The UFC cuts Young Mexican Phenom Yair Rodriquez?

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Unexpected news broke out last thursday night when young phenom Yair El Pantera Rodriguez one of the promotion’s rising young talents has been released after refusing a fight with prospect russian prospect Zabit Magomedsharipov at UFC 227. Yair Rodriguez apparently didn’t want to fight, and in an unexpected turn of event was cut shorty after that.
I roto i te maatauranga o nga mahi i te mutunga o te po o te Rapare, ka tukuna te taitamariki taitamariki, a El Pantera Rodriguez, i whakaarohia ko tetahi o nga taitara taiohi o te whakatairanga, i tukuna i muri i tana kore i whakaae ki te whawhai ki a Zabit Magomedsharipov i te UFC 227 ko Yair Rodriguez kore i hiahia. ki te whawhai, a inaianei kua kore ia i te mahi.

The decision was made basing from recent news 2 days after Dana White announed a clash on Aug. 4 pay-per-view event from Staples Center in L.A. and added that Rodriguez, No. 15 in the FW rankings, who has recent reports say that he has also declined fighting the previous title contender and fellow mexican Ricardo Llamas.

Ko te whakatau ka tae noa mai i nga ra e rua i muri mai i te korero a White ko te pakanga i whakaturia i te mahi a-kaute Aug. 4 mai i Staples Center i LA White i kii atu ko Rodriguez, Nama 15 i roto i nga mahinga piupiu hou, he korero hou nei. e kii ana kua kore ano ia i te whawhai ki te taitara taitara o mua me te hoa mexican Ricardo Llamas.

According to the Head of the UFC, He was off a year, rejects a fight with Lamas and then doesn’t want to fight a guy below him in the rankings and then he turned down Zabit Magomedsharipov for UFC 227 on Aug. 4 in Los Angeles. He can go somewhere else the head honcho lamented. We have no use for him. Even going as far as saying that this is the real news as a reply to Yair's tweet saying the fight with Zabit was fakenews.

E ai ki a Dana White, Ko te tau o te tangata i te tau, kaore i te whawhai ki a Lamas, kaore ia e hiahia ki te whawhai i tetahi tangata i raro ia ia i roto i te whakataunga ka huri a Rodriguez ia Zabit Magomedsharipov mo UFC 227 i te Aug. 4 i Los Angeles. Ka taea e ia te haere ki tetahi atu wahi ka tangi te tumuaki. Kaore he whakamahi mo ia. Ka karanga ia ki te whawhai i nga korero rupahu. He korero pono tenei.

Earlier this year, Rodriguez said he was close to a return, and intended to move to Las Vegas to train at the UFC's Performance Institute. Since his last bout ended in a loss, technically the UFC can cut him from the roster. It is just interesting that White would openly say that it was retribution for turning down fight offers, which is also within the fighter’s rights to do.

I mua atu i tenei tau, ka mea a Rodriguez, e tata ana ia ki te hokinga atu, a, ko te hiahia kia neke atu ki Las Vegas ki te whakangungu i te UFC Mahi Mahi. Mai i tana mutunga whakamutunga ka mate, ka taea e te UFC te hatepe ia ia i te raupapa. He mea whakamiharo ma White e whakaatu mai ko te utu mo te huri i nga tuku whawhai, kei roto hoki i nga mana o te toa ki te mahi.

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Once touted as a rising star and the UFC banking on him to be the future face of the Mexican fight scene market to being someone who was quickly released from the roster, all in a short span of time. This sad fate seems to be the case of Yair Rodriguez, who is still just peaking his prime. It’s kinda disappointing to see the end of Rodriguez’s UFC tenure this way.

Rodriguez who is now 10-2 MMA, and 6-1 in the UFC had been on an almost unstoppable streak with six straight wins inside the UFC octagon, which included a dominant 2nd round TKO finish of former champion BJ "the Prodigy" Penn in the UFC Fight Night 103 main event in january last year. In 2014 he was the tournament champion of the "The Ultimate Fighter: Latin America" television series in Mexico City beating first runner up Leandro Morales.

The UFC then booked him against former champion Frankie Edgar. In which we saw Edgar dominating Rodriguez in a 2nd round TKO, and Rodriguez has not fought since that May 2017 defeat because of injury and now when he’ll fight next and for whom is anybody’s guess. It’s probably a tough spot now for the TUF Latin America winner, but with his flashy fighting style and solid Mexican fanbase, offers from other organizations would likely come pouring in eager to get the young prospect signed. What's weird is that no reply or issued statement has come from his camp yet.

Mai i te whakaarohia he whetu piki ka taea te kawe i te maatau Mexican mo te UFC, kia puta mai i te reta, i te tau katoa? Koinei te take mo Yair Rodriguez, ko te mea kei te haere tonu ia i tana waitohu. Ko te mutunga o te mutunga o te whakataunga UFC o Rodriguez. Ko te whakatairanga i whakaarohia i mua ko te 25 tau te pakeke o Mexican he matua ki te whakauru atu ki roto i te maakete o Mexico.

