German Proverb "Aus Scheisse Geld machen"

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there is a German proverb "Aus Scheisse Geld machen" which means to make money out of nothing valuable. A comparable proverb in english is "To make a silk purse from a sow`s ear" , translated word by word it means "Make Money from Shit"

This is an experiment to check if it is possible to make money out of shit, or in this case pictures of shit.
Please don't take it too seriously.


Von Alchemist-hp (talk) ( - Eigenes Werk, FAL,


Von Richard Bartz, Munich Makro Freak - Eigenes Werk, CC BY-SA 2.5,


Von Kulmalukko - Eigenes Werk, Gemeinfrei,


Von User Cacetudo on en.wikipedia - Eigenes Werk, CC BY-SA 2.5,


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Didn't know what to expect when start to read. When i read your "shit " (pardon the pun. I couldn't resist ) money making idea, i started thinking about fertiliser. Good read. Thanks.


I wonder why this have been downvoted by @fishborne
Part the cause of the my negative reputation when the reputation thing started a few weeks back.