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RE: Bitcoin Goes Loco! Surges through $2,500 Despite Fork Issues Continuing To Remain Unclear

in #money5 years ago

You known scammer, pitch it with " But within 24 hours later"
and try to seal it with " it… including his favorite altcoin pick which he thinks could rise 1,000%+ in the next few weeks."

"So, check out my free 4 video tutorial and $50 in bitcoin offer here."

Seems like you're doing great celebrating your investment, why don't you make things right and refund the money you owe various people, there's redemption yet, and your guilty self is showing through these "free 4 video tutorial and $50" which changed since I have pointed it out..


his $50 of btc is a lie

Have you paid for the subscription? If you haven't you don't receive the benifits of purchasing a subsciption.

Nice 25 reputation there... another govt/CIA plant?

You leave this link to follow for the 4 videos AND the $50 offer, the page does not mention how to get the $50. I signed my email onto it was going to watch the videos, but if your going to have that attitude, I shan't bother. I can learn it all elsewhere.

Yeah it's dodgy. But I still want to know his recommendations....

Because I don't owe various people anything. I am being extorted a lot though and a lot of people (some CIA) are lying about stuff.

1st - I don't know how this reputation thingie works here and where I got my 25 pts from.. and in fact I don't care.. not everybody is a gifted writer.. doesn't mean I'm a gov/CIA plant whatsoever.
2nd - As said above I really hold you in high regards for what you are doing and I think you're a great guy. But that offer of yours about free btc worth 50 bucks is just.. well.. it's not honest. You don't owe anyone anything, that's right. Did somebody force you? I don't think so. So wether you want to make a free offer (for what reason ever: philantropy, mother Theresa syndrom or just because btc raised that high and you want to share), fine. And that you want to sell your sub for TDV is legit. But then name it that way. Honestly I was surprised to read about your offer and of course it made me curious - but then was as well disappointed as you ask for $265 and the $50 turn out to be only cashback. Haha, shit happens, lol.
3rd - Last but not least I hope you'll keep up the awesome job you do and I'm looking forward to the next news on TDV. Cheers.

The contract you signed over here: is fake I guess. I guess his paypal refunds and emails and exchanges are all fake, as are the other accounts linked in the comments. Also you offer absolutely nothing to dismiss theses things besides
"Because". And a lot of people are lying, why would a bunch of people corroborate the same behavior from you and your "company"? Extortion requires EVIDENCE, and calling people CIA without proof is equally as moot as "BECAUSE".

I went on your previous post and tried to do the $50 worth of bitCON free, and all I got was a bullshit mailing list, a phishing scam. You gonna deny that also right? That Video that isn't free or available, as it required my valuable EMAIL and Name, on top of the needless effort to simply watch a video, the misleading and flase advertising is another sign of a scam.

You can FLAG ALL YOU WANT, I will now start gathering up the evidence, commentary and pursue you on this platform till you're a joke.

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