Building your own R/C ship model - step by step how to fullfill a grown kid's dreams (part 1).

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I'm sure, that if any of us will remember the time he was a boy (and some girls too), there will be a memory how much we desired to have radio controlled car/plane/ship model.
When I was a kid, the R/C equipment was rare, expensive and highly restricted (damn you Iron curtain!)
35 years passed, now technology is far more advanced, and most important - available, than I can imagined then. But the desire to create something new and excited stays the same!
So, what I'm waiting for?
Let's get started!

1. Preparation of the workplace:
The very first thing, which must be done when starting with the modelling, is not the model itself, but the working place. It must be comfortable enough, well lit and safe (avoid humidity, dust, pests or kids). So I chose to convert my basement in this much desired own shipyard. It is not so big, but with careful planning I managed to have sufficient size of the workbench and plenty of space for storing the tools, materials and parts.

Lighting - it is very important to have many light sources at different positions and with good light intensity. You need to see good the tiny details. Lamps from every side will help you to avoid the shadows, which can be very irritating. I'm using those cheap led bars, which can be found almost at every grocery store. They are good enough! And a headlamp helps me for some tricky areas too.

The tools! Actually this is the most expensive part (considering You don't need to buy the whole workshop) of the modelling. When building a radio-controlled(RC) model, except the tools for working with wood/plastic/metal, and painting accessories (airbrush, etc.) You will need some electrical tools too. The bare minimum is to have a soldering iron and multimeter.

Of course I had some instruments before, and bought some new. My advice is not to buy everything at the start. Do it only when You need to use that instrument in this moment. This way You will skip needless expenses, or purchasing the instruments You will not use at all. And, of course, spending little amounts of money over time is far better for the budget, than busting of one time large sum.

And my personal favorite: Don't forget about the drawers...

...and most important - the TRAYS!
They are extremely useful not to lose/break all these important tiny details in the whole working mess!

Well, in general, this is it, we are ready for some work!

P.S. If something stayed unclear, You can ask, I will gladly share everything what I know.

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