The Fight Against The North American Union And Globalism Is In Standing Rock

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If you are one of the few people left watching the mainstream media, you’d think that the only thing currently going on has to do with Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

There is much more going on than that, however. Aside from the ongoing military tensions with Russia and the faltering economy, there is a stand-off currently happening that is barely being reported on in the mainstream.

Just a few days ago, tensions really began to escalate on the Sioux reservation land in Standing Rock, North Dakota. There, highly militarized riot police used sound cannons, pepper spray, and tasers to try to both arrest and subdue Native American “Indian” tribes and environmental activists alike who are struggling to protect land from developers of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

In fact, this is part of a much larger elite machination. This 1,172 mile pipeline which is set to run through “Indian” land, is evidently – reportedly – part of a larger, longstanding plan to connect Canada, the US and Mexico. It’s called the North American Union.

Initial plans called for a superhighway that would stretch from, Canada to Mexico, effectively cutting the US in two and increasing the economic power of Canada and Mexico commensurately.

The construction of the multinational conglomerate supported crude oil line, violates various treaties signed as far back as the 19th century and also threatens to both destroy and contaminate sacred tribal sites and potable drinking water respectively.

Of course, as with most globalist initiatives, the multinational and mainstream media proponents of the pipeline promote it as a “safer and more cost effective” alternative. These companies make a point to emphasize the “energy saving” aspects and “eco-friendly” benefits of the pipeline plus make claims that it will produce less greenhouse emissions in addition to providing greater state revenues.

Ultimately the elites want a world government, but the next step is a North American Union to complement the foundering European Union. They’ll destroy what they have to – including the US itself – in order to achieve their sociopathic goals.

In establishing this union, they presumably want pipelines, supranational highways and a common currency which is why there has been talk in the past about a North American currency similar to the euro, called the “Amero”.

Remember, everything the globalists do is being done to facilitate financial “equality”. They want to level the world economic playing field so it’s easier for them to gain further control.

You can read more about this in the second edition of my book, Shemitah Trends: The Plot to Enslave Humanity and How to Find Freedom (Kindle Edition) here. The book shows clearly that various recurring timelines such as Shemitah and Jubilee are used by global elites as trigger points for political, military and economic disasters.

Their endgame is obvious if you look at one of the stated goals in the UN’s 2030 plan which in its own words aims to “reduce inequality within and among countries,” and goes on to say that this is “only possible if wealth is shared and income inequality is addressed.”

As the elites attempt to assemble more components of this supranational infrastructure to “unite” North America, they are displaying to independent journalist and people at home how they have no remorse for using violence as a means of getting what they want.

However while many have been distracted lately by US political campaigns, global crisis and race issues during the last year, elite plans for a North American Union have been continuing to quietly expand on other fronts.

For example, back in early 2015 when John McCain helped to approve the extension of interstate-11 - a road which will eventually connect parts of the US to a NAFTA superhighway including other routes like the CANAMEX corridor.

Nobel Peace Prize winner, Barack O’Bomber, has done what he has always done, in regards to this current dispute with Native Americans.

He says one thing:

And then does the other:

But, as we pointed out yesterday, there is a lot to be optimistic about.

While Brexit, and even Trump, may have been to some extent manufactured, they still show a rising up of the people against globalism.

Even last week there was another win for the people.

Back in 2014, Cliven Bundy, a Nevada rancher, who was essentially jailed because he refused to pay federal grazing fees, filed a lawsuit against; US judge Gloria Navarro, Nevada Senator Harry Reid and even the Nobel peace prize winner himself, Barack O’bomber.

But now a jury has found brothers Ammon and Ryan plus five other armed militiamen to be not-guilty of “conspiring against the government.” This is a tremendous setback to the federal government that has claimed and controlled millions of acres in the Midwest USA without any right to do so. (Please note, by the way, that the Bundy challenges were non-violent despite the presence of weapons. Any rational person should be able to arm himself.)

Unfortunately, the elites who control nearly everything are not going to go down without a fight.

We live in the most interesting of times. A worldwide awakening is occurring just as the world controllers are taking their final steps toward a tyrannical world government.

You have the power to do something. Share this information and protect yourself from the actions of the globalists by becoming a dollar vigilante (click here to find out more) and selling your fiat currency for things like gold, silver and bitcoin.

Here is one comment from a subscriber just today on our private TDV subscriber Facebook group:

Times are crazy but we can still survive and thrive through it with the help of a worldwide community of vigilantes (join here).

And, we, the individuals, have the power to change everything by simply removing our consent from the globalists. The strong people in Standing Rock are doing what they can in their own community. You also, can take action. It’s as simple as spreading this information and just saying no.


good information again- no doubt something will happen that will enable them to get this pipe line through- a false flag =-problem, reaction, solution

when they have international organizations/courts with power which supersedes that of individual nations,.. then it seems they already have their "global government" power pretty well established...

