If this gets $60 I will give out $45 to hardworking Minnows in the comments! I just gave out $12SBD out of $25SBD to minnows for my last post which got $58 and I only asked for $40! Can I keep making a profit by giving away money? Seizure warning GIFs

in #money4 years ago (edited)

SO my last 3 giveaways were a huge success and all reached their goals of paying for themselves! AND I had enough loose SBD to be able to pay everyone more of less instantly without making them all wait for me to actually receive the payout for the post in 7 day! I feel that takes away the magic of the giveaway haha but If I have to I will need to wait for more payouts from posts I did 7 days ago which will only mean a delay of a day or two!

See here is proof of me giving out $12 SBD so far out of the $25 SBD Ive promised to give out,


Once I give out $13 more Ill still have $22 in SBD to give out for this giveaway, and I am pretty sure today and tomorrow I will get some more payouts and Ill be able to payout the rest of the $23 that I need to hand out to make all of this legit and honest! And I assure you, if you can fin a mistake like if I forgot to give out some money in one of my giveaways, its just an honest mistake and just comment with the screenshots and tell me and you will probably end up getting that money!

Rules: Please leave a cool image or a GIF in the comment and you have to consider following me and consider posting EVERYDAY actually no you HAVE t post everyday! I wont discriminate against people who have not been here very long (over a month) or people who have to cash out (I want to only reward people who save ALL or MOST of their steempower) BUT I do like the idea of all of us using peer pressure to encourage people who save their rewards as steempower and who never power down!

Also New Rules; You can now SUGGEST a hardworking minnows that you know about!
But please leave a screenshot of their Wallet and their Blog wall! Nothing is private here on steemit so dont be afraid to put someones wallet "on blast" (to make public)! Because just by mentioning anyone at all your basically already linking to their wallet and no one has any "expectation of privacy" at all here on steemit as far as how much money you make and spend here!

So please leave the wallet screenshot to prove they are a minnow, and show their wall t prove they have been posting everyday (or have given excuses as to why they were not able to post everyday and if they cant get online they must make up for it by posting for everyday they were not online! They MUST make it up! We HAVE to encourage people to work at Steemit like a daily job! We ALWAYS have room for more workers who can promote steem everyday and help bring more users to steemit!

(GIF by https://instagram.com/instaphazed https://twitter.com/phazedart http://superphazed.tumblr.com/ )

So I hope you can support my project @gigafart @neoxian @stellabelle @thejohalfiles @yuliana @craig-grant @jesta @cryptoctopus I hope you guys can all help me make this possible with your upvotes! If this gets $60 I will give out $45 to hardworking Minnows and I will allow you guys to make some suggestions if you want!

Just a personal note for anyone interested in my personal life: In my head this seems to all be such bad timing, I have to pay $50 in 1 hour for this week's rent and electricity and stuff ...due in 1 hour from now and I have kept powering up with most all of my money and some would call it irresponsible to just do giveaways at time when I need to pay my rent, but I am counting on payouts from 7 days ago and generosity of steemit and i KNOW it will work and it will be PROOF to EVERYONE to just let go and allow steemit to catch you hahaha ok dont be irresponsible but still I bet i can prove that being generous can pay! I am STILL going to give out this loose SBD in my wallet instead of using it to pay for living expenses and sending it to @bittrex to convert to BTC to put on my @Bitpay card to take out as cash....

(Global Internet Use data Visualization )

(GIFs by http://superphazed.tumblr.com https://giphy.com/phazed )

Ill do that with any SBD I will have AFTER I give out the $13 plus $45 or $58 (and I have $35 in loose SBD right now! I KNOW I will get payouts from 7 days ago soon and I am confident that I can continue these posts going! For anyone reading dont worry I have enough money to complete all these giveaway payouts and so i wont have to wait for the 7 days to actually get the payouts and I will try to keep it up , so i dot have to make winners wait! I WILL give more time for the last giveaway and for this one Ill wait 12 hours for first round and 2 hours for second round of give-outs to give people time to enter the contest!
(update, just paid my rent from money made on steemit held as btc in my bittrex! a post about that will come soon tonight!)

(Visualized Map of Global trade)

(GIF by @phazed https://giphy.com/phazed )

So keep being generous, and keep helping those beneath you like I did for @tj4real and @xpency until they were making more than I was at one point! THAT is the key to growing steemit! We help 2 billion humans currently in poverty to save up a small fortune in steempower and make steemit a pillar of global economy so that big governments HAVE to invest and even prop up steemit hahaha like apple or facebook "buying back shares" using profits to buy more stock shares to prop up the price!! If you can keep the hamster wheel going and get the wheel to power your house then go ahead!

