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If you may have noticed, I'm not on social media much these past few months. However, I've remained busy working on a few things I feel very passionately about. It's not quite something I'm ready to talk about at length yet but I can say it's an idea I'm very proud to be a part of. I have high hopes it is an example of what good people can do working together. It's something I will be pouring everything I know and have into.

I don't subscribe to the fear perpetuated by the media and the government in the US. Which is unfortunately spreading across the world. Fear is a tool they've used for a very long time. It's a weakness in humans those who know how to take advantage of ...have. But it's also a clue into the mentality of those at the top. Who pay big money and invest much time to perpetuate. This is their tragic reality.

It's time we understand we have the potential to create as well. We can live in a reality of fear created by someone else or we can choose to create something much better. I encourage each and every one of you to consider this. Since I've turned off the TV, stopped watching and listening to the programming, removed myself from that environment and started living my life on my terms it's gotten much more obvious. That's certainly an advantage I have but it's still fairly apparent. Please take the time to look.

Today, April 4th 2018 is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King. I don't claim to know all the details but I know enough to know it's a story that tells a great deal about how people are misled. It's a story that was a successful demonstration to those who remain in the shadows that with enough money and power and fear. People will ignorantly bow to their will.

I won't. I've lived too long and seen too much to be fooled any longer.

I encourage you to do the same. Do you wish to live in a perpetual uglier world or one in which people are able to reach their potential unmolested or smart and confident enough not to be deterred by violence and coercion.

MLK entered the arena of politics and paid the ultimate price for being too honest. I've dabbled enough in that area to know that isn't my avenue. My interest isn't in fighting anyone, I'm not interested in shouting anyone down, I simply want to show people a better way. Even those at the very top. We don't have to succumb to fear. There's far too many opportunities to effect people's lives in a positive way, including my own. To waste time arguing with those who don't understand or refuse to isn't my interest.

However, if your one of those folks, who disagrees or doesn't understand, it saddens me. Keep an eye out for what I'm doing. I might just offer a chance to change your mind... if your willing to give it the time of course. I'll leave that choice to you but I'd be very grateful for the opportunity.

For those in the community I consider myself part of. I know your struggles and hardships well and am in awe of your resilience and courage. I am forever inspired and energized by your efforts. I know there's much good news ahead!

Finally, I just re-steemed James Corbett's report on the MLK assassination. 50 years is long enough. Let's get the story straight. Please check it out.

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