Emergency Fund, do You Need it?

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Why do we need an emergency fund, or safety net, called otherwise?

We the modern society mostly believe that we are ourselves the creators of our reality. And I must admit I am amongst those guys as well, you know.

But creating your own reality does not mean everything goes just as you planned it. “Man Plans. God Laughs.” 😅 Still life around happens not asking your permission.

Where than is that ‘own creation of reality’? You would ask... It’s in your reactions, is my answer. 💪🤗

One of such reactions may be your emergency fund. When you have one - you’ll have totally different reality than if you don’t. And that reality is all in your hands. 🧡

P.S. Dear friends, at the moment for three months I'm undergoing a very intensive training on Investments, so please do forgive me if I reply on your comments sloooowly. 🧡

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It's hugely important. We can never know what is coming at us so to have some leeway when it does is vital. This goes for everybody from students to couples up to corporations and governments.
Its a huge relief to know that if things are going against you that it can be dealt with. Up to yourself to create one though.


To my mind as well it's very needed. But still a good thing would be to not only save, but also invest some % of one's money.

Какой красивый морской пейзаж, и ВЫ! Творческих успехов вам в любом начинании )

И прибыльных инвестиций )


Это Индийско-океанский пейзаж))
Спасибо за пожелания! На курсе расслабиться не дают, так что результат точно будет))

Yes! I need emergency funds


Hope you have one! :)

what a lovely place


It's amazing!

This is somehow true

Yeah. I can still remember what happened a year ago. I was diagnosed with kidney failure and made my life upside down. Im twenty two that time. I, and my parents, do not have emergency funds.


How did you deal with your situation?


Well, at first, debts. A lot of debts. From your neighbors. From your friends. From almost everyone. It broke my heart that my parents had to do that. I mean, I have just graduated that time. I should be the one treating them. Then after two months, I was able to go back to work. Right now, I'm the one paying my own expenses as a kidney disease patient. What's challenging, is raising funds for my kidney transplant.

great picture !


Thank you! :)