Ever withdraw $1,000,000 in cash from your bank? I did. Here's what happened.

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I went to the bank last summer and told them I needed a million dollars—cash. They asked for a reason, and I replied, “You didn’t ask me for a reason when I put it in, so why are you asking me about it when I want to take it out?” Think about it, what business is it for the bank to know why I’m taking my money out? What I really wanted to do was to test to see if I could even get my money. The excuses the bank used to not give me my million dollars right away were many.

What follows is a list of things your bank may tell you next time you want to withdraw a large amount of cash:

1) You need to meet with the IRS

My bank actually told me this. Why would I need to talk to the IRS to withdraw cash from a checking account? This isn’t some dividend from a stock I’m cashing in. Let your Uncle G tell you about your Uncle Sam. You’re getting ripped off by him—he is stealing from you and giving it to the IRS who then wastes it. He’s the uncle you have that only comes around when he wants something from you. You don’t need to meet with him to withdraw your cash from the bank!

2) You must have security with you

I’m packing heat every day, I don’t need a security officer to escort me back to my car—and neither do you. I don’t know if you’re going to a bank in the ghetto, I don’t know if you are a black belt, I don’t know how well you can handle yourself, but if you need to get a security officer to escort you and your money from the bank lobby to your car, that’s your decision, not the bank’s decision.

3) You should take a cashier’s check

This one really irritated me. I didn’t want a cashier’s check, I wanted cash. Don’t let your bank bully you into taking something you don’t want or need. If you have a lot of cash, you should be able to take a lot of cash, not just settle for a cashier’s check.

4) You need to take financial training classes

This is the most ridiculous excuse of all for a bank not wanting to follow through with their duty. What do they know about money that they can teach me? I’m the one with millions of dollars, not these cashiers and managers telling me I need to take a class. I should give them a lesson—you get rich from sales; you don’t get rich working at a bank. Never let your bank persuade you into taking financial training when you want to withdraw a “large” sum of money.

5) You must order the cash

This is because they actually don’t keep all the money that is sitting in the accounts on location. They gladly take your money, but then it turns to digits on a computer. You will have to wait for your money if you want to withdraw a large sum because the bank many not have the kind of cash you want to withdraw in their vault.

A packet of one hundred $100 bills is less than 1/2" thick and contains $10,000.


A million dollars is only 100 of these little things.

You can fit a million dollars into a backpack, literally. It’s not like I left the bank with a tractor carrying a crate of money. My million only weighed about 22 pounds.

The point is this—if you have large sums of money in a bank, be careful, because one day when you need it you might not be able to get it out right away.

If you have nothing to withdraw because you have no money and a baby income, it’s time to get yourself on Cardone University. Get your financial house in order! Also get yourself to my Sales Boot Camp, which will be the best sales training event you’ll ever attend. Give yourself 3 days of immersing yourself with my team and learn the Cardone Way of becoming massively successful.

Be great,



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packing heat cardone!


Yeah man did you see @grantcardone new YOUTUEB ad??! i just saw it today i couldnt belive he was on my youtube advertismenet slot! I was watching Logan Paul videos jut to see how famous that kid is and grant's viodeo Buying Big came up!

It was so profesionally wel produced and it realy worked, i just hope he makes MORE and actually shows himself flipping houses all over the country

Iwonder if he posted about that video ad on his steemit?? id like to see behind the scenes of preparing that video comercial


Silly Banksters. It's Bad Enough That They Have The Balls To Charge Us To Keep Our Money In Their Banks Just So They Can Loan It Back Out And Create More Of That Fiat Out Of Thin Air!


I would take out the $1 mil, put it right back the next day, and repeat. Nothing can go wrong.




That's the truth 🙌🏼🙌🏼




@stackin , now all your post will be like the picture after HF19! That makes me rinse in a very positive way 🤑


I just need a small loan of 1 million dollars. - Donald Trump

@grantcardone try to transfer over 20000 Euro in Europe between EU countries and two persons(Germany -> Romania). I did this and was invited to the bank to give a report why, because it is against the money laundry law. My bank blocks me if I try to get more then 2000 Euro without notice. Try to fly in any country with more then 10000 Euro/USD on you. I bought a small piece of real estate with 30000 Euro (price doubled in 10 years) and the guy did not have any bank account (Romania - 2007), so I had to wait 4 days tilll the bank handed over me my money.
I don't have the million to withdraw (yet), but I know the struggle to get to your own money.


It's insane. There is more money in an ATM then in the vault. Like you said: transfer money and you are a suspected money launderer needing to prove his own innocence. My suggestion: get your money out of Europe.


