Steemit Upvote 4 Life Bot Pre-Release @steem-income

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Steemit Economic Stimulus Plan

Supporting this project puts 1.2 million SP permanently staked to the platform upvoting good content creators and by hand filtering out spammers, scammers, phishers and plagiarists creating a blacklist which is posted to the community. This is a lifetime income program and the STEEM Power is never to be powered down.

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Future Goals & Outlook

Goal 1 - 10,000 STEEM Power per @steem-income1 - 10
Goal 2 - 1,062,500 STEEM Power delegated to @steem-income
STEEM Reaches $4.10 that is $26.25 daily upvoted!
Voting % is for life and guaranteed to never change!

Steem Income master.jpg

Plankton & Minnow Income

Send 1 STEEM to @steem-income to gain daily upvotes for life from 1 account with .1% upvote.

Minnow & Dolphin Pre-Launch Founding Member

Send up to 1,000 STEEM for 10% daily upvotes from 10 STEEM Income accounts.
& as a founding member also get 1% @steem-income founding member upvote for life
Delegate 500-5,000SP to gain .5%-5%daily upvote % from @steem-income

Dolphin & Whale Income

@steem-income requires 10,000 Steem Power delegation to gain 10% daily upvote. This will hold 100 Members at 1,000,000 SP base.

Dolphin & Whale Pre-Launch Founding Member

First 10 accounts to fill all 11 groups by sending 1,000 STEEM and delegating 10,000 SP to @steem-income gain ownership of curation rights for one of @steem-income1 thru 10. The curation gained will be powered down and sent at your request as often as monthly. Any founder with 2 years curation gained and not withdrawn is given 15% upvotes from all 11 accounts increasing your income and curation by 50%. This makes this the most dynamic and profitable service on Steemit with a guarantee to never change your voting %.

This program is powered by @steemauto ran by witness developer @mahdiyari. We added @steemauto to all 11 accounts at 10% daily upvote to say thank you and help him keep his servers running and will not change it as long as his API drives our system.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Having a project that considers steemians at all level is very nice. Though redfish like me still have to grow my SP to be able to benefit from this. #dynamicincome


Indeed! Thanks for commenting

Forget bid Bots!! go with #dynamicincome

Excited to see how this project turns out. I have already sent the steem!! Good work on the project and thanks.

I really like this initiative. Isn't it funny, when STEEM and crypto drops 90% that is when everyone wants to run away and not just go all in on this?

Investing in stock and CRYPTO...the only time you ever see people running out of the stores when things go on sale 90% off.

The fact that everyone will be investing in this initiative for not only themselves to be paid off in the long run, but to support the steem ecosystem staked into the platform is great for all. With steemauto benefitting, and I am sure other dapps and services will be added in the future to benefit from a small percentage, this is working in many different ways that a normal bidbot or initiative has now worked before. I love the beneficiaries! I firmly see the steem platform (who has a HUGE advantage over any other platform like it currently) to progress forward and many of these initiatives will be paying HUGE dividends when crypto goes mainstream and is adopted globally.

Anyone who joins this I feel like is getting in on the ground. I have been apart of the @dynamicsteemians for multiple months and I will continue to contribute. Unfortunately I am delegated out to @dgi but I will be looking to move some into @steem-income and #dynamicincome very soon.

BTFD here...real (dynamic) steemians should be trying to find a way to power up and buy hand over fist at this point in time and accumulate as long as you can! Because the time is likely short in the big scheme of things!


Out standing comment I am talking to other witnesses about Dapps about working together, our next move is to be added to steem plus if lucky and helping our members gain more upvotes

If I delegate 1,000 SP to @steem-income what does that give me daily in upvotes as far as dollar amount ??? This is kind of confusing

This is a very prestigious project, which could benefit an entire generation of Steemians. I really hope you can get this all set up.

It's not completely clear when reading the post, but I assume @steem-income shares are not available for sale until the project is live? Or am I wrong?

You definitely have my support!


Available & upvoting our first customer @dosdudes already. First customers will get high upvote value & additional votes untl more shares are bought up to raise voting value.

I wish I would have some steem to delegate ... this is a great project that deserves support!!! I am still new here but I truly believe in the future of steem. Your project will for sure support the bright future that we all can have here. Thank you very much for your effort.



I created @dgi for thos who cannot afford STEEM or delegation and just beginning here. They can join the @dynamicsteemians curation trail even at 1% to save voting power and get $0.03 upvoted daily.


Very cool, gonna check it out. Thank you!

Happy to see your goal of making steemit a better place to everyone who loves writing great content. I have started on this platform 6 months back not with the intention of making good content because I'm not a good writer nor has good knowledge and awareness about many things. I was interested because of the crazy idea of rewarding the content that you write.

