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Head blown. In fairness, it's not a subject I've ever really looked deeply into, other than seeing quotes here and there on line. As such, I'm definitely not qualified to comment. I always saw him as a force for human rights, from what little I knew, and if good came of it, then that is at least something. I'll be looking at this post again, when I've got a little more time to follow the links, but it's definitely piqued my interest. Things are never black and white, and I'm a great believer in the idea that no man is truly good or wholly evil.....more like the yin/Yang principal. Certainly food for thought though, thank you.


King certainly did a lot to improve the lives of African-Americans. That should not be forgotten. However his other deeds should also be remembered. That is the only way that we can try to get a more complete picture of the man. When we look at his good deeds we should also peel back the layers to see where his ideologies came from. I believe that they stem from Marxist ideology and that isn't good. How much King knew about the 'big picture' I am not sure. I haven't dived much deeper than what I shared in this post. Thanks for being open-minded.

You're right. I think it's a question of perspective. Dig deep enough and all idols have feet of clay, but it shouldn't change the good they do. None of the political models have proved to be effective whether socialism or capitalism, there will always be those hungry for power or control and history has proven all systems vulnerable to these. Until we evolve as a species we will continue to replace one flawed, corrupted ideology with another.

Yep, we are presented with different political and social models but they are all constructs that derive from the same group. They should all be scratched and we should start again.

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