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Good morning traders and happy Wednesday the 14th of March! Coffees ready? Alright, so let's see what i have in my portfolio of cryptocurrencies. While many of you are already experienced in these matters, some of you might be looking for new opportunities here and there. So let's review them.



This is the obvious one. We're on Steem network, blogging, socializing and making money. I probably don't have to spend a minute to tell you how Steemit works, but some of you newer guys should understand, that Steem is the underlying software and cryptocurrency, whereas anyone can build their own frontend for Steem. We are blogging on Steemit, busy.org, via chainbb (link in my post footer), some even use the mobile Esteem app. These are all frontends for an exceptional cryptocurrency and software. Steem itself can be traded on exchanges and thats where the value is set. So people, if you believe in the longer-term success of Steem like me, get more.


Buildteam tokens

Buildteam is a group of cryptoenthusiasts and technically-savvy people, creating software for the Steem (but not limited to) blockchain. They have brought you Minnowbooster, Steemvoter and have many more upcoming projects up in their sleeve. Buildteam tokens can be bought and sold on the Bitshares exchange, but they have another cool use case - you can stake your Buildteam tokens in the reward pool for bi-monthly dividends for your profit share - this even allows to keep your tokens and sell them at a later date. How is the reward pool built? A fixed share of Buildteams monthly profits is shoveled into the pool for your staking pleasure - so essentially their profits and your profits are interlocked.

Buildteam's profits depend on their monthly performance and as a growing business, this one is a no-brainer for me.



Bla-bla-bla you say. Well, initially i said the same. Smartcash, according to their own website, is merchant-oriented and community-driven cryptocurrency with an aggressive development schedule. Well, ok, but show me the money!

The money starts rolling in, when you hold 10,000 Smarts and run a smartnode. For tech-savvy guys, it seems running a smartnode is a piece of cake, with guides being a dime a dozen. But holding these 10K Smarts, that enable you to run your Smartnode, nets you approx 7-8% profit monthly. Not bad huh?


Don't have the funds for 10K Smartcash? No problem - just grab 1000 Smartcash, hold them in your wallet and earn with those too - these are called Smartrewards. Smartrewards is a nice addtional income if you are already running Smartnode as well ;)

15% of the block rewards are set aside between the 25th-25th of each month, which are then split on the 25th between all addresses proportional to their balance that have held between snapshots without sending out coins. Addresses below 1000 SmartCash do not get paid.

Charlie Lee


You probably alread know that I am a huge fan of Litecoin. Who doesn't hold Litecoin, will be missing out in my opinion. With the development moving more and more away from Bitcoin and creating opportunities on their own, Litepay, Litepal and much more, which enable merchants all over the world to accept this awesome coin, Litecoin is a must. The charismatic Charlie Lee is a superb leader for further development of Litecoin, which many cryptocurrencies can't say about themselves and just struggle along for the ride.

With that all said, this is my main protfolio. I have various more tiny assets here and there, to which i prefer not to pay attention as much. Do your own research, before jumping into any of these with size. And for god's sake, diversify - don't keep all eggs in one basket, don't bet the farm and rememeber to take profits.

Sell your vote to minnowbooster and earn SBD

Check out Chainbb, an alternative frontend for STEEM network. If you like forum style, that's the platform for you.

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Are you looking for Minnowbooster, Buildteam or Steemvoter support? Or are you looking to grow on Steemit or just chat? Check out Minnowbooster Discord Chat via the link below.



Ohh, I have SO MUCH to learn from you!


..And Pepitos I believe in :)

Haha, how could i forget PEPITOS!
Here guys and girls - the world leader, PEPITO token:

I just love that name - PEPITO ( sandwich? )

Steem, Buildteam, Smartcash and Litecoin. Seems like we got a quite similar portfolio, while I´d like to mention my focus on BTS & Bitcoin itself as well. They should not be forgotten ;)

Great minds think alike :) I've pulled a little back on BTS after all the messy state of affairs with Arise, but keeping an eye on them nevertheless. BTS is grossely undervalued at the moment, in my opinion.

BTS is definitely massively undervalued in my opinion. It´s not even worth 20ct these days while actually providing such huge potential to really decentralize the whole cryptocurrency market.

Thank you @furious-one for sharing this information and your thoughts on it this morning. I much prefer to hear what people are doing themselves and there own thoughts, than regurgitated info from all the news sites that have sprung up around the crypto space. Maybe it's also because it's much in alignment with my own thoughts, which helps to breathe confidence in my own thinking :).

Also just to clarify for people (and please correct me if I'm wrong on this), when you talk about diversification, I sure you don't just mean within your crypto portfolio, but also within your investment strategy as a whole. Meaning you shouldn't be entirely invested in cryptos, as currently Bitcoin is still leading every other crypto up and down.

You've also given me some food for thought this morning regarding using cryptos not just for capital appreciation (if that ever happens :)), but also as a means of rental income.

I really enjoyed the read and gonna resteem this. Thank you.

I have to learn more about Smartcash. I love the passive income aspect of holding at least 1.000 coins.

From all the crpytos mentioned above... So only steemit can be done without intial investment

Steem, my friend, Steem is the crypto. Steemit is just a frontend website for Steem crypto and software. But you are right, Steem requires only your valuable time and good content to get started.

Thanks alot furious

Thanks for the free lecture ....i have learnt so much from this. thanks again

Thank you . I will got more inform from your post .

That was a great information i am new in steemit and i'm a little bit confused about everything those topic that i see about bitcoin litecoin etc. hahaha I don't understand anything :D Thank you. I learned a lot. Now i know how to invest my income in steemit. :) Thanks

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Against this action, and the developers believe that this will enable large mines from meeting in their hands too great forces of influence on bitcoins. Meanwhile, the main value of the kryptowaluty proposition is decentralization, which is, the dispersion of many actors from the network.

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Great informative and very nice post.

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i like this content, a lot of people around the world are still skeptical and uneducated about the cryptos and blockchain, it's a great thing for us who knows already that we need to share and spread the word that cryptocurrency is not bad and a great news for all of us in the near future, I sincerely wanna say thank you for your efforts and passion for this crypto knowledge sharing for the people, I do hope you become a big whale someday!

I have to learn more about Smartcash I love the passive income aspect of holding at least

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