Romania in the house :D


Of course, where is your ego coming from, not your idea, because your idea lives forever, even when your ego dies, or how was it?


Romania is not in Schengen that's why it would be problematic. Anyway I'm not sure you can even do that between Germany and Belgium because the laws in EU are pretty strict.


Schengen does not have anything to do with money transfer. Schengen is about the open borders for persons and the check of documents when you enter the Schengen space, a Non-Schengen state has to have a secured border with the Schengen group and a secured border to the outskirts of the EU.

In the EU you have the SEPA system which applies to all EU members, so all banks use the same contructions of accounts and transfers(IBAN-code + BIC/SWIFT-code). It is the same problem if I would transfer this amount of money in German space or Romanian space without telling the bank for what I used it.

It's crazy but not surprising - the way employment works here in the USA, nobody's trusting an employee to give out a million bucks. People can barely handle making coffees without managers helping out it seems like

"Show me the moneyyyyyyyy!"

Not yet, but I really really hope I will make such a post also in my lifetime.

The bank makes it too hard to withdraw over $10,000 - How long did it take to 'order' your money?


They treat you like a criminal for your money ...... because remember when you take it out your money they no longer can make money on your money sad but true

👊🏼💥💯💯 WHO'S GOT MY $$$

This made me REALY mad! But it doesnt suprise me I already knw this that not only will they prevent you from withdrawing your own money but they will even report you tyo the Police and IRS and DE if you even deposit over $10,000 if they arent USED to you doing that....the banks hire the worst type of people...Chase took $2000 from me after i deposited CASH in my ATm and was going to ue it to buy AIRPLANBE tickets, and they FROZE my account and acused me of MONEY laundering and wouldnt mail me the CHECK for my balance after closing my accoiunt for fucking 1 month, and you cant sue Chase youll loose, they should be shut down by the federal governent for thir crimes during the 2008 financial crisis, whaterver they will die out as crypto bcomes thelast man standing and all fiat collapses its inevitable but it will happen slowly, ther wont be ay sort of flash crash...well the stock markety can crash and part of me hopes it does part of mehopes that EVERYTHINg expcet decentralized crypto currencies crashes

sales isnt for everyone, i realy don't like the idea of a class because its not neccisary, but maybe the reak value of these classes are to meet grant cardone and others at the university altho if youre advertising it to peopel who are broke without any money to wiothdraw maybe its not th best place to go networking? And since you say its a "Cardone University" and not YOUR class im asuming you wont even be there, and its just lame man i doubt your classes are worth the money u charge! its just a lame thing peopel do now teaching these classes is such a rip off man no way u can defend them, school clases are an archaic method of teacing TOTALLY made obsolete by the internet and ESPECIALY videos

maybe im just mad about the bank refusing to give u the money hah yeah sorry i know your classes may be worth someting i just dont like how your claiming that peopel who come to yoru class can just make all this money when slaes is a very tight game where theres not enough jobs for everyone, seriously i feel theres plenty of millions for all of us to make in the crypto world...but Real Estate? Nah man theres only enough money in real estate for a smal minority.....we should be teaching more people to be more frugal and just live ion microhomes and save money because look alot of peopel wont even end up making much money...but we CAN let people become fincialy independent using STEEMIUt which makes it MUCH more realistic..

its just very frustrating to see people like you who seem to have made money off real estate when note veryone can do that But EVERYONE CAN make money off Bitcoin Steemit crypto currency AND everyone can more or less find ONE thing to do online...(if they arent "good" with computers and wanna refuse to learn they can go try and drive for uber) but working from home or self employment should be seen as realistic, most peopel will only make like a few grand a month and thats FINE to live off, not everyone is gonna make 1 million dollars a year....

but everyone CAN make $50,000 a year! and honestly making $50,000 a year ONLINE from HOME is GREAT ...not everyone has access to the toosl they need to make as much as a small minoroty makes, but if we actyualy SHARES the METHODS on going from 0 to $10,0000 THEN youre helpong more people

because to really help the vast majortyt of viable workers out there who DO want to work is going to take knowledge of starting from NOTHING and making money of tHAT no leads to buy no coins to invest in just Zero to hero its possible with steemit and VERY few other oprograms....i LOAHE any system that requirs a PENNY in initial investment....if a system is real it should allow someone to start from 0! that goes for MLM sales systems! it makes me mad that an afiliate program would charge money for someone to start....so many barriers so many batriers to entry its so lame...

As they say, if you want your money and there is a problem. They will only give you 10c to the $1. So if you had $1,000,000 in the bank, and the economic collapse happens and there is a bail-in. you'll only have 100,000 in your account. And then you'll only be able to withdraw a maximum of $1000 per day.

