Bitcoin Goes Loco! Surges through $2,500 Despite Fork Issues Continuing To Remain Unclear

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It seems like barely a day goes by without bitcoin rising $100, $200 or more.

It was only three weeks ago that we trumpeted that bitcoin had hit a new all-time high above $1300.

A few days later we were thrilled when it broke $1,400.

The very next day we livestreamed on Youtube for our bitcoin $1,500 party.

Five days ago bitcoin hit $1,900.

The next day it broke the $2,000 mark and I broke out the champagne, cigars and my 1980s era rap skills (see video for more).

Then two days ago it broke through $2,200.

And now, today, bitcoin has surged past $2,500!

Bitcoin has now doubled in price in just the last month.

Everyone is asking, how high will it go?

Well, we wouldn’t be surprised if it is down for at least a little while. This has been an absolutely stunning move higher that added more than $20 billion to bitcoin’s market capitalization.

Those looking to buy large amounts should be at least somewhat cautious. Nothing goes up forever.

And, especially considering bitcoin is having serious growing pains right now. A few bitcoin transfers I attempted earlier this week took three days to go through due to massive congestion as bitcoin popularity soars.

And its popularity has absolutely exploded and has never been higher as Google Trends can attest.

And the growing pains of bitcoin are very serious. While this headline came out yesterday, “56 Bitcoin Companies Approve Segwit-2Mb Combined Fork Plan”, I have it from high level sources that it is far from a done deal. And, in fact, is likely to not go through.

I have just completed an interview with Trace Mayer, of the Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast, and one of the biggest and most trusted names in bitcoin who tells me that bitcoin could be in for some major turbulence this summer.

That interview will be given first to TDV subscribers (click here to subscribe to make sure you get advanced access). But within 24 hours later it will be offered to the public on TDV’s Youtube channel (so make sure to subscribe to the Youtube channel here so you don’t miss it).

In it Trace outlines why bitcoin could be in for a rocky summer but how to protect yourself and profit from it… including his favorite altcoin pick which he thinks could rise 1,000%+ in the next few weeks.

Even if bitcoin does have a pullback and a volatile summer, however, the future for bitcoin is brighter than ever. Much of the financial world seems to have finally awoken to the potential of bitcoin, and other blockchain cryptocurrencies, and we are seeing billions of dollars flow into the sector.

That is unlikely to stop anytime soon. In fact, if things go as I hope, it won’t stop until the US dollar and all other fiat currencies collapse and bitcoin and other altcoins become the currencies of choice for people worldwide.

If that happens, bitcoin will be worth over $1 million US in today’s dollars. But we are a long way from that happening still.

And, the globalists have their own plan for a completely centralized, one world currency, called the SDR, which they have plans to roll out in 2018. And they will do everything they can to stop bitcoin.

It’s an epic battle of good versus evil and the future of humanity rests on the outcome.

For this reason, I’ll be going to Bilderberg, for the third year in a row, from June 1-4 in Chantilly, Virginia to expose the globalists and shine the light on the parasitic cockroaches who yearn to enslave all of humanity.

Stick with us here and on our Youtube channel so you don’t miss a thing.

And, for those who still don’t understand bitcoin very well and want to learn more I’ve just created a free four video tutorial to get you up to speed and a special offer to send you your first $50 in bitcoin (restrictions apply and must be new TDV subscribers).

Click here to view the free tutorial.

While bitcoin has been rising tremendously, we are still in the very early innings of the game and you’ll be much better prepared to protect your assets and profit by understanding how bitcoin works today.

So, check out my free 4 video tutorial and $50 in bitcoin offer here.


Love your work as always Jeff. I particularly like your balanced approach. You make no secret of your admiration for the cryptos but acknowledge the growing pains and potential pullbacks ahead.

These are legitimate concerns as I wrote about last night and this calls for balance and restraint. Looking forward to more great content from you and hope to meet you at Anarchapulco next year. 👍

If you think Bitcoin is doing great, wait until you see what's in store for Pocket Change... Read my Post titled Bitcoin verses Common Coinage...

Upvoted and re-steemed! Thanks for what you do Jeff. Just a heads up... I have mentioned your channel in one of my own videos, whereby I cover some of the censorship on Steemit!

Jeff, if is wasn't for you there would be nowhere near as many truthers and anarchists here. Steemit is a revelation for the truth movement.
Check out my "Why won't Hillary just go away" post and others at @tremendospercy

I'm seeing in my own analysis 4400 price pull but heavy resistance in fundamentals and technicals. So it may correct a bit before resuming its to the moon long term direction. I also think these alt coins rising will show lots of rise in Steem. For help sorting out what fees are good try these sources... Does any one want me to dig deeper into these numbers or maybe review different wallets/exchanges their transactions fees and confirm times? Any other thoughts? Thanks Jeff and everyone here.

171429 Unconfirmed Transactions

Live updating list of new bitcoin transactions

"The fastest and cheapest transaction fee is currently 360 satoshis/byte, shown in green at the top.
For the median transaction size of 226 bytes, this results in a fee of 81,360 satoshis."

As of 2017-05-24 9:05 PM US Eastern from:

upcoming alt? cant wait to see

All hail the bullish Bitcoin.....Excellent update @dollarvigilante

Awsome as always Jeff!

Hooey and horsehockey! It hit 191,000 USD on C2CX last night. I am not making this up. Check my article and screencaps here

(upvoted) I'm looking forward the interview. Thanks for the heads up about Bitcoin. Seat belts fastened!

Yes. It has been amazing the ride of the bitcoin price. But it has gone too high to fast! As you put "Bitcoin goes loco".

thank you Jeff for all that you do and we upvoted too

Am I too late for the Bitcoin at $1500 party?
Looks like I am...