I have read an article on Investopedia about Steemit and I thought: Let's give it a try. I know that I'm not a good writer but I thought i can share some images at least that describe at least something that I do and I know. There I started and thereafter I was desperate initially to get upvotes and followers. Then after little research I came to know how it actually works. I followed some great content writers, some crazy business enthusiasts,great artists and great steeminas of course. I engaged myself in reading their content and their way of presenting ideas. And Thereafter many other good things happened than what i actually expected. Monetizing your content is first thing but at the same time I made many good friends from all across the globe, Learnt about cultures, cryptocurrencies, Many interesting steemit projects-SMTs and many more. In this process I met @dynamicrypto. I don't know whether he remember or not,he helped me with many basic steemit terms.

More than anything steemit taught me interpersonal skills,gave me opportunity to engage in many steemit projects and It improved my health and changed my life style. I'm more of a introvert when I started but now I'm confident . I don't say that everything changed in this course of 6 months but things started working out for me.

What can you expect from a boy who came from a village where there are not more than 50 families. But things changed for me rapidly by god's grace. I met amazing people who helped me in shaping my career.

I was thinking and researching about how to make this platform more decentralized than it actually is as of now. What I mean is to make it more decentralize for rewarding more legit people who has right talent. Please remember I said legit people: It include writers, artists, Entrepreneurs, fitness enthusiasts and many more. But the challenge is how to reward everyone equally . Because everyone puts equal effort in what they are actually doing. What I'm saying is there should not be bias between a dancer,writer or a fitness enthusiast.

Then there came this amazing concept of SMTs which fulfills some of my steemit fantasies I say. I thought this place will be different. Steemit dynamics are rapidly changing and lot of innovative dapps are popping up more often .i have been with @actifit and seen how it grown in the span of just 2 months. Crazy. I'm completely blown of by its idea of rewarding people who just do their routine everyday.

I wish @dynamicrypto all the best. I just powered up 7 days back and could not resist myself in delegating it to @actifit. I may also delegate to this amazing project with time or immediately if I have to.

All the best to steemit-income once again


We send the 1 Steem and wished that we could support this more. I love how many initiatives with long-term support in mind are starting on Steemit. That is the only way, I think, to keep people here. At least the ones with very little money in their wallets.
Getting the consistent rewards allows to justify the time spend on here :)
Still don't get the whole picture. So, one can send more than one Steem for more shares?


Yes indeed, 1 to 100 shares per group. Each group is designed to hold 10,000 shares and 10 shares = 1% daily voting weight.


I am interested to grab the chance

Count me in! #dynamicmarketing



@dynamicrypto, First of all i want to say that, Life Time income is one aspect which will going to boost everyday and that means, sometimes we can see the tough phase and we receive nothing for our hard work and that gives real pain but now we can get the opportunity to see the daily upvotes upon our post.

And yes, in Steem Economy we need more and more Original Content and that means, no matter which work but in that our original essence should be there instead of SPAM work to take the shortcuts with idea of making quick money.

And Steem Economy is about the Collaboration and for sure i can say that STEEM-INCOME can become the greatest collaboration because it backs with the positive and enthusiastic goals and these initiatives will going to bring the effective Retention Techniques too.

Steem Economy is dynamic for sure but in my opinion many people are living due to the Steem earnings so for many Steem Economy is giving the employment essence and also they are making for their energy and efforts.

And when we see the ideas like STEEM-INCOME in an Economy then for sure that shows that Steemit is backed with great Initiatives and Communities and also we can showcase more Enthusiasm in this Economy.

I will not say that Steem Economy just hold the Idea for Bloggers but for sure Content Creation is very vital aspect of the Steem Economy and for sure the type of content can attract more Audience and for sure we need more audience because we have to see the rise of Adoption.

And most importantly, i have to point out your point where you said you will going to create the Blacklist system but before that you've said that you will going to give an friendly warnings, and this is vital because i know what can one simple guidance can do because i was also spamming initially but after one Productive Criticism I've catched the right path, so advising is really important because everyone is not expert and everyone don't hold the same level of knowledge because may be they never received an opportunity to explore these kind of "Platforms".

I really want to appreciate your work @dynamicrypto and hope and wish that you will going to get the huge success. And great to know that this Initiative is powered by the @steemauto and for that i want to appreciate the work of @mahdiyari and i want to wish you too an great success in life and on this platform.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂



Some key points here, all new users need guidance, and this is going to be increasingly true for the next billion new users.


