A Visit to Dendrarium Park, in Chisinau (Republica Moldova)

in moldova •  last month

Hello there!

This is my entry for the Flora Photography Contest hosted by @the1ramp.

These photos were taken in May of 2016, at the Dendrarium Park (Парк Дендрариум) in Chisinau (Кишинёв), Republica Moldova (Респу́блика Молдо́ва).

While I was walking around the city one day, I noticed this park on the map and I decided to go there, since I was in the vicinity. After walking for 30 minutes, I finally got there. Yes, the park was close to me... its entrance, it's a whole other story.

As soon as you enter, you can imediately feel that this is a very well maintained public park and that the gardeners care a lot about their work. These small trees were not trimmed by employees who are fed up with their works, that's for sure.


The trees and bushes were all trimmed in a cute way, forming interesting shapes, which gave the park a very romantic atmosphere.


There were all kinds of plants, bushes, flowers and trees at this park. And I found a squirrel, too.


Check out the amount of colours in this group of flowers. These were not planted at random. Another good example of the love that this place gets from the dedicated gardeners hired by the city. Please keep in mind that Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe. And yet, they spend their taxpayers money to improve the city... as it should be.


The city employees really do a fantastic job taking care of this lovely park. You won't see a single piece of trash on the floor. You can appreciate all this immaculate beauty, smell the fresh air and be happy!


There are plenty of paths to walk along and you'll find lots of benches to sit on, in case you want to rest or simply read a book.

Somewhere in the middle of the park, there's a cute artificial pond, with tons of lily pads and a few frogs. A few streams of water were added to make it look even cooler.


Here's the rest of this pond... I looked into the water and there were a few fish in there, too. They seemed quite happy about their tank.


At the end of the pond, I saw another fountain with water squirting into the air, in all directions.


There were a few people around, some couples, some parents with their kids, a few youngsters listening to music... and not a single one was disrespecting the place. You can see the kid below wandering off into the grass while his father kept an eye on him, making sure he wouldn't mess up anything.


This kid was being called by his mother... but instead of running back to her, he kept smelling all the flowers. 😄


After a few minutes... his mother went to him instead. 😂

I hope you have enjoyed this little stroll through this park.

I highly recommend a visit to Chisinau if you enjoy nature, green areas like public parks and forests, and spectacular food. (If, on the other hand, you enjoy seeing historical landmarks, statues and museums, you'll be extremely bored.)

CameraCanon IXUS 210
LocationChisinau - Republica Moldova
Edited with GIMP


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wonderful Park


It sure is.

What's up with the crazy tag?


It's required for the contest. 😂

Wow, those are some really good photos. Also looks like a great place to visit.


Yep, I have more photos of the park. Maybe I will share them another day. 😊

Thanks for your visit.

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Aarrgghhh... I read @barski posts about the beauty of chisinau almost everyday since i knew him😊 and now you just show me a park that almost look like my virtual farm on farmtown games 😂😂

What a cute boy😍 he loves the flowers


Wow! You were really quick, @cicisaja. You've beat all the bots that usually comment on my posts! 🙃

Thanks a lot for your comment. Moldova is a very cheap place to visit. You will probably spend more in the plane ticket than in two weeks there, including a 4 Star hotel! :-D

Hello @trincowski
This is a very nice and relaxing park for a walk.
There is a park like this in my city, so I'm going to relax in the park.
Thanks for the beautiful images.


I hope you had a nice time, @marya77! Thanks for stopping by!

That does look like a real nice park. Well maintained as well. Great photoes as well :)


Thanks. You're doing very good yourself. Your articles about Graffiti are always so cool! 🙋


you are kind. I love street art and graffiti...no surprise I quess :)

Oh my god.. Such a beautiful place.. Stunning green nature pictures.. wow..

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Thanks. And this is not the botanical garden. That one is way bigger. 😂

This sounds like a city that has its priorities STRAIGHT ... what a lovely park, and what joy all the citizens must have in it! Thank you for sharing!


They don't have much money, so finding this was a surprise to me. The roads of the city were a total mess, full of holes and they turn into rivers when it rains. But the public parks were all very neat and clean.

Very nice park! Really like how they take care of it.
How do you store all your pics ? I have a hard time keeping them all and end up dumping some on Facebook lol.

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Does Facebook store your photos in their original size and quality?

I store mine on a local HD and from time to time, I back them up to an external HD.

I use a program called Shotwell to keep them organised by locals and dates.

This was a great adventure and now i will gladly say that I have visited Dendrarium park thanks to @trincowski. Thanks for sharing

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Thanks for your virtual visit, sir! 😁

That’s a nice park to relax and just get away in
I like the different shapes on the bushes


Yes, you are right. I ended up going back there a couple more times. 😃

The park does look well taking cared for - that's a pretty nice environment to walk in :)


It sure is. Very peaceful and beautiful! 😎
Thanks for your comment!

Wow, I can't believe how far along all the flowers are @trincowski as here in New England we're only getting some daffodils and the trees are still dormant.


These photos were taken in May of 2016. 😂
Thanks for your visit.

Hi @trincowski!

long time "no see!" I love your pictures. I don't know if this is weird or not but, I always get comforted and relaxed whenever I look at nature.


perhaps because other people feel stressed looking at these? my friends certainly do!


Hello again!

Why should that be weird? I think it's perfectly natural.

Thanks a lot for your visit.

Un bien beau parc et des photos bien réussies 👍

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I had to Google translate this to see what "réussies" meant.
Thanks for your comment, @iptrucs. I'm glad you liked them!

A walk here must be so soothing, the greenery everywhere makes the journey amazing.

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Thanks for your virtual visit, @shaheerbari! 😉

Excellent photo essay, I just want to go to the Kishechev dendrarium. :)


Thanks a lot for your visit and comment.

Beautiful post @trincowski.
Favourite IMG:-

Good luck!


Thanks, @lady-idra. I'm glad you liked it.

so beautiful ! i love GREEN :D


Thanks for your comment, Lia!

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Nice place for spring

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very pretty pictures :)


Thank you.