Chinese and korean exchanges

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While China has a nationwide ban in effect that restricts it's citizens to trade on any kind of cryptocurrency exchange, chinese people are no fools.

VPNs are great help here - just pick one for $10 a month and head online to the world of bytes and digis.

Not sure about Korea, but it seems the case is similar, perhaps a bit backwards? The country's exchanges are blocked to all outsiders - South Korean government is enforcing KYC for all crypto-exchanges.

With Bithumb Steem price at $5, the deposits and withdrawals still seem frozen (sorry the exchange is badly translated and) but anyone who held Steem on Bithumb, could unload it for a hefty hefty premium, for example trade it for Bitcoin and send it to Bitshares wallet. If blocked to access any of the exchanges from Korea - use a VPN.

South Korean officials fear that the gap will widen even more in the near future - between the prices on global exchanges and korean ones.

Here's my question - has anyone got any experience, any advice on getting an account on these premium exchanges?

Did you know, in Iran, BTCUSD hit $20 000 just a few days ago? I have no words. We here suffer the sub-$1 Steem price and just a click away it's 26K. Insane!

Thoughts? Ideas? Advice?

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I'm in Thailand, but used my UK details to simply open a Bithumb account without any problem. Admittedly, I haven't verified it yet and or funded it, but I have the account and they regularly email me. They have multiple language options on signup so I don't understand why that would be if they didn't allow accounts from outside Korea.
Try setting up a VPN with a Thai access point from where you are and opening an account :-)


Thanks for the reply... i have actually got an account there, but when i go to Steem deposits, i get a popup msg that i cannot translate... perhaps they have Steem wallets disabled.


Yes thats a problem, they havent got everything translated lol..

In China there is no fiat to crypto exchanges, however OTC is still possible.

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serious China ban crypto?


what i know is they banned bitcoin XD actually is quite conflict because Binance exchange is from china


why because of Binance exchange from China then they want to ban crypto?