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I am very excited since I already ordered my Monaco Card, using the brand new mobile app.
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For those who do not know yet, the card + app allows you to do the following:

  • Spend without travelling without paying hefty interbank exchange fees, wherever you are (amount limited per month, depending on the card you choose).

  • Buying, earning & spending crypto, at the best rates, anywhere, including ATMs worldwide.

  • Use the Monaco app to send and receive money without fees, at perfect interbank rates.

Want to learn more and request your free card? Click here: http://get.mona.co/IVWT/Kysrg9ZA6F


Thanks for sharing!

It is great, and also you can get access to a contract holding other crypto's which you can exchange for MCO anytime!
I wrote about Monaco Card last sunday in my series #SundayCoinday! You should pass by next sunday for a different coin... here the MCO one, enjoy!

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