Introducing your new bidbot - Cabbage-Dealer

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Cabbage-Dealer a New Bid Bot


Send a min of 0.01 SBD to receive a share of a 100% Vote

Cabbage-Dealer is different to other bid bots

Cabbage-Dealer is a bid bot that is made by the steemit community for the steemit community, and as such will always change for their benefit.

Firstly, cabbage-dealer's voting power is crowd funded; from your delegations It will be able to deliver bigger upvotes to users and as such will always have financial incentive to listen and work with all those who invest in Cabbage-Dealer, as Cabbage-Dealer would not exist with out them.

Secondly, Cabbage-Dealer recognises that for long term success it must serve the bigger picture which is the steemit community, as their bids is what fuels Cabbage-Dealer as a profitable investment. Hence, Cabbage-Dealer will serve the steemit community by being an active member, in that it will fight spam, provide excellent customer service, and be always held accountable for its actions.

Finally, to demonstrate Cabbage-Dealer is truly for the community, the following parameters will be followed:

  1. Only posts will be upvoted
  2. Posts must not be younger than 20 mins and older than 3.5 days
  3. A blacklist will be followed (All blacklisted bids will be sent to @steemcleaners)
  4. All invalid bids will be refunded
  5. SBD and Steem are accepted
  6. Minimum bid of 0.01 SBD
  7. Votes at 100% voting power (Every 2.4 hours)

These parameters are subject to change in accordance to what the steemit community desires.

Therefore, if you believe in creating a bid bot for the community, join us in our journey to create Cabbage-Dealer, a community-minded bid bot.

The following outlines ways to be a part of Cabbage-Dealer.


Cabbage-Dealer will pay delegations a 100% share of the daily rewards for the first 3 months of this bid bot being active, 1st April to 1st July, after this period it will reduce to 95% to allow Cabbage-Dealer to be sustainable.

All delegations are automatically registered by the bidbot software and will begin paying out from the next withdrawal. You can use the following tool to delegate:


Send a minimum of 0.01 SBD to @cabbage-dealer with the URL of the post you wish to promote in the memo. This bid will entitle you to a share of a 100% vote.

Customer Service

To get in touch with Cabbage-Dealer please join the official discord server You may also contact me on, or personally pm me on discord at Cabbage-Dealer#6673

Any queries, concerns, suggestions, and feedback are greatly appreciated; this bot can only succeed through the input and involvement of you, the steemit community members.

Thank you for reading this post, and I hope to see you guys as investors and/or customers.
Also, feel free to pop into the discord server to even just say hello.


I use bots here and there. They provide a solid service to Steemians alike.

Wanted to wish you good luck with your new bot. I hope it works out well for you, and the community. Cheers!

Thanks mate! Best of luck to you too :)

You got a 50.00% upvote from @cabbage-dealer courtesy of @crassus!

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Avatar was the best <3

My favourite tv show <3 <3

I wanna create a bid bot but don't know how can you give me the link to program i need and the code so i can change it

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