My high school physics teacher taught us how A craft capitalist will take a waterfall, and make electricity out of with hydroelectric generator, and if the river runs dry, the capitalist moves the earth itself with bulldozers an clever pressure pumps to pump water up hill to create your OWN waterfall, and sell rides like a water park! use that money to builds more waterfalls! This old Looney Toones cartoon from the 1950s explains Business and Reinvesting!

Popular cartoon character Elmer Fudd explains it

And Another Loony Toones "How the Economy Works Business and Economic Development Made Simple" wow @xpency @tj4real @mcsaam please show this to all children in Africa! all! All Steemit Users should have to watch this! Its required Watching! Replace the manufacturing equipment with Human Capital! We are the machinery! we are not just workers, we act as the machinery! we should all be productive! five useful posts a day is the goal for all of you minnows!

(Gif by @superphazed http://superphazed.tumblr.com/post/82295377196 http://superphazed.tumblr.com and https://giphy.com/phazed for more! maybe his steemit name will be @phazed ? )

Just keep being creative! Steemit will fund your creativity! And if you arent a creative person, be driven by getting steemit more users! You ALWAYS have a jobb here as a steemit promoter! Go promote our brand on every other social media like start with instagram and then youtube and facebook and reddit! go go go! I am excited to see how much this post gets to and more excited to get to hand out forty five dollars in SBD to worthy hard working minnows! Show me what you got! Leave a cool or funny Image or GIF and a reason why you deserve one of the prizes:
1 x $10 SBD prize,
3 x $5 SBD prizes
5 x $2 SBD prizes
10x $1 SBD prizes
All adds up to $45 which i can hand out If this Post gets above $60 ! (Ill still hand out prizes even if I dont get to $60 depending on how much it makes! It will be fair! Like if I only make $20 Ill still hand out $12 etc etc ) And I wont make you all wait for the 7 days! All explained above etc!Ok time to post! I love you all and I cant wait to see what happens here!

UPDATE: I want to give out one of the five SBD prizes away to whoever can guess a number I randomly picked between 1 and 1000 AND maybe we will have another dice game or random number generator... if anyone can find a way to roll dice as a comment with maybe a dice bot that would be really cool! Maybe pokerbot or blackjack bot or just I want you all to play Chess with each other! use @tylersr and KI's method for using an image of a chess board! Or just guess a random number and we can have a cool method of playing rock paper scissors or tick tack toe or dice roll to allow everyone to play for the last few prizes! Ill even give one of the small 2 SBD prizes to whoever can think up of the best way to allow everyone here to do a sort of RAFFLE or Random number drawing or dice roll or yeah just whoever can find a fair way for me to do a raffle, even just writing down all commenters names on pieces of papers an picking one out of a hat, or we do that digitally, I just count up all the comments as numbers, and Id let a random number generator pick one of the numbers, assign it to a commenter here, just figure something out! you will win a prize and we can use this method in the future!

If you have questions about bitcoin steemit crypto or making money mining like this email [email protected] or text/call me (619) 302 0398 and....

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yea i be postin

Loyal follower, daily posts!!

No challenge will leave you the way you are. I think I found some good looking gif this time @ackza

wow this is AWESOME!
U get a 7 cent 38 percent upvote!

If you type "random number generator" into a google you can set the parameters right in the search results:
Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 10.18.33 PM.png

Kinda boring, so we could also pick a card:

or roll dice:
(lets you use multiple dice so you can have as many comments as you want)

yeah i like this! lets get dice games going on steemit!!!!!!

dude we could make a Bot a simple bot that takes any comment fed into it like @dicebot roll dice and it will roll dice ofr us in next comment to keep everyonme honest!

dude u have something here!

I will send you 1 SBD for your work! i need people to see that if u actualy help me with my iudeas I will payt and reward yuou!!!!

proof I sent you $1 SBD!

Ya man now I got u as lifelong follower right?? Hey help me promote this post somehow I gotta get this one to its goal!

NICE but if u could actually add the Steemit upvote blue circle with arrow, using a GIF editor wwebsite just google GIF editor, or use photoshop, then yoru GIFG could be huge and steemit would pay you money if u posted it as a separte post!

hey i will be back later today on this post to hand out some some SBD but i want this post to get to sixty bucks so i can hand out more!

heres 1 SBD foir ur effort! '

proof that im still doing these giveaways!
ill be back layter in a few hours to hand out a fgew more rewards!

lets try and get thois pposty to sixty so i can hand out fiorty five bucks tho!

I'm excited!
cool competition to give back to those that can give.