But Jeff we want it that way. We want the people to see that decentralization feels good. It makes us happier and for a change puts a smile on our tired faces.

Always good news!

Great post! Following!

I'm going loco too
All this fucking cash, man!

And what to do with it all?

Cure cancer

I started hearing your voice when reading this article. Awesome

Excellent news, well no wonder the bitcoin wil drop at some point, but in the long run is a WINNER!

rs and upvote for you....

I don't question when bitcoin will hit resistance.
I question why don't I have more $$$ to invest into Bitcoin. ;)

Thanks for the work and discovering for me Steemit.

Man, it's gone up more than 400 Canadian dollars in 15 hours! Totally insane. Kind of worries me but I'm in it for the long haul!

Dontcha know that I'm loco co co co co....

Thanks Jeff! I hope Steem is the next currency that takes off

Great content friend.
Thanks for the share.
1 By 1.

To all bitcoin lovers, supporters & investors, plz, do not allow to perform a bitcoin hard-fork. Support SegWit :)

Hey Jeff.. first of all I am a big fan of yours and admire your work and all the efforts you take to keep people informed. But let me tell you that there is something wrong with all the cryptocurrencies and what they have in common with the fiat moneys of this fake world: they lack a fixed and unchangeable value. There is a fixed amount of btc that ever will be available but that's not the same. In fact that is one reason why you get richer every day just be owning btc. You stated out that the USD lost about 99% of its value during the past 100 years (since the creation of the Fed) and yes there might be no financial elite that is able to manipulate. But what happens with btc is all the same just the other way round and with different actors taking part in it. They claim the forex rates are reflecting and mirroring the value of the 'market' - what exactly is that? And how is it connected? How is the price of a loaf of bread concerned to it? In fact it isn't and it never should. If the quality and the quantity of that loaf of bread does not change - its value should not either. Let's say one loaf of bread is worth one unit of any 'whatsoever called money' then it should be like that today as it was yesterday and also should be by tomorrow. Real 'money' and I mean real as in real has no own value but is just meant to be a tool for exchanging goods, services, anything that can have a value. As you are mentioning parasites above - bitcoin as it is just creates new and different ones.

Waiting for the day to see one bitcoin cost 3 once of physical GOLD !!!

Lots of volatility in the cryptocurrency market as we're seeing today. The market cap is down nearly $6 billion since last night. It's definitely going to be a rocky ride.

That was such an in-depth simple to read explanation to what's going on and I appreciate the update.

Good to know he is going to Bilderberg. So I do not have to go. Who else is going? Infowars, Lauren Southern, @pressfortruth ?

Bitcoin has been going loco for too long in a very unsustainable fashion. When it tanks hard, the altcoins will take over and bitcoin will be but a memory...

You known scammer, pitch it with " But within 24 hours later"
and try to seal it with " it… including his favorite altcoin pick which he thinks could rise 1,000%+ in the next few weeks."

"So, check out my free 4 video tutorial and $50 in bitcoin offer here."

Seems like you're doing great celebrating your investment, why don't you make things right and refund the money you owe various people, there's redemption yet, and your guilty self is showing through these "free 4 video tutorial and $50" which changed since I have pointed it out..

his $50 of btc is a lie

Have you paid for the subscription? If you haven't you don't receive the benifits of purchasing a subsciption.

Nice 25 reputation there... another govt/CIA plant?

You leave this link to follow for the 4 videos AND the $50 offer, the page does not mention how to get the $50. I signed my email onto it was going to watch the videos, but if your going to have that attitude, I shan't bother. I can learn it all elsewhere.

Yeah it's dodgy. But I still want to know his recommendations....

Because I don't owe various people anything. I am being extorted a lot though and a lot of people (some CIA) are lying about stuff.

1st - I don't know how this reputation thingie works here and where I got my 25 pts from.. and in fact I don't care.. not everybody is a gifted writer.. doesn't mean I'm a gov/CIA plant whatsoever.
2nd - As said above I really hold you in high regards for what you are doing and I think you're a great guy. But that offer of yours about free btc worth 50 bucks is just.. well.. it's not honest. You don't owe anyone anything, that's right. Did somebody force you? I don't think so. So wether you want to make a free offer (for what reason ever: philantropy, mother Theresa syndrom or just because btc raised that high and you want to share), fine. And that you want to sell your sub for TDV is legit. But then name it that way. Honestly I was surprised to read about your offer and of course it made me curious - but then was as well disappointed as you ask for $265 and the $50 turn out to be only cashback. Haha, shit happens, lol.
3rd - Last but not least I hope you'll keep up the awesome job you do and I'm looking forward to the next news on TDV. Cheers.

The contract you signed over here: is fake I guess. I guess his paypal refunds and emails and exchanges are all fake, as are the other accounts linked in the comments. Also you offer absolutely nothing to dismiss theses things besides
"Because". And a lot of people are lying, why would a bunch of people corroborate the same behavior from you and your "company"? Extortion requires EVIDENCE, and calling people CIA without proof is equally as moot as "BECAUSE".

I went on your previous post and tried to do the $50 worth of bitCON free, and all I got was a bullshit mailing list, a phishing scam. You gonna deny that also right? That Video that isn't free or available, as it required my valuable EMAIL and Name, on top of the needless effort to simply watch a video, the misleading and flase advertising is another sign of a scam.

You can FLAG ALL YOU WANT, I will now start gathering up the evidence, commentary and pursue you on this platform till you're a joke.

Jeff, that's great news. Does this mean you'll finally be able to afford the refund on my TDV Immigration program? Here's the details Berwick doesn't want you to read:

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