$GAME team on steem

in money •  2 years ago

I wrote a post about $GAME bug and a member of their team sent an answer quickly on Steem. It's good to see people from other blockchain projects joining steemit. I don't know why they still use bitcoinforum and reddit, since steem is a blockchain place to talk about blockchain things.

$GAME website: http://gamecredits.com/
If you want to follow $GAME, please follow: @jackkuveke
This is the post i'm talking about: Fragoria game credits integration released

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Or check out @gamecredits
Thanks for the post!


@jackkuvele, would like to give you a suggestion. Power up @gamecredits account with some STEEM and community will give you more attention, everybody expect some kind of marketing investment on STEEM, 50 bucks will give you deserved reputation! ;-)


Got it! I like the idea.