Lol. You need financial training! If you've managed to amass a million dollars then you probably have some financial knowledge already.

Bigwheeeeeeellllllin'! FEPE Approves! :)

How proud you must have felt when bank tried to negotiate with you....

Great post thanks for the advice I'll test it in a couple of years @grantcardone 😛👌🏼

its because the banks are trying to protect us! you know us stupid , irresponsible, criminal citizens. we cant be trusted with that kind of money and surely you are commiting some crime if you need your money back in your hands.

Seem.not easy as when you walk out of the bank, you may feel many people are looking at you. Maybe just self conscious.

This is even happening with mere thousands, but probably not on this scale. I remember taking $10,000 out a few years ago and closing the account. They tried really fucking hard to not let me leave the bank that day.

I HATE when that happens :) Great post. Banks are uncool, and that's why they're going to be gone soon. Hey banks, we don't need your money anymore.

I have a friend who went through all this just to pull out $5,000. Yes. Just 5k.


Get that money haha

You are so right! It has become ridiculous. In Europe even having a legitimate business handling high transaction or many small transactions is causing issues. If you walk with more than 1000 euro in your pocket your a drug dealer. I also had my business account frozen once and then you need to proof to them that it's legitimate instead of the other way around.

F*ck the banks, buy crypto. :D

This was such an interesting read and I just realized I already have your book. I'm by no means a millionaire and no where close, but maybe one day. :)

I absolutely agree with you...
Not for a million, even for a $10k cash withdraw, the banks have to notify the IRS about it, and you have to wait 1-3 days to get it. WTH?


I have a system for that. just take $9000 out 10 days in a row hahaha


I'm surprised that you haven't yet already been flagged for doing that.


Na they don't check your Id 😂🤑


I'm surprised. They do check in Canada.


Oh yes, always find your way around! LOL


Loopholes 😂😂😂


And for a million do you know how many days it will be.


It's called real estate 😂

@locos @bola @johnanbarasan The banks are not necessarily trying to withhold your money. In some cases, they are only trying to protect your interest and minimize their own risk as well. There have been different cases of people being adopted and their family members were forced to withdraw huge sums of money as ransom. There have also been cases where identity theives have made away with other people's hard earned money.
Most common is robbery. Keeping a huge sum of money in the bank and accepting more through cash deposit only increases the chances that if a bank is successfully robbed the robbers will get away with more money. So, just to cut the whole story short, there are many reasons why a bank will take precative measures disguised as excuses in order to avoid a loss.
@bnt we share the same opinion about @alexvan comment.

It is even worse here in Panama. They are so nervous about the USA that they are now harassing citizens here.


@hilarski then the solution is cryptos+vpn all the way, else I don't see how somebody can hold to their own cash

O weee here comes some big players to Steemit. Grant Cardone will bring a lot of awareness to this platform. If you don't believe me look at his youtube numbers


That's the truth :)

I'm working on my millionaire math so that I can try this exact thing! Thanks for the inspiration uncle G!

You should have asked for it in pennies...

This is incredible it is after all your money.

No, I never withdrew $1,000,000 in cash. I would be afraid the cops would ask questions and take the cash cause they believe it might be drug related. Also I believe the one who called the cops would be the bank. It is a war on cash. Only 22 pounds for hold in your hands $1,000,000? Thanks for letting me know. Yes, everyone needs to learn sales.

Upvoted and resteemed :-)

a 'run on the bank' would have caused the banks to collapse back before they just made money out of thin air.. now it is less risky since they can just make as much as they want without having to work. you may not be a 'millionaire' working as a cashier, but the ones setting the policies and deciding the training certainly ARE extremely 'loaded'.

Cashing a 5,000 dollar check is a problem for most banks. Zero trust

And one day I shall!

U a boss Grant! Thanks for blessing us with your presence.

Crypto Gawd, OUT!

Glad to hear you're packing heat. Exercise those rights!

Also, the last reason is the one the banks NEVER want people to know. They don't actually HAVE the money on hand, no matter HOW Big the vault is that you see behind them.

It's always funny to me when people rail against cryptocurrencies and then get online to check their bank account.

Not that I have that much money sitting around in the bank. However, when one day I do have that much I'll certainly look back at this post in case the bank tries to pull my leg and tells me I need to participate in something that I don't need!

The class is something I find ludicrous. However, I guess in some instances individuals need not obtain a million dollars through their own means of working hard and saving.

