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Always plenty happening in MMA, some good stuff. I actually enjoyed reading the article about Bisping and Cruz. Got to say, I seem to believe Cruz' version more.

I don't think Aldo could go down any lower. The cut to 145 almost kills him. Did you ever see the interview he did with the translator about shoving things up gravediggers asses?

I'm a massive GSP fan, always found his fights entertaining and in my biased opinion he's the greatest of all time for the way he dominated some of the toughest fighters ever and then comes back and defeats Bisping after a long layoff. GSP is actually also pretty funny too, if you listen to him on the Joe Rogan podcast he is very entertaining.


I enjoyed that article too.

I know about his weight cutting issues but I think if he changed his diet for a year I believe he would be able to do it. I mean look at Holloway he is way bigger than him, some bantamweights now are bigger than him but I know different bodies different ways to absorb a weight cut like that but then again I honestly believe he could make it if he really committed to it and got a better nutrionist.

GSP is definitely in the top 3 best fighters of all time and I respect him a lot. He was one of the very first very well rounded fighters but I'm pissed at can you not be pissed at him for depriving us of THE superfight and then when the champion at middleweight was a weak one he decided to go up and fight????

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