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RE: On money free living in urban settings

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I always enjoy hearing the experiences of people that live on less - or none - like here. I have been fascinated with the people that go around the dumpsters and pick stuff out that is still good, such as food or items. I haven't done it myself, but I think I might end up checking it out one day.

But yeah, the ability to live on less is a sort of security that you can continue onwards no matter what happens.

Oh, reading the comments I see you have decided to move to West Wales? Cool!


Some of the happiest moments of my life were when I was living on the doll and skip-diving from the local 'Safeway' (a now defunct supermarket chain). Oh the memories... Halloween was especially good, we literally couldn't carry back half the pumpkins, and the house looked proper 'spooky', then proper smelly when none of us could be bothered to chuck the pumpkin heads out (we were teenagers).

Then there was the time the supermarket decided to put chains on the bins.... we sourced some bolt cutters and returned the next night... only to find some other skip divers had beaten us to it... it turned into a regular community thing...HONESTLY, salmon night, cream bun night, skittle week (they chucked out A LOT of skittles that day!).

We ate well, for free. Best not mention what we spent our doll money on instead of food!

Yup to Wales... I'm thinking Aber or Mac maybe... rather grow my food than skip dive it these days.

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