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RE: Could we see $4 Steem in the next 2 months?

in #money5 years ago

Most Alts seemed to benefit from the increase in BTC as the fork went off without incident! Most Alts except for Steem that is. I don't know why this is but it may mean that Steem has a lot of upside potential.


Might just be a delayed reaction. Many alts haven't taken off yet.

I heard that some whales are powering down heavily. I haven't double checked that though. If that is the case, then this trend might continue since it takes so many weeks before this process stops. Is that how it works? Maybe we are lucky and some new whales pop up. Let us write Elon Musk an open letter. ;)

Looks like 7 of the top 25 are powering down! Sorry but I don't have time for amore detailed analysis. Hopefully they need funds for other projects and don't see this as a sinking ship!

Interesting, wonder if new users can overcome that.

They already do I guess, otherwise the price would probably go down more.

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