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Suffer Forever was good, and it became great for me around the 2:40 mark!

As for Anna Von Hausswolff, I was just listening to Dead Magic the other day! Good ol youtube recommendations brought me the magic of her new album, which I hadn't known was out. Happy time.

On my Monday mix-tape (well, Tuesday at least) are the various raps by JT music. Aggressive and driving raps to the tune of rock/dramatic music scores. Great for a work-out!

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If only you knew someone who published the best new release every Friday on their blog so you could always be on top of those new albums before youtube repped them (actually, timing doesn't really mean anything, it's all about listening to what you love! <3)

I do not know JT Music at all - so I'm off to ammend!

heh, maybe one day I'll discover someone who fits that description!