Thursday Drama - glitches, bugs, attacks and EOS RAM running out

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Good day readers! While I haven't finished my arbitrage rant (will continue shortly), checking around reveals some more curiosities, which I will recap before moving on.

So what has been going on lately?



Binance and Syscoin make someone rich. Namely at Syscoin block 87670, a billion or more Syscoin were somehow mined, although Syscoin cap is set at 888 million. Alright, alright, so a bug was discovered and someone exploited it. Not really unheard of for an unknown coin.

But what else? Syscoin, costing merely a quarter a dollar, somehow traded for 96 BTC on Binance! Someone pocketed a decent amount of money for that deal. Unfortunately, the devs got on this and trading of Syscoin was halted on Binance. An inside deal or the devs oversight? How dare you, sir! You said it, not me :)

Why do I tell you this? Because being in the right place at the right time can make a giant difference. Have accounts and even some minuscule spare funds ready at multiple exchanges, if possible.

Read the recaps here:

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Looked at the sexy picture above for a second too long? Poof, and your funds are gone. Just like that. New malware now watches your clipboard and replaces Bitcoin addresses that you copy.

As most users don't double check their copy-pasted Bitcoin addresses due to the excessive length, this one is an easy hack. Just possess the victim's PC, infect and watch the money roll in, as the unsuspecting peasant is sending funds from one Bitcoin wallet to another.

Luckily, many anti-virus apps, can recognize this malware already, that is posing as a DirectX dll file. Make sure to stay updated and do occasional checks with these on-demand scanners too:


ESET on-demand:


EOS network and RAM price

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As the EOS RAM price rockets amidst speculation, over 80% of the RAM is hodled and squatted on by hoarders and the threat of increasing the amount of available RAM increases as well. Daniel Larimer, according to info shared in the EOS Telegram, has declared war on RAM speculation and promises to bring the prices down to earth. What methods he will employ, I don't know at this very moment and probably don't even care, but careful, traders. Doesn't this chart look exactly like the Bitcoin and other bubble charts? Especially with 80% held by squatters, the risk of a sudden dump increases every minute:

ram price.JPG

Anyway, if you are out of RAM, make sure to get some more and definitely make sure to click on the "More info" after loading your RAM! Via btsfav:

Download more RAM

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Excellent content and roundup of happenings in the crypto-sphere. I'll be wary of malware. Seems like new kinds of inventive hacks are a daily occurrence...

The greatest Ico of all time 🙈

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