Beckton Dickenson (BDX): Extended 5th Warning!

in money •  6 months ago


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I held BDX since 2012 and sold in May for 200% + return including it's stellar dividends.

What would I do when I saw the graph you point out is to wait for the correction and then back up the truck after the correction.

I don't really know what could possibly cause such a big correction though. The fundamentals are excellent for this world dominator and they raise their dividend each and every year and continue to grow through acquisitions while managing their debt levels.


Elliott Waves states that news or events shall arrive to justify the forcast. I don't know what event or news...but they are approaching.


You should Check the results of his older predictions...


I'm not necessarily saying it can't take a massive correction. I'm just wondering what could cause such a correction. I know that Elliot Wave Principal doesn't answer why, only gives possible outcomes based on the waves. It's a solid dominant company, but who knows...


What i mean is that some people shouldn´t get too much credit about his ability to make predictions on the market, and everyone should Always Check his past history of results.

That is what i am doing (and he is flagging the posts until they are invisible), and so far, he only got 9 of 61 predictions right. (14,75% accuracy rating)

I am not having much time these days to updates my tracking, but i will resume them shortly.

But what i found out so far is that after last year bull run he made some right predictions, made a lot of noise, and since he only wrote what people wanted to hear about all coins (that they would Always go up), people started to think he is good (wich he is not).

And guess what? If you Check his old posts, he does a lot of noise when one of his predictions hit the target, but stay really silent when most of them go the other way.

And after all this "fame" he acquired, he is now charging $1,195 a year to give his "amazing" predictions.

But as he say, make what you wish of this information...

thanx for research

thank you for the information provided so we are not wrong. Hopefully this graph is useful for all.


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