Fragoria Game Credits integration released

in money •  2 years ago

There's a problem with GAME Credits integration with Fragoria and it's not good! I logged in to test new release and unfortunatelly system is not working properly. Market will probably reflect this bug as a negative perception of fact.

On click "buy" button i received an error screen

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The team announced a launch delay. The system has been entirely fixed, and you can now buy gamecredits in Fragoria. The new web wallet address is . Please keep in mind that old accounts have not yet been transferred to this new wallet. is still live, so your accounts and GAME at that location are still safe and can be accessed as usual.


@jackkuveke, good to hear about this update, i like the idea of $GAME and would like to ask you to post more information about user adoption and get the gun. Would be happy to see an official game_credits, fragoria, getthegun accounts on steemit as blockchain brothers! :-)


gamecredits is our steemit handle just so you know. We'll definitely be posting more about our adoption/updates. However, we'll stay away from Fragoria and Get the Gun accounts because these are just our starting games. Fragoria is an amazing place for us to test our payment gateway and polish off any bugs that come up. Get the Gun will be our next launch to see how much we've improved and begin to pave the way for new integrations on many different game developers platforms. We aim to be on hundreds of games shortly, and don't to sell ourselves as focusing on just those two. Please feel free to write more articles about us though! We love community support. If you have any further questions (or need things clarified for your writing) feel free to join us on our slack!(if you aren't already) Many of our lead developers, CEO, CMO, and other staff hop on to interact with our community.

Looks like its working fine for me now.
Is this the first crypto to actually be integrated into a huge online game?
Looks promising, surprised market price hasn't reacted yet.