V for Vanished IV - Virginia's Missing Children November (2017)

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This series has sought to explore the mystifyingly high rate of missing children in the state of Virginia.

According to the available data provided by the NCMEC website, Virginia lead the nation with the highest rates per 100,000 in 2016 (3.76) and, as best that I can piece together, Virginia leads the nation once again with the highest rate per 100,000 in 2017 (5.79). These rates are extremely high and profoundly troubling.

In Part I, we also discovered that the number of missing children in Virginia spiked in the month of October with (159) children reported missing.

From the latest data collected for the moth of November, the disturbing trend continues with (235) individual records of missing kids throughout Virginia.

When compared with the number of reported cases in states with much larger populations such as California and Florida the number of kids that have disappeared in Virginia are staggering.

In Part III of the series we also discovered that numerous profiles are being removed from the NCMEC’s website without any indication that any of these children have returned home safely.

All the data comes from the NCMEC database of missing children for the states of Virginia, California and Florida (accessed - October 10th to December 5th, 2017).

Virginia Records NCMEC

  • Records found 394

California Records NCMEC

  • Records found 615

Florida Records NCMEC

  • Records found 346

2017 Missing Children (up to November 30th, 2017)

Virginia: 529
Rate per 100,000: 6.29

California: 193
Rate per 100,000: 0.49



• Population: 39,250,017
• Missing: 15


• Population: 20,612,439
• Missing: 31


• Population: 8, 411,808
• Missing: 235

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 10.12.57 PM.png

These figures are striking.

With a population of close to 40 million inhabitants, California has just 15 children reported missing during the month of November. Although Florida has twice as many reported missing children, the combined totals of both of these states is well below the 235 profiles of missing children in Virginia.

In fact, there are more reported missing children in Virginia for the month of November than California has for the entire year totaling 193.

Within the NCMEC's Virginia database there are multiple duplicate profiles of children while there also exist profiles of the same individual but reported missing on different dates. These sorts of discrepancies were also detailed in Part III of the series.

NEW NOV MISS2017dec.png

These numbers are absolutely shocking and even eclipse the jaw-dropping figures from October 2017.

From my calculation, there are 193 reported missing children in California in 2017 thus far.

The Virginia numbers for November alone easily outstrip the first eleven months of California's missing.

Etching the Names of the Missing onto the Blockchain

The number, and rates, of children who go missing in Virginia is, frankly, incomprehensible. Just like in Part II of this series, I will be uploading the raw data for November to the Steemit blockchain in a post immediately following this one.

One of my biggest motivations for publishing the names of the missing children in Virginia is that many of these profiles are removed from the site without explanation. This way we can have an immutable record of all the missing without worry that some of these profiles may disappear. As you may have guessed already, it's quite difficult to compile this data as the NCMEC's website is constantly changing.

Another hope of mine is that, some of you out there may take the time to search for some of the individuals on social media. There is a ridiculously high number of profiles in the Virginia records that do not have a single photograph of many who have disappeared.

Unanswered Questions

Up until now, I've focused my attention on compiling a record of the missing and I've refrained from speculating on what in the world is happening in Virginia.

In another upcoming post, I'll be laying out my theory as to what's happening to the children of Virginia backed with some evidence that I believe is quite compelling.

In the meantime, Keep up the Good Fight and stay tuned for more in upcoming posts.

Additional Sources:


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this numbers are really scary

The figures are even more scary than before mate. I'm inclined to assume the numbers are so high here due to the close proximity to DC.
It may be a leap but where you have a high concentration of politicians you have a high concentration of deviance.
As ever buddy, well done in ensuring this info is forever available on the blockchain, albeit depressing.


We think along similar lines and that is part of the theory I have on this as well.

Where else in the world is there such a high concentration of political power outside DC?

Yes, it's depressing and enraging.

This is it not at all alarming. Having spent the first 35 years of my life in Virginia I know how it works. There's a lot of strange things that occur. And unfortunately bad things happen there. Children are being taken and trafficked. Not only by this method but also by CPS. CPS runs rampant in Virginia and takes children from good homes and places them in terrible homes full of pedophiles. Also there's an alarming number of children that have gone missing from the CPS system in the state of Virginia as well. Unfortunately a lot of folks in Virginia are just good country people that don't realize the extent of the badness that is going on. They just seem to think that children are being taken and that it's not an operation that is being run by the elite.