I see, rich peoples problems when they have too much time on their hand.
My account is bigger than yours on Steemit, just for the time being.

That's hilarious, Uncle G! I think I saw one of your videos where you did as much.

Coincidentally, I was discussing this scenario with a colleague today.

Many years ago, my sister had her identity stolen and the perpetrators had deposited $400K into her bank account, then were trying to take it out in cash.

The phone call she received was from the police asking "Can you confirm that you are trying to withdraw $400K from your bank account?" Not only was she not withdrawing the money, she had no idea that anyone had deposited it. :-) [money laundering scheme]

For the next 5 years, she had to work to get her identity clean again.

Hahaha good for you. To tell them that

Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you! I found similar content that readers might be interested in:

I recently had a $10,000 check that I deposited into a bank, then a few days later went in to withdraw $8,000 in cash. Similar responses to yours.

What do you want it for? "I might be buying a used car in the near future".

How about a cashiers check instead? "No thank you. If I was intending to possibly buy a used car in the future, at this point in time I have no idea which car, or how much it will cost. How are you going to make out a cashier's check for an unknown amount?"

We don't have that much on hand, you'll have to give us a few days' notice. "You mean with the hundreds of millions of dollars in investments that your bank holds, me withdrawing $8,000 is going to literally Break The Bank?"

I'll have to go get a manager to approve this. (Then we repeat the same question and answer, dog and pony show, with the bank manager.)

Finally, I walk out with my money, and they probably place a call to the DEA, IRS, FINCEN, Homeland Security, and local police.


I forgot to mention, they had to make half of it in $50 bills, because I cleaned out their $100's.

This is so right and so on point. I am so glad that you have come to steemit!!!

I guess possession is 9/10 of the law when it comes to banks! Bring on the Cryptocurrency with @steemit!

Eggzackly...meanwhile HSBC & all the big banks get mere fines for money laundering, rigging & fixing loan LIBOR markets, etc. But if you want to just withdraw the money that is YOURS...ohhh noooooooo! Fractional reserve (100 to 1 lending) banking is dead folks. They don't have your money because they don't keep it there.

Hey @grantcordone, can you break a $trillion? I need to pay some NGOs and a few G20 countries. Thanks.

They do that (the question) in the UK if you take out a couple of grand. My last response "Hookers and weed".

"I'll just type in home improvements shall I?"

Totally agree, try buying a car in cash, the bank goes nuts about you withdrawing the cash and the car lot freaks out because your paying in cash, 30k is not even close to a million and yet I encountered allot of these totally off the wall excuses! Really enjoyed this article thank you so much for posting:-)

This information is of great help...thanks grantcardone, I am following you now...let me give you my vote

Nice that you tried to do this - that is great!! Congratulations. What is not so great are the impediment - it is YOUR money afterall. I has issues transferring less - so I can imagine that this could happen. The Cardone way sounds interesting!

So at the end you were not able to withdraw the cash?

That is ridiculous Grant. I would have loved to hear your reaction when they told you that you needed financial classes. Makes sense to me, hahah. Glad to see you here on Steemit, excited to have you. Looking forward to reading more of your knowledgeable content. Cheers!

Nice lesson; everyone should realize what the banking system is...

You don't just get the questions with withdrawals . You get them with deposits as well. Just wait until the banks start trying to deal in Crypto.

I've never tried to withdraw a million because i dont have it yet lol. I did withdraw $10,000 and had to wait and deal with the questions.

I tried the same thing. After being tasered, billy clubbed by the police and arrested by homeland security. I decided to leave it in the bank. I use Bitcoin now. LOL

The banking system has been fraudulent right from inception. They do and support all the money laundering you see. How in the world can a Scammer withdraw 1 to 50 million without problems and the legitimate owners are unable to. The Monetary System is a scam itself. Buy cryptocurrencies, buy precious metals gold diamonds etc.

I've had to jump through hoops to get $70,000 out of a bank. But I'd rather have that trouble, than the bank being a tool for money laundering.

Ask for it in Singles. And say your paying the college tuition for several less fortunate young women.


It doesn't matter if am withdrawing billions. after all I could buy gold and sell whenever I need cash

Big fan of you man! Keep up the good work!

Thanks for this one. What a ridiculous situation we're in now that we're being controlled under this mafia?

You cannot even take more than $10000 i.e 10K from you bank account, Other day I saw one old lady tried to withdraw $10K from her checking account, The bank manager said that we dont keep that much money at branch and asked her to come back on another day.

