stock portfolio w/ a nod toward those blue chips that produce around 3 percent dividends- among them : MacDonald's- Microsoft- one of the few #tech stocks to pay dividends. @angrytwin

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I see a lot of changes made in crypto investment, crypto crystallization of users in some way, if there are experts who try not believe and think crypto does not promise good luck, I am mistaken with it.
I agree on this with you, the parent crypto (btc) has generated many other crypto-crypto, this proves to be acceptable crypto in society, and this is what makes me sure for investment.
thanks for your video @investing

I will say crypto currencies investment is the best dividend yield for 2018, because if we follow the market trends you will notice that crypto market is the most bullish markets to invest in and make a positive return on investment and the crypto market grows in a geometric progression while inflation grows in an arithmetic progression thereby making the crypto market the most bullish markets to invest in in other to yield better do dividend. And I think EOS is the best dividend yield to invest in taking into consideration it's scalability features

Before that u were talking about lisk on YouTube.

Afraid of future

I profoundly prescribe Irish-based Medtronic PLC (NYSE:MDT), one of the world's biggest therapeutic hardware improvement organizations. Medtronic has an astounding 40 continuous long stretches of rising profit installments added to its repertoire. Right now, MDT pays a 46-penny quarterly profit on a 2.3% current yield with a low payout proportion under half. Over being a Dividend Aristocrat, Medtronic additionally brags a consistently rising offer cost in the course of the most recent five years. What's more, the word on the Street is that 2018 will be a stellar year for this "solid purchase" stock. The organization has propelled its own particular robot-helped medical procedure gadget with Mazor Robotics (NASDAQ:MZOR) — and the association is beginning to manage natural product. As per CEO Omar Ishrak, we will begin to see the income from this "draw through" in coming quarters. Over the most recent three months, Medtronic has gotten seven purchase appraisals versus only one hold evaluations. These investigators are anticipating a 14% spike for the organization from its present offer cost. Take Needham's Michael Matson, who emphasized his purchase rating and bullish $95 value focus on Feb. 21. "We are energized by the more grounded income development and anticipate that it will in the long run convert into more grounded EPS development as cash headwinds ease" clarifies Matson.

High-Quality Dividends: Philip Morris (PM)
Dividend Yield: 4.3%

I exceptionally suggest looking at Marlboro-creator Philip Morris International Inc. (NYSE:PM). Not exclusively does PM pay a high profit yield more than 4%, it likewise brags a 10-year profit development streak. The organization is going to start exchanging ex-profit ahead of time of a $1.07 quarterly payout in April. Things being what they are, the million-dollar question — would it be a good idea for you to contribute now?

Looking forward, all cigarette organizations confront an immense industry interruption. Worldwide smoking propensities are set for inescapable long haul decrease. Fortunately PM has a get-out arrangement. The organization as of late declared that it needs to fabricate its future "on sans smoke items that are a greatly improved decision than cigarette smoking." The outcome: a solid push towards lessened hazard vapes and e-cigarettes that contain nicotine yet don't consume tobacco.

What's more, it would seem that the Street endorses of this emotional choice. Over the most recent three months, PM has gotten just purchase appraisals. The five investigators covering the stock have a normal value focus on PM of $123.40. This proposes huge upside capability of more than 25%. In reality, Citigroup's Adam Speilman has recently redesigned PM from "hold" to "purchase." We are confronting "another universe of tobacco" says Spielman as vapes and warmed tobacco record solid take-up. He trusts PM is moving as quick as conceivable into this new world and – therefore edges will begin expanding again in the following a year.

Amusement stop monster Cedar Fair, L.P. (NYSE:FUN) is a key profit stock that regularly gets disregarded by financial specialists. Not exclusively does FUN pay out a generally high return of more than 5%, it has raised its profit each year throughout the previous five years.