Ko Rodriguez te 10-2 MMA, me te 6-1 o te UFC i runga i te pukapuka me nga toa toa e ono hei whakatuwhera i tana mahi UFC, i uru atu ki te whakataetae TKO tuarua o te toa BJ "te Prodigy" o mua i te UFC Fight Night 103 mahi matua i te marama o Hanuere i te tau whakamutunga. He kaitono ia i runga i te "Ultimate Fighter: Latin America" ??raupapa tuturu i roto i 2014, a tino riro te whakataetae ma te hinga Leandro Morales i Mexico City.

Na te UFC i tuku ia ia ki te toa tuatahi o Frankie Edgar. I kite a Edgar ki a Rodriguez i te whakataetae TKO tuarua, a kihai i whawhai a Rodriguez mai i te marama o Maehe 2017 i te mea he whara me te wa e whawhai ana ia i muri nei, a, ko wai e whakaarohia ana e tetahi. He raruraru pea mo te whakataetae TUF Latin Amerika, engari ki tana ahua riri me te piringa o te Mexican, e kore pea e kore he kaiwhaiwhai me nga tuku mai i etahi atu whakahaere. Ko nga mema o Rodriguez i kore i tuwhera tonu ki te korero.

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True to the word, news travel fast as recent update provides that Bellator president Scott Coker already has his eyes on signing the newly minted Free Agent. A recent article on MMAJunkie appeared and he indeed confirms having spoken to Rodrigue's camp with the intention of bringing him to the fold and this was shortly aftrer the Bellator 199 weigh ins.

Despite the interest, the Bellator's executive says that he is awaiting confirmation that the cutting is a done deal because if it wasn't then serious negotiations with all just be wasted. Implying that the UFC president may just be emotional and change his mind all of a sudden. Despite the calm and slow demeanor he was quick to point out that no matter who the free agent is if he is at least top ten in the rankings then they really are serious in speaking and coming to terms.

He pono ki te kupu, ka tere haere nga korero me te whakahoutanga o tenei wa e whakaatu ana ko Bellator President Scott Coker ana kanohi ki te hainatanga i te Kaihaututu Motuhake hou. I puta mai tetahi tuhinga mo MMA Junkie me te whakaatu mai a Coker i tana korero ki a ratou i mua me te hiahia ki te kawe ia ia ki te roopu, a, kaore i te tata te whakakore i te Bellator 199.

Ahakoa te hiahia, ko te rangatira o Bellator e kii ana e hiahia ana ia ki te whakauru he mahi pai mo te kotinga, no te mea ehara i te mea kaore i raweke nga whiriwhiringa nui me nga mea katoa. Ko te korero mo te perehitini o te UFC he raruraru noa iho, ka whakarereke i tona hinengaro. Ahakoa te ahua pouri me te whakaheke o te ahua, ka tere tonu ia ki te whakaatu i te mea ko wai te kaitohutohu koreutu mehemea ko ia te nuinga o te tekau i roto i te waitohu, ka tino kaha te korero me te haere mai ki nga tikanga.

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I'm so flaccid right now, it's unbelievably disappointing.

Totally! He's awesome!! But he shouldn't have declined Zabit it was supposed to b awesome.

Unfortunately Dana White runs the UFC as a dictatorship.
He controls it,and imposes his will on it's fighters...
I think he could have worked something out with Rodriguez but also..

  • I honestly believe Rodriguez should have taken the fight...a year off is a looooonnng time in UFC circles. He needed to get that hype train rolling....UFC does hype its fighters very well so possibly Dana wanted to bring him along slowly to build him up for bigger fights

Oh well..UFC's loss is Bellatour's gain.

Nice post @esportsworld

So true my friend. Zabit is very talented and regardless of rankings this would make him a bigger star should he win

To tell you the truth am really shocked abt this news because the reason they gave" UFC" gave was tht he had refused to fight some opponents turning down fights.... kinda lame if u see wht Mystic Mac Dickhead does))

Totally! If you dont make enough money for the UFC you get treated as dirt.

Used to be the best promotion((( I guess we will see the sport deteriorate or the rise of a new MMA promotion because i doubt Bellator cant cut it)))) OOOOPS!

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Go to Bellator !! come back after your the champ there.

If you become champ in bellator they don't let you go. Like a clingy girlfriend.

well I do not want to issue a judgment against him, but I think his reasons will have

He turned down a pretty awesome fight which is a downer though.

I know right, his moves are awesome too.

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Thats actually quite shocking news for everyone .

I feel their just fucking with him, just keeping him in line.

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hi. very nice
im korean Taekwondo

Hola @esportsworld
Honestamente no me agrada para nada esta noticia. Espero todo mejore.
Saludos y buen artículo

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Oh..poor yair Rodriguez!!