Do you think the Bank doesnt hold $10K at branch? Why dont they hold it?
In India there will be security officer with Gun, Here in US, I dont see a bank looks like a bank,

Its simply look like a modern office, only deposit is accepted.
All banks should change their brand name into "Deposit Bank" where customer only can deposit, but you cannot withdraw the amount you have it from your ac.

Its simply a robbery with well dressed people.

I'm gonna need to borrow that backpack for my future withdraw! Excellent tips! Anyone else want in on this?

Just funny how people prefer this over cryptocurrencies, that have not gotten the capabilities to be transferred without "talking to the IRS", and so forth.

Why would you ever store money you can't withdraw?


Money is only paper that the bank don't have right away, because they need to print it. If everybody realizes that they are doing it the paper will have no actual purchase value. Only our minds creates the "value". This is the big thing - not chasing the money itself but putting in the heads of more people that something is "valuable".

Fractional reserve banking at its "finest".

Love your post @grantcardone I have never kept money in a bank for exactly those reasons. My son @hilarski always warned me for years not to use the system. lol

Good information Grant and I shall check out Cardone University.

Grant most people dont have a million cents yso that your problem not our with your cash 50% of USA live on a $1 dollar a day sure thanks to George bush


Most people don't know that their biggest enemy is the person they see in the mirror each morning, not George Bush, not Obama, not Trump. It is always the choice one makes. Yes, it is hard to change habits, true, but each day if you improve it gets better. I was for couple of months in the US for work. Every work colleague asked me why I was so hardworking like my life depends on it. I just told them, the difference between the concept of a banana for me as a 6 year old and for them as US, for them was only a yellow fruit in the fridge, for me it was X-Mas if my parents managed to smuggle one in that time. I have seen my first banana with 4 and ate my second at 6. I was born in a communist country where life was hursh and almost nothing to eat. I learned to value hard work and chances. If I can help, I help others, not only speak about it. So if I can be you of any assistance just let me know.


If I could upvote this comment a million times, I definitely would. Agree 100%!


Thank you @bnt , you just won yourself a follower. Just take action, and without action there is no satisfaction. I live by that


Amen to that!


Voted and if could Resteem it I would. Very inspiring

Hi sir @grantcardone I am glad you are here now at steemit and chainBB! Withdrawing $1 million dollars is no joke. Here in the Philippines before, we need to have to go to our car immediately when withdrawing big sum of money too.

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I do not believe anyone needs a million dollars you can only drive one car live in one house eat one thing at a time use one phone sleep in one bed have sex with one person at a time. why is the need ?


Well if you live in an expensive country, you want a nice house so your family is comfortable and education for a 5 year old will cost you 25,000 USD a year I can see the need for one million dollars.


This is offtopic, but if you are not married, you should definitely try to have sex with more then 1 person at the same time. It is worth it, at least once in a lifetime. ;)


It doesn't matter, if I deposited it then I should be able to withdraw it

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The truth is, your money is not there. They need to gather that money first before they can release it to you. Banks are capitalizing in our money.

Yes, it's very weird how difficult it is, and how they need a reason from you, to access your own funds. Great post. Upvoted.

The bottom line is there is very little printed cash in the world vs deposits in the system. You will get a mad face if you ask for a couple thousand. Forget a million.

One day I will be rereading this post hopefully, lol!

Grant!!! You da man baby! The original super freak!!!! Rick James got nothing you baby! Yo can't shake this guy, he's even on STEEM!!! hahahaha I love it! 10X problems with 10x solutions!!!!! 10X lifestyle....you gotta super freakem man!!!

opened hands like beggars and tight fisted ready to fight tooth and nail misers

L O frig'n L @ #4

great read UV...RS 'n Followed

My goodness I wish to withdraw but I DONT HAVE something to withdraw hahahaha sad

I must say this is really interesting, and I have seen articles online and commericals about the fact the the govt does not want you to withdraw a lot of cash from your account, I assume it is because they are looking for criminals who tend to do a lot of their transactions in cash, but what you were told was just ridiculous! this is why you should never keep all of your money in a bank, just a percentage, and with all the ways to keep money in other investments these days, I will definitely diversify my earnings in various places in the future!

I remember this video you did lol
Happened to me the other day
Couldn't get my money out smh

Those gangster banksters are pissed. Now they can't 10x their money through fractional reserve banking...

Wow!!! you would recommend to stay - but I want to go to your team

Oh I'm so waiting for a good cryptocurrency! The day I can say: F you, goodbye!
BTW want to know something funny? The US is a corporation and the constitution was changed in 1871. Your birthcertificate acts as a security for the national debt... Think about it national debt what a joke...

That's crazy. I don't have a million dollars yet.. but this is definitely something to think about when I do.. great post!