Surely, by and large Cedar Fair has expanded its profit installment by 6.6% every year finished the most recent three years. Investors have quite recently gotten a quarterly profit payout of $0.89 on March 19.

Top B.Riley FBR examiner Barton Crockett keeps on observing Cedar Fair as an engaging blend of development and yield. He faults ruthlessly cool climate for "smoothing"' 2017 yet does not let this imprint his long haul positive thinking. FUN has a prime position in the amusement stop industry with "little, assuming any, development of significant new amusement parks."

"An arrival to past patterns of 4% EBITDA development looks very sensible and engaging for a stock showing a yield of almost 5.5% and working as a pioneer in amusement stop industry that is commonly all around situated" closes Crockett. Presently he anticipates a 20% offer cost increment in the coming months.

Actionable Conclusions (1-10): Brokers Predicted Top Ten 10%+ 'Safer' Dividend Stocks To Net 18.9% To 35.5% By March.

Well said investing you really nailed this post.

crypto is a revolution that is even bigger than stock market and the time will tell

Steem helps produce dividends. Thats what I will stick to. A slow a lnd continuing growth.

whats very interesting to me is that makes clear that the token has no guaranteed value what so ever and that they will not make any promises! those people that participated in the ICO are either have some guts or plain crazy!

Coins that promise real dividends, are setting themselves up with clear profit oriented objectives. This makes it clear from the start what are their goals and what is the benchmark that they will be judged upon by investors. The performance of other non-profit oriented crypto projects is much harder to measure. Hopefully, in a decade or two we will have the crypto-dividend aristocrats.
bdw it seems cool to record video in car

No idea why would be under scrutiny because of it's VC fund. It doesn't give them any power and authority over the blockchain. There are plenty of other VC funds out there if projects need early investment. The fund is just supporting the blockchain with early investment so I can't see why anyone would have a problem with that.

Well, I suppose it wouldn't be good if they only funded DApps but that won't happen because this weekend they have already funded a few projects from the EOShackaton.

Regarding EOS being the best investment of 2018, I would go even further and say EOS is potentially the best investment opportunity anyone has ever seen in the crypto space. If EOS achieves only 1/3 of it's potential, it will reshape the entire crypto market and become more talked about than Bitcoin.
I've been reading a lot of conversations on EOS this past weekend and so many people question the EOS ability to increase in value because of the crypto market cap. It can get so frustrating because the current market cap is irrelevant. EOS will attract outside investors which will increase the current market cap. It will also mean the % share of EOS will grow and eventually challenge Bitcoin's 39% (This could potentially happen this year but I suspect 2019) I can see one EOS token being more than one BTC by the end of 2019. Exciting times.

Dividend Yield: 2.9%
Semiconductor monster Broadcom Ltd (NASDAQ:AVGO) has quite recently paid a profit of $1.75, up from $1.02 the past quarter. Surely, with a profit yield of 2.9%, AVGO has a noteworthy profit development record of eight years and checking.

Indeed, even without Qualcomm, Inc. (NASDAQ:QCOM), experts still consider AVGO to be outstanding amongst other speculations out there. The stock has 99% Street bolster with 20 purchase appraisals and only 1 hold rating over the most recent three months. These experts see AVGO spiking 32% to hit $324 in the following year. Top Oppenheimer expert Rick Schafer says "Now past the QCOM adventure, we anticipate that AVGO will come back to its playbook finding and executing "bitesized" accretive arrangements. We stay long haul purchasers with a $315 target."

He includes: "We trust AVGO has a standout amongst the most deliberately and fiscally alluring plans of action in semiconductors." Going forward, the organization appreciates different impetuses, including a managed upper hand in top of the line channels and a "sticky" non-versatile business. Additionally, administration can drive lucky development/gainfulness in a large group of business situations.

President Donald Trump blocked Singapore-based Broadcom's $117 billion antagonistic takeover of Qualcomm on March 12. He ascribed the surprising choice to national security concerns.

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