Revolution is taking it's time

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This is not a FUD post, on the contrary - all good things take time to cook. Vice launch has been delayed and with me being an investor myself, I strongly believe that what investors need, is constant information about progress and transparency.

Hence, lets take a look, whats going on with them guys.

VIT blockchain explorer


A basic VIT blockchain explorer is in works, a replica from, created by our own rockstar dev @jesta. The clone is far from ready, as it still features a currency VDB, a counterpart for Steem's SBD (Steem Backed Dollars). I guess removing the SBD/VBD functionality from the blockchain is not that easy and could leave a few potential loopholes in the system, so lets give them guys some time to polish their stuff.

An update regarding registrations and bonus tokens

From Vice Industry Token Telegram group, the best place to get Vice updates, comes this update from Candi, regarding registrations:

Registration is currently open on and - Please note, at this time, accounts are not yet being approved, and will not be until the sites are live.
After much deliberation, and considering the input from the community, we will be issuing bonuses to our crowdsale contributors in the form of the ERC20 proxy tokens. The process will begin next week, and could take some time for all bonuses to be distributed. Once the bonus distribution period is complete, if you have concerns about your wallet, we will review them. We appreciate your patience at this time.

As per the feedback from investors, bonus tokens distribution method is finally settled - they will be distributed as ERC-20 proxy tokens and to the original MEW addresses.

Well, doesnt really matter too much for me, as the price has been dropping like a balloon tied to an anvil, i've bought much more on HitBTC than during the crowdsale. Anyway, now you know.

Executive summary released

executive summary.JPG

The Vice team has released an executive summary, which, according to them:

"Our executive summary emphasizes the need for reform within the adult industry, as well as all internet media. It explains the concept and vision behind our project, and gives some specific technical information on how our revolutionary system will work"

You can download the full summary here or find it in their recent Steem post:

Screenshots from upcoming website

And finally, Vice Telegram admins have shared a few screenshots from the upcomg website. Note that one of the screenshots still has the currency VBD on it, and WBD as well.

photo_2018-07-18_03-38-47 (2).jpg


Anyway, thats the most recent updates from Vice team that I managed to pick up. Lets hope for more frequent status updates and make the price of VIT moon.

EDIT: I see Vice team has apparently listened to and heard investors and is pushing out status updates by themselves, with a new update this very morning:

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interesting, thanks for letting us know about this project. Watching it with interest!

Vice token will succeed. Porn is a good indicator and it will drive its adoption. That won't change any time soon.

####The price will surely rise as the project progresses towards its goal#####.......So be patient

I completely agree to the fact that good things do take time to cook.
Nice post.
Keep steeming.

I want to invest in crypto now..

I have done my own research and survey..

But i can't got satisfaction results and perfection..

So please suggest me 5 coin those give 5 to 10x + profit in this year..

If you are crypto adviser than say me to follow you.. 👍

The vice industry is very good project. The price is surely rise in future.

Wow your blogs are nice ,do check mine em a newbie dear.