Thank you for your insight on this. I'm always glad to hear from someone who's spent time in the state and has a sense for the overall public perception. The involvement of CPS comes up time and time again when you dive a little deeper into this phenomenon.

NCMEC on Twitter   86  of these likely  sextrafficking victims were in the care of social services foster care when they went missing https   t.co wYgEivYugI https   t.co 1ez0wcJQez .png


Exactly what I found when I just read the local news about the emergency foster care and adoption system in Arizona, and what Nancy Schaefer was reporting in Georgia.

Meanwhile, as epstein parties on his island and the state agencies coordinate to feed those like him vulnerable kids, the FBI runs operations like 'cross country'


Which basically have all their best agents wandering around truck stops busting normal prostitutes, with an occasional child abuse situation that they point to in order to justify the whole thing.

But everyone who is actually researching child sex trafficking in the United States has seen evidence that the elites of the country are the ones doing it, and still getting away with it.

I also believe that they harass people who are dissidents, such as myself, and try to bait them into situations where they might be convicted as a sex offender, potentially silencing them completely.

Keep up the good work, we need to figure out what is going on in Virginia, I hope it's a reporting anomaly but in case it isn't we need to be watching closely.


Oh no there is a lot of problems created by criminals
We should apologize government to less the percentage of losting childs


this confirms my question earlier. It's the first thought that came to mind: how many of those kids were in state care...I have a friend who's done some research on this subject and she had two threats telling her to stop her investigation. The second time they told her exactly where her daughter would go during the week so they had already someone following her. Needless to say: she stopped. But it also meant that she was onto something.

Virginia... Home of the (so called) Intelligence Community

Dyncorp, the third largest military contractor for the USA, has been repeatedly involved in slave trade.
1999, 2004, 2009

When convicted in international court for over 200,000k counts of slave trade... our shocked govt banned them from new govt contracts for a whole three months. Wow! How's that for punishment? Perhaps they hired a few dancing boys for the right folks in govt??

Remember the Milk Cartons With Kids Pictures?

Yeah, the problem has not gone away... people simply became callused to it. Higher rates in areas with more powerful and (likely) much more sick people.


This is an important point and I'm glad you can see these connections on your own. Over the past year many researchers have pointed to Dyncorp as a shadow CIA and they have a history relating to human trafficking from the Balkans to Afghanistan and beyond. I'll be touching on this in a future post.

Thanks for commenting here.


Glad to share. Nearly everyone I've mentioned this to is shocked to hear it. I look forward to reading your additional articles.

Go Be Awesome!


Sad but true.

You are providing a grand service here, my friend. My hat is off to you for all the hard work. Please be safe, I am sure you understand what I am leading at here. Sometimes we can become so passionately immersed in an endeavor that we let cautions slide a bit. Do what you can to maintain a high level of safety.

My thoughts and energy go out to these innocents and their families. Thank you for spreading awareness.

Yes the State of Virginia, home of the CIA and the Washington power circles of babyeating congress ! There are tunnels below Washington which apparently favours the removal and transport of children stolen for Satanistic rituals ! " numerous profiles are being removed from the NCMEC’s website without any indication that any of these children have returned home safely." Why are these names being removed when they are still missing ?? Seems clear that we will never see them again as their remains have been disappeared in the bottom of acid vats once their flesh has been consumed ! great that you upload this info to our blockchain @v4vapid , importwnt indeed this action , bravo sir )

My friend, as always I so appreciate the level of dedication and research you have put into these .. I was going to say posts but this is far more than that!! this has been and continues to be an investigation in the purest sense of the word!! These figures send a chill up my spine and yet I sit in a warm house reading them, I very much doubt that same can be said for many of these children.

The proximity to DC has certainly rang some alarmbells for me as has the local military and naval bases. From the bases perspective it makes me wonder about some form of Saudi connection. Although equally even if that is the case I fear it would just be one piece in this highly disturbing but vastly important puzzle. In this age of 24 news and here today gone tomorrow stories you're really not letting this go and I respect that hugely! You care and it really does show. Thank you @v4vapid

very interesting, this is the first i have heard of this,i think one of the things to consider is the percentage of people that are legally living in these two state, i think illegals would be less likely to report some of this, that may be a part of the discrepecenies


Yes, this is true and for brievity's sake I did not want to repeat this point from part 1 in the series. It's definitely a factor, yet the rates per 100,000 in Virginia are still very high irrespective of the reporting from California or Florida.