Im not seeing to many internationl courts bringing the u.s.a or russia to heal on anything they do to sovereign states

Both Shemitah and the Jubilee years have passed, I see nothing out of the ordinary having happened during the last two years ( I mean wars, natural disasters etc are normal in the world we live in). I guess that means that the Shemitah Jubilee theory is at least for this cycle, unfounded.
As for the biggest changes I believe one of them is Brexit, this was reached by a referendum, and now we can see what a mistake this was. Why? Because look at the UK right now it is a land divided nearly in half by those who want out and those who want to stay. I'd think if anything is really planned by the elites Brexit would be one of these things. This just shows that democracy is not so hot, I mean if you vote and a quite small majority (less than 4% in this case) ensures that the minority doesn't get what it wants, I don't believe that is what democracy should be, ergo democracy is not achievable, always someone comes out a winner and I can bet you the winner in Brexit will be the same people as always.
As for uniting Canada, USA and Mexico, what could be the profit for the US and Canada or the elites to include Mexico?
These are some doubts I have about your post, maybe I am wrong, but anyway I am just giving my opinion.

Your kidding arnt you whats democratic about the European Union

And where do I say the European Union is democratic? In fact if you take the time to read the post I am saying democracy doesn't exist anywhere. I think this is part of the problem this world has, people read and don't even take the time to try to understand what they are reading.

I would have thought democracy won when the people of the uk voted to get out of Europe thats democracy in action .and we could see more democracy in the uk if Scotland gos to the vote again to leave the uk so it can stay part of Europe. who nos maybe northern irland might to. I did read your comment your example of brexit leads in to democracy of the European union you did not have to say it because they both go together

But you see that is the problem with democracy, who won? 51.9% of voters, what the other 48.1% think automatically stops having any influence. Let me give you an example we have a kitchen that feeds 100 people and the chef asks who wants liver for lunch, 51 say yes 49 say no, so we will have democratically elected to have liver for lunch. But I can't eat liver just the smell of it makes me vomit, and yet because of 2 people I will either have to eat it or go hungry. This is what happens when you use referendums, in Britain's case less than 4% decide the future of a country, regardless if it was a good decision or a stupid one do you think that is what democracy should be, it's like a dictatorship of the slight majority. And that happens everywhere all votes leave some people upset and in the end it turns out both sides (sometimes there are more) were both right and wrong, so I say any political system whatever it is, even anarchy is just the imposition of the will of the few over the many. Because in Brexit a lot of people will suffer, but I can assure you that 1% that is always there will be the one still reaping the benefits. I really hope in the future the UK can sort out its problems and come out ahead but as far as I've read right now the future looks bleak. If you are from the UK I really hope it turns out OK for you.

I feel like the global government is inevitable at some point. It's not that I would support it, but if you ask the majority of people on the street, they would.

In fact, with the internet, and social media, it really feels like borders don't exist anymore. So I don't think immigration is the real problem.

I thin it's the welfare state that is the real problem. You either have immigration or you have welfare, you can't have both.

Hi @dollarvigilante
Upvoted, Followed, Resteemed! Excellent post!

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Thank you very much!

Thank You, Jeff for helping get the word out about Standing Rock. I tell my family that it is up to us to educate those around us and our selves. Sadly they still only post about things like the Kardasians. O' well.

DAPL the facts:

The rioters & vandals are trespassers. It's private property. It is the safest, most environmentally friendly.(read the facts) Do they drill for oil on SR? How about north of there?

How about the 389 meetings with 55 tribes and the 140 times they changed the route to avoid sacred sites. (read the Judges Memorandum -facts link)

Kelcy Warren, a Texan, is new oil money, Warren Buffet, BNSF railroad is old money. Don't see much conspiracy here...conspiracy to transport oil so we can become more energy independent meanwhile driving down prices which in turn benefits the poorest?

Not every infrastructure project is a "globalist initiative" & not every "global initiative" is bad. A pipeline isn't gonna bring about the North American Union either. The Amero is conspiracy theory at

"If we hear it once we hear it several times a day in emails and questions for Andrew Gause….concerns over the coming Amero. The Amero is a “Coming Soon” new currency especially for Canada, U.S. and Mexico.

Mr. Gause believes this idea is constantly floated by those who want us to take our eyes off what is truly happening. And that is the slow, steady and predictable eating out our substance by the systematic inflating of the current world currency, The Dollar. Perhaps the only dollar “They” will ever need for some time to come."

Then you have EarthJustice, these scumbag attorneys are notorious for the "sue & settle scam"...

They steal people's private property through lawsuits and control it through regulations. Like the Center for Biological Diversity, notorious for doing the same thing out west. ie Hammonds, Bundys, Bulloch...

The rioters and vandals are mostly out of state watermelons. Commies, maybe paid...terrorist also, terrorizing the locals, stealing, killing livestock. Yep there's a group ya wanna get behind. Sadly SR failed to participate, they had every chance. Sadly they joined forces with radical environmental asshole attorneys that are looking for the big payoff

Jeff I think you're coo coo for coco puffs in a lot of ways on this one...

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