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We, the cryptocurrency enthusiasts, are constantly battling with various mainstream media outlets, banks, banksters, dinosaur investors, who spread FUD and horror stories about and predict the demise of cryptos. We have to constantly educate ourselves, reasearch and keep a strong mind, not to be influenced by the outside drama. Of course, that often makes us all look like bloody hopeless HODLers and lunatic optimists, but fortune favors the bold.

Luckily, we are not along on this path, From time to time, people, who have the skill, experience and know-how to step back and see the big picture, come to our aid.


The Managing Director of eToro, Iqbal Gandham, UK points out that he has the same quarrel with the mainstream media, that all cryptocurrencies are labeled Ponzi schemes, an energy hog that will destory the world, their volatility untradable and so on.

According to Gandham, the return of cryptocurrency prices to more affordable levels, has been a "blessing in disguise" on it's way to more wide adoption. The reduction of mass demand FOMOing in, has enabled cryptocurrency related companies to take a breather and cope with the recent demand while allowing to adjust their projects and update their systems.

Gandham goes on to compare cryptos with previous historic innovations like e-mail, Amazon, Ebay etc and says that the growth for cryptocurrency industries is coming.

Still don't believe in cryptos? You're still down? We all are, as we were hoping for much more growth, but admit it, the levels or mass hysteria were unsustainable. On the other hand, we're still in the infancy stages, and Balaji Srinivasan, the recently appointed CTO of Coinbase, argues that 60x growth is easily possible for cryptos.

tweet balaji.JPG

Srinivasan compares crypto adoption to smartphones, where 63% of the world is owning smartphones yet cryptos are owned by less than 1% of the world. The numbers are definitely not exact figures, but approximately convey what the careful spectator can see - we keep growing.

In the same article there is pointed out, that Constellation Labs is toying with the idea that in the future, every smart device could be running it's own full node. A true de-centralization idea. Whether our current financial system withstand this, will be seen.

To end this post, I bring you the most common Bitcoin chart pattern to learn. Keep it cool, friends!


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Crypto definitely has a LOT of room to grow, a lot of room for more adoption

When I was in high school only rich people had cell phones. I also remember when no one was online except for computer nerds and people with school access, everyone thought those two things would always be a tiny market, they were wrong mass adoption happens.

Changes are not acceptable in the beginning. People yell and criticize them without no reason because their beliefs are broken. The system they are using has become an important part of their daily life and thoughts. So the whole idea of cryptos is quite new and they are not able to digest it.

The time i began to believe in crypto was when G20 held their meeting and decided to regulate it. I believe that they know something

But sadly, it is the techies who are slowing down the growth of crypto by not concentrating on the user experience.....funnily enough, I'd just written a post about this a couple of hours ago. Please take a look and I'd be seriously interested in your opinion.Thanks :-)

What can i say more than what @viraldrome , @rocksg and @furious-one had said; I can only upvote this post :)

Crypto is undoubtedly the future.
Those don't realize are missing out

@furious-one Blockchain technology was introduced a long while ago and cryptocurrencies are comparatively not that old but in past one year, Bitcoin has reached to its ATH. By now it has become an attraction for many. The prices of the graphic cards went upto 300% of their base price. Even few mobile manufacturers are designing their hardware for mining purposes. So the bottom line is that our industry has registered phenomenal growth during last year. But there are many countries against the regulation of this industry which is creating FUD in the market.

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