I would like to win so I can invest into my blog and produce better content to share in the community. I recently didn't get much views for my more helpful content =(

U need to do better this is a stale meme I want new stuff or rare stuff

Please just take the extra time to go on reddit.com/r/funny and find something from there

Opps My bad, you need the whole song!! Here you go =)

very cool! I wanna send u guys money but I cant unless this post actually gets to at least $60 so i can afford to actually give half the pay out! an i have ti cover costs of some of my previous payouts when i went overboard! haha

if i HAVE to i will use some of the funds from my OWN posts

BUT I need yu ALL to help promote this post! resteem it! get it up to $60 !!!

if it stays at $10 I will only be able to give out like $4 !!!

if it getsto $20 Ill give out $10
if it gets to $30 ill give out 15
if it gets too 40 ill give out 20
bt if it gets to 60 ill give outthe 45 like i promised! BUT remember! I have already given out ALOt and i NEED your help to make this PROFITABLE for me so i can KEEP IT GOIN!!!!

I will still give out HALF the money I make here no matter how low it ens up being!

I asked some whles for help

Hey man Ima send u some money anyway!

theere ya go! 1 SBD just for u!

cool GIF we should make some 3d models and landscapes into GIFS

i stiil got 4 days to hit my goal but its al good im still given out some SBD since i made llike $15 off this or whatever probly less if steem keeps goin down haha so ill still send ya 1 SBD!

Great man =)

I'll give this post a resteem. Hopefully you will get to make some more people happy!

No gif just cool/cute pic. :D Followed you.

heres 1 SBD for u and ONE for the kitten!!! very cute and more animals on steemit! animals can make enuf to pay theur own expenses maybe!

wow, wwe should be posting photos from animal shelters and show animals that wll be put down if we dont send them SBD and steem omg that would totally play on peoples heart strings and raise SO much money to save SO many cats and dogs and we could basically pet sit all the animals at the Animal shelters, we could have no kill shelters for years, and we could END the problem of stray cats ad dogs! we could basically get em AL spaid and neutered, and end the entire problem! and we would have massive outdoor areas for cats and dogs and it could all be funded by steemit,we could get 100 percent of the money to actually go to saving sooo many animals from unnecessary misery in cages etc ! We need to use these social media models to help all living things and there should never be a debate about wats more important helping animals of helping humans, some of us may be in a position to help animals more than we could even help any humans so why not do it? we mighta s wel hep as many living things as we can, its a unversal thing everyone around teh world can agree with......

u have to promise me to keep posting! post lots of photos of this cat onto steemit! it will be a steemit cat!
U have to work hard and post everyday tho! Please keep using steemit!!! post images from ur own area and show teh wold ur city or village! show images of plants and stuff and architectur around ur area!!!

Thanks. :)
Right, I am actually posting photos of our cats here hoping to get enough funds to get them all spayed and neutered. 5 cats, only one was neutered, 2 are still kittens. :D

I do have a "Cat photo challenge" and I am posting photos of our cats in there daily. :)

Oh yeah then you will totally make enough!

especialy if u post a seprate post maybe inteh future like "Please help me raise the small amount of money i need to spay and nueterthese pets"

that wll work fine as long as u carefully craft the question so ur not actually askking for money, just like "your upvote can help me with vet bills for this cat, so ur upvoting the cat not me!" or something

yes we can help alot of animals with steemit, its hard to think aboout all that stuff tho, would be nice tho if steemit could raise alot of money to help alot of dodgs andd cats, people love cats and dogs, especially on the internet! maybe make a steemit collar tag or i dunno, a steemit program to help animals woul be awesome!

I wanna help gorillas too, they deserve special attention because theyre so close to us, and theyre sp peaceful, gorillas should get enough attention to hire more security guards, i dunno use blocckchains to alllow people to trade ecosystems on decentralized markets, NOT like co2 that is a scam carbontaxes, but i cantotally see the UNtrying to use the blockchain for evil haha,

anyway yes steemit is already helping alot of animals and peopel and will help alot of cats and dogs,....some people just like animals more than humans and ive met plenty of people onlien and in real life who would take care of infinite animals if they had the mony hahah so steemit can allow these people to just show everyone how they are taking care of a thee animals that need homes and cold end up getting it all paid for!

Steemit Pets should gets pecial promotioN! i should make a whole ad campaign to proote homeless peopel AND peopel who need money to care for their pet like BEFORE theuy drop a dog or cat off at a pound cuz they cant affford it or put it down due to lack of curgery money for vet bill, , they can ask steemitf or help and people always give ccuz they cant bear seeing peeople put up posts asing for money to help save the life of something, because how can someone say now when they have the ability to actuallly change the world for good with a push of a button!??!

