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RE: The Fight Against The North American Union And Globalism Is In Standing Rock

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Both Shemitah and the Jubilee years have passed, I see nothing out of the ordinary having happened during the last two years ( I mean wars, natural disasters etc are normal in the world we live in). I guess that means that the Shemitah Jubilee theory is at least for this cycle, unfounded.
As for the biggest changes I believe one of them is Brexit, this was reached by a referendum, and now we can see what a mistake this was. Why? Because look at the UK right now it is a land divided nearly in half by those who want out and those who want to stay. I'd think if anything is really planned by the elites Brexit would be one of these things. This just shows that democracy is not so hot, I mean if you vote and a quite small majority (less than 4% in this case) ensures that the minority doesn't get what it wants, I don't believe that is what democracy should be, ergo democracy is not achievable, always someone comes out a winner and I can bet you the winner in Brexit will be the same people as always.
As for uniting Canada, USA and Mexico, what could be the profit for the US and Canada or the elites to include Mexico?
These are some doubts I have about your post, maybe I am wrong, but anyway I am just giving my opinion.


Your kidding arnt you whats democratic about the European Union

And where do I say the European Union is democratic? In fact if you take the time to read the post I am saying democracy doesn't exist anywhere. I think this is part of the problem this world has, people read and don't even take the time to try to understand what they are reading.

I would have thought democracy won when the people of the uk voted to get out of Europe thats democracy in action .and we could see more democracy in the uk if Scotland gos to the vote again to leave the uk so it can stay part of Europe. who nos maybe northern irland might to. I did read your comment your example of brexit leads in to democracy of the European union you did not have to say it because they both go together

But you see that is the problem with democracy, who won? 51.9% of voters, what the other 48.1% think automatically stops having any influence. Let me give you an example we have a kitchen that feeds 100 people and the chef asks who wants liver for lunch, 51 say yes 49 say no, so we will have democratically elected to have liver for lunch. But I can't eat liver just the smell of it makes me vomit, and yet because of 2 people I will either have to eat it or go hungry. This is what happens when you use referendums, in Britain's case less than 4% decide the future of a country, regardless if it was a good decision or a stupid one do you think that is what democracy should be, it's like a dictatorship of the slight majority. And that happens everywhere all votes leave some people upset and in the end it turns out both sides (sometimes there are more) were both right and wrong, so I say any political system whatever it is, even anarchy is just the imposition of the will of the few over the many. Because in Brexit a lot of people will suffer, but I can assure you that 1% that is always there will be the one still reaping the benefits. I really hope in the future the UK can sort out its problems and come out ahead but as far as I've read right now the future looks bleak. If you are from the UK I really hope it turns out OK for you.

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