what is the best way to earn on steem?

in money •  11 months ago

hi all do you have any suggestion about how to grow on Steem?
i'm a newby and i would like to have some advice
please write a short comment or a link that could help me for the first steps on Steemit

i make videos how can i improve this art here? what kind of video is better?

this is a short example on dtube platform

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Hey, man!

I'm also new on steem!

From what I gather there are a few ways to earn on the platform. From my understanding,
A) You can create helpful or entertaining content.
B) Make comments that are relevant to the posters post.
C) Curation points where you upvote a post that's popular and you get curation points(although affected by certain factors like steem power etc.)

I read all this online and also some help from friends. As a noobie i'm also learning and trying to get the hang of it all.

To any more experienced Steemer please feel free to jump and correct me or add in anything I may have left out.

Hope this helps :)


thanks a lot for answer and spend some of yout time for me)
have a good luck on here i will follow you


No problem, man! Just try to have fun and engage with others that you find are helpful and/or give you value and try to give value back :)

All the best and thanks for the follow!

First do an analysis of what content is making money on steem and then try and figure out why. I have been making money on utopian.io, a steem application, check it out.


thanks for advice !