There it is! Steemit allows the needy of the world to post information about themselves, and allows those with excess wealth to use it to actually change the world for the better with the CLICK of a button! so Put yourself UT there! 90 percet of Life is just showing up! 90 peercent of making money on steemit is just logging in! Just give peopeel a chance to Upvote u! so ya peope just need to be educated about steemit itself and how to use it!
i should really hold fre workshops all over sandiego to the homeless peoplearound here theres alot and the city is looking for solutins right now!

Thanks for the thoughts and desire to help others. :)

here is 1 SBD!


i will still be giving out SBD today and tomorow

Do you just type "dope ass gifs" into Google to come up with these? There's so cool!

I've no idea how any of this power and investment work, but i'm getting there. Fun post either way!

Check https://giphy.com for some trippy stuff ;) I realized that I need to post everyday to participate, which is sadly not possible atm. So good luck to you!

here u go heres $ 1 or 1 sbd (sbd about $1)
proof i sent it to u!

check ur wallet

Wow! Thanks @ackza! I appreciate it. I totally got side tracked commenting on all kinds of stuff so I'm glad to have gotten something. I hope your plan is working. You're a smart guy, what would you do with a paltry 51 SBD?

All these flashing gifs can't be good for epileptics.

I wonder if there are web browser addons they use to avoid stumbling upon posts like this

Ok I'll add a seizure warning
Ok done check title it says seizure warning GIFs hah if people with epilepsy use a slow computer the GOFs won't play ATVs a fast frame rate? I'm sure there's plenty of chrome anti seizure extensions that let you slow down all GIFs look it up! Google " anti seizure chrome ext "

I am not gifted in the gif things. But i lend my support as resteem and upvote. Great initiative.

all u gotta do is check out this website giphy.com and theres SO many gifs! or jst google iamge search any subject with teeh word GIF and youll find all sorts of GIFs, right click em and copy the image URL, paste that .gif file into the post ad it autoamticaly shows up as an image, just post the .Gif file links, thats alll u have to do, its easy,

u can find GIfs on any wwebsite tho, but yeah google images with teh word GIF like funny GIF or ccolorful GIF is a good one, and also imgur and Giphy.com is the best its got SOOO many crazy Gifs and people keep uploading em!!!

and ook at THIS guy! https://giphy.com/phazed

thank you for this wonderful explanation. I now know.

This kind of posts are really what are making this community grow, congratulations for this idea and thanks for the kindness, I don't care if I don't get the upvote pay, is just awesome to see people helping newbies here.

its ok I still have 4 days to go! and yeah we al need more giveaways we all should promote steemit and help hardworkers who can PROVE they have had jobs whre theyare ready tow ork hard....we want to either ttrain our existing users or find new people who are already jardw orking but just need to be shown how to start steemit!

great fun competition -- number 222.

i like this one! "Im gonna make my own reddit! with blackjack, and hookers!"
aka steemit!

Also, you didn't mention what minnows have to do to enter until like 80% of the way through the post.

Good looking out. Upvoted, Commented, Resteemed

This post has received a sweet gift of Dank Amps in the flavor of 25.00 % upvote from @lovejuice thanks to: @tylersr. Vote for Aggroed!

woahthats fuckin awesome taks @tylersr and i will amke sure to uvvote alll ur posts now bro remind me to comment and upvote all ur comments anstuff inmorning!

just upvotedur wwall!

The least I can do for my felow UCSC alumi

Note to everyone, ill be bvack later to hand out some mor eprizes, even tho this post didnt amke it to sixty yet, i am stil handing out $10 out of the $22 it made becaiuse its the ritght thing to do!

Please everyone recomend me some peopel u thiunk deserve some prizes!!! OR keep posting GIFs and ideas on how we can setup a Dice Rolling Steemit bot that leeyts us gambelo with dice! it wouold be great! or a bot that deals cards like out of a preselected deck! that would be agreat programmming excersize to make a simple bot that rolled dice or dealt blackjack in the comments!!!! (or played chss even!) and if u beatit it pays you in SBD and ui can send it SBD with a special memo to activate a game and it will go to ur post and comment in wnhertevr u tell it in the memo 9send it a link)_ and it will starrt a game as a comment! imagijne that! lets pay a developer or prorgammers to build that for us!

anyway i am stuill giving out $8 more dollars in SBD here ! and more if we can get this post up more to its $60 goal!

thankl u everyoen and as always ill conmtinue sharing the wealth to hard workers!!
hahah i found a great GIF about the resposting problems of reddit! when peopel start making MONEY reposting herteon steemit the original posters will get pised!

thats why im gonna start sharing any stem i make from reposted images from rteddit IF the poster quits reddit and joins steemit for at LEAST 1 yeart ;)