Yes, if we want to grow collaboratively then for sure we have to include the aspect of the Guidance because some need the basic support to Grasp the future path. Thank you so much for your kind words and wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


As usual homerun with the awesome comment my friend, you will be hard to beat!


Ha ha. Thank you so much for these words brother. 🙂

Since I am trying to run from minnow to dolphin, I thought that during these depressed times of steem and steemit I would look into #dynamicincome, to aid in my endeavours. the price may be low the percentage may not be much, but you are still here and I am here and I want to continue to grow.


Great minds think alike! Thanks for the awesome comment!

It's nice to see another example of someone trying to set up a system that will help loads of users, instead of just enriching himself. All thumbs up for that!
I hope you'll find enough people willing to delegate, because the numbers are pretty high.
Maybe I could do 500sp, but I completely suck at math,

Delegate 500-5,000SP to gain .5%-5%daily upvote % from @steem-income

I have no idea how much the outcome would be. I know you have the numbers there, but I have no idea what the value from this is.
Same for the 1% votes. They cost 1 steem each, but I can't figure out what the return will be.

Anyway, I think it's an awesome project and it will really make a difference for people (for as far I can assume without having a math-brain, lol)



Indeed, I created @dgi for the plankton that have no SP or steem to spare and it allows them to get a $0.03 upvote daily. Steem-income is designed for 10 groups at 10,000 shares each. Each 10 shares represents 1% of voting power maxing at 100 shares per person giving a 10% upvote, there are bonuses via delegation and such to 20% at most. This puts 10 accounts at 10k SP base (steem-income1 thru 10) and the big one at 1,000,000 SP (steem-income). These are big goals yet I think within 1 year we can get there as long as crypto can recover and enough stake some SP to the platform.


Let's hope crypto will recover at warp speed.
On the good news: many people profited from.these low prices and invested (more) in Steem


I put my house up for sale accepting STEEM


You are kidding me, right?? What if Steem goes down further and will not recover?
I think I would have put my bets on EOS (not that I'm such a big fan, but still,...)


Why EOS? I see a gamble with no finished product? Be a few years before they do anything but hype themselves up.

This is a very good idea, if am sending 1 steem to start with soon. what's the Upvote value in dollars of a .1% Upvote


right now it would be nothing as the shares are just now being offered and STEEM value is low. I am delegating as well as a few members buying shares has us voting a penny for all new members with the help of my other curators. When this group fills up at 10,000 SP I will raise the voting % for all as inactivity of some members allows for it.

the whale does not come to me to vote :)


The whale only votes on me when I hire him to :)


Fantastic :)


Definitely sounds like a worth while project if you can make your longer term goals! When I get home to stable internet, I think I will put in 10 Steem. Long term investment stakes in the system are a good thing for the entire ecosystem.


Thanks for the nice comment Bengy & spot on.

I love that we are having programs to get the upvotes coming in. Of course, when you are on the bottom of the totem pool, I just can get googlie eyes looking at the suggested delegation and/or investment amounts. Maybe - someday LOL
In the meantime, I am happy to be able to partake on any level. Can minnows buy more than 1 steem worth of votes?


apologies your comment slipped by me! yes you can get up to 100 STEEM in each group and we open a new when it is full.

I am putting in place a plan to get some steem investment to put into this program. #dynamicincome looks like a great long term plan, and I will buy in very soon. (Hopefully friday if all goes well) Apart from the long term prospects of a lifetime of growing upvotes, the fact it will help @steemauto is a big bonus in my book.

Well done @dynamicrypto on this initiative and I'll be in soon.


Outstanding, I was thinking that until delegation and shares fill up it can support other initiatives that the members will vote on. Just as long as the voting strength remains full and your investment is maximized. Thanks for joining and the great comment

This is really interesting! I generally think that schemes like this are a fantastic idea! I would love to do a bit more research, if I am understanding correctly, and the percent won't go down, does that mean that each account is maxed at a certain number of users?


not users as the max shares per user is 100, so the maximum per group is 10,000 shares designed to vote each 10 shares as 1% keeping it very sustainable and fair to all. I hope to fill groups with 100 members at 100 shares and 10% vote and as inactivity allows I raise everyones voting weight yet this is the real world and I will have fun doing math! As of now the % is base level and I will give higher %'s when available. Like now, all new members are getting at least a penny a day upvote for 1 share. The larger purchasers are getting more pennies upvoted from my other curators.


Ok I have registered 10 shares, I will be working on my official comment submission for this one c;

It looks nice project #dynamicincome Gratz!


Thank you, we holpe so!

This project is truly huge. I hope it gets the type of support it deserves


Thank you it should benefit steemit, steemauto and many creators!

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