Last Chance to Get into the Mob for the Tron Airdrop

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Play the "Best Trader Competition" and Get in the Mob

There is about 48 hours left before the start of the competition. The game takes place in Tron-CIty Discord Not only do you get a chance to win the tournament prize, but you will also gain entry in to the MOB. Right now the MOB will get an airdrop of over 150 Tron! The goal is to pick the currency that will make the most gains in 24 hours. Pick a supported currency like btc, ltc, eth, sbd.... You can check the price using the command in our Discord:

ex. !ticker btc

After you choose you currency, post it in the #sports-lounge . This is first come first serve, so enter fast if you want to pick your favorite currency. After you post your pick, buy a ticket in the tournament using the following command:

!tip @BrittUF /Mr.Contest\ 1 ticket

1 ticket costs 5 Tron
Picks must be made by Midnight EST on Friday/Saturday. The player that picks the currency that makes the biggest gains in 24 hours Sun-Mon will win the tournament. I will crown a winner on Monday.
Winner Takes All!
:gun: 90% of the entry fee will go to the prize pool. 10% will be airdropped to @The Mob

Try your Lotto Luck

A great way win in Tron-City is with our Tron and Steem Lottos. I run the lottos every 2-3 days. There is always a lotto running. The entry fee is only 5 Tron(TRX) or 1 steem and right now there aren't a bunch of entries so you have a very good chance of winning. The payout is instant and automatic. Good Luck.

Tron Lotto: Enter Here

Don't have any Tron(TRX) Join the MOB?

We have tons of ways for you to get Free Tron(TRX) in The-City. You can just join our discord and hang out. I give tips on a regular basis. I also giveaway Tron(TRX) through airdrops. Every week I will give you chances to enter into the Mob. Once a week I will give an airdrop of at least 100 Tron to the Mob. After the airdrop, the Mob will be disbanded, and you can win entry again for the next week.

Join the Betting Pools with Free BTC

This Bitcoin fauctet has been around for years. I have been a member for 3 years. They are great. You get Free Bitcoin every hour just for checking in the site. You can use your BTC in all kinds of fun ways. You can play dice with it. You can invest it for daily interest. Now you can join betting pools with it on popular events like GranPrix, Soccer, Game of Thrones, MMA, NBA Playoffs, and more. You get a portion of the betting pool based on how soon you pick the winner. The earlier you bid, the more you win. It's a nice fresh way to put some money on the game. Get your Free Bitcoin below and start having some fun.

Free Bitcoin for Betting



Am I elegible for the Tron giveaway


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this mining and searching for bitcons is fun and exciting

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