MOAC - improving blockchain operations with cross-chain communication.

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One major beauty of technology is the continuous improvement and updates that we tend to enjoy to make it better. Not long ago, I heard about a block chain platform that is working to achieve standardization in IoT and cause easy communication between IoT devices and today there is a project taking the communication problem solution a step further but in another dimension.

The year 2008 was the lunching year of a beautiful technology different from what man has ever seen, a technology that has the ability to “change the world” as tagged by many, a technology that has made the term "Cryptocurrency" almost a common word in every home. Over the years, this technology has seen huge advancement from what it was in its early stage to what it is now. It has brought about a different perspective to how companies run their business and despite these advancement, some problems have lingered on till now. Problems like having its platforms alienated from each other and inability to communicate effectively with other cryptocurrencies, Smart Contracts, and similar systems. These and few others have been the flaws of the blockchain system.
Presently, it has become extremely challenging for experienced technical developers to build new blockchain and most blockchains are difficult to upgrade, and split participation inefficiently between users.


The MOAC Platform is equipped with Cross-Chain capabilities to bring about interconnection between MicroChains within its system and also with 3rd party non-MOAC blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

The platform also has addressed the primary inefficiencies of existing blockchain platforms by developing a Multi-Blockchain platform. The Platform uses an advanced layered architecture that lowers DApp developer costs, provides for scalability, and reduces development complexity while increasing transaction speeds and volume using sharding.

Brief illustration of how the platform tends to solve the most fundamental problem in cross-chain trading.

moac flow chat.png


Feature of the MOAC platform.

The platform is equipped with lots of features to make it work efficiently in archiving its goal. Some of the key feature of the platform includes;





To follow up with the progress of the project at all time and know the target set by the team each month, you might have to take a look at their road map.

moac 2017.png
moac 2018.png
moac 2019.png

Where to Find Them Online.

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Moac project is really awesome, they want to achieve a lot i really want them to succeed because their project will be a big plus to blockchain

Yeah im really interested to see how the whole micro chains will turn out, seems like a really interesting approach to increasing TX speeds.

Yeah buddy that's true, they also developed a Multi-Blockchain platform unlike other projects.

It is a real pain upgrading a blockchain with all the hard forks and the work associated with it. I think the approach moac is taking is quite interesting especially with the micro-chain interoperability

Yeah.. The micro chain approach seems to be the best direction to follow for now. We might see a new approach better than this soon.

Well till then i think right now moac is ehat we've got let us hope they succeed

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It's a good step in the right direction to see this happen now though

It's a good step in
The right direction to send
This happen now though

                 - acecool

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Yep I’d imagine they will possibly still have forks but they should be much less frequent if they get the plans for the motherchain planned out well and implemented well, but the microchains are where the meat is at

At least things would be light if ever a change was needed. I would agree there too that the forks are likely to be limited but can still exist.

There is still a whole lot of technicalities here i really do not know how to deal with but i am going to do more research on each of them

  ·  last year (edited)

Yea but is quite simple once you assimilate the whitepaper, they are trying to fix the flaws associated with the blockchain industry, to create a better, user friendly environment for the industry

I agree it's a complex project, but I will definitely take a more in-depth look.

Same here mate. Dont know how these many microchain going to work and how it will increase the TX speed :). I have to spend more time on this project, but I liked the project concept.

The project tends to handle the issues of data storage and create an enabling environment that beckons on developers, creating a more robust platform

good to know that I'm not the only one:-) It all sounds very fascinating, but it will take me a long time to understand everything

I know its difficult to understand for most of the people. I am not aware of all these technical stuff. But I hope there will be more article about the project which will help me to understand the project in detail.

I agree. I hope there will more article which gives us project idea in much more simpler way

I agree too; But i think they have a done a good job detailing on how it works. I think it is important of this type of project since you are basically working on a essential network protocol.

Very nice article. Its easy to understand micro-chain comcept which MOAC is going to impletment

It's not so easy for me, but I'm gonna make more research reading MOAC's whitepaper then. It definitely worth devoting more time to it.

Yep they have a really good plan I really like the concept more than how some other chains have tried to implement the concept In the past

Really nice article. MOAC seems to be following their roadmap properly. As I can see some activities in December like nuwa online, High performance storage online and more.

Yeah man, I was just about to say the release of Nuwa seems like it could be a pivotal point for the project!

Yeah so far they haven't derailed and I hope the keep at it, I see lots of potential in this project.

I think it is important for them to follow the plan they set. The community will know what to expect and when.

Its really good to see the teams like moac really following their roadmaps like this and getting their network on the road, so many projects fall behind and just end up ignoring their roadmaps