You raise a valid point though, and if applied to the national level there's certainly an innumerable amount of missing children (and persons) that go unreported.


When I enter Walmart, I notice a large board with pictures of missing kids. Many people never even bother to look at it, so it tends to fade into the background. @v4vapid this is why your work is so important. I believe someone will pay attention at just the right moment and end up saving a child.

I was stationed in Norfolk in the Navy and knowing that Virginia is "spook central" would make this the perfect place to do their dirty deeds. It would be great to hear from "the ones that got away" and the methods they use, so families can know how to prevent this.

A shiver runs down my spine when I think of how close I came to being a statistic...

Teach your children well, indeed...


Thanks for responding, I'm always curious about people's experience in Virginia and your comments are very interesting. In part I of this series I focused a lot of my attention on Norfolk and the surrounding area. From the available data, Norfolk in particular has some of the highest concentration of missing children and appears to be a hotbed for human trafficking.

"Spook Central", and the state's proximity to DC political power are important elements to consider.


That is truth

Virginia doesn't surprise me as the number of politicians and those connected to the political machine that are either practicing satanists, pedophiles or both is extremely high when compared to the general population. On Halloween there are a staggering amount children sacrifices that occur and so it's not surprising that the month leading up to Halloween shows the highest numbers of missing children.

This is an incredible amount of research into a truly shocking trend. Thank you for investing so much time into bringing this to light. It's shocking how little our society seems to care about "the children" except when they can be used to further some political goal.

Those statistics are really frightening. :S


Yes, I've been compiling the profiles from the ncmec website and the numbers are shocking.

Too close to DC, pedo central!

Some nice piece of information!

thats the first time I am reading this.

Is there an explonation why it is so much higher in virgina?

Actually nvm I am gonna read the first parts also.


You must be careful. Too easily those numbers can be based on simple things like reporting differences.

I know one case where one town had a lot more missing children then another - and after a big outcry, the problem was easily resolved:

Town A had reported children missing if e.g. the parents reported them missing at the police.
Town B had them officially reported as missing when the children did not come home for 24 hours after the parents called the police, which makes sense, since 95% are found inside a few hours.

So town A changed to the reporting method of town B and voila, problem solved!


Please read parts 1-3, where I address this notion and more.


Upvote my post please, so others can read one source of how these kids go missing. Thank You!

I look forward to your next post @v4vapid.

Oo god this is a shame !!!

So sad we gotta figure out how to stop this 8(

The pedophile empire. Thank you for exposing this.

We might need to chip and monitor our children like we do with pets, has it really come to this? There are people suggesting that bad karma from a past life is the reason bad things happening to children in this life. This is their excusing of it and justification for these things happening. Please beware of the Karma mentality and how it puts us in a frame of mind of not being productive in prevention and justice for these children. Thank you for bringing this up.


Hell no, I would never advocate for chipping our children.

It's interesting to note that if you look at the major donors to the NCMEC/ICMEC you'll find that they're sponsored by tech companies that promote and develop 'tracking devices' for the 'safety' of all our children.

  • Palantir
  • CA Technologies
  • Vigilant Solutions
  • Greatcall


It appears that this link is no longer working, interesting.

Try it with a search engine, it should come up.

Great work- thank you- grateful

Has this been touched on at all by mainstream media? Or even local Virginia media?


Not that I'm aware of.

Last year a computer programmer charted the number of missing children nationwide and made a 3-D map of the data. I just decided to pick up where he left off. Aside from his initial work, I haven't found much from the media about this except when they're highlighting individual cases of a missing person.

I heard it's the Mossad doing the human trafficking... Anyone hear anything similar? I did a cartoon to help raise awareness...

Pizza Hurt.jpg

HOLLY MOLLY!!! I'm going to have to follow you because I need to know what your thoughts are on this. I live 20 minutes from Virginia and I think this whole things nuts.

how scary to see the difference when you are comparing the numbers! :/


It's really quite astonishing isn't it?

I live in Virginia and am the mother of a young boy. So this is of great concern to me. I'm actually in the same county as @rhondak. She has some chilling things to report about collusion she discovered while trying to learn why the animal shelters are in such bad shape here in SWVA. You should ask her about it. It isn't just about the animals.


Yes, the more I look into this the more disturbing it becomes. The vast majority of missing children appear to be between the ages of 15-17 years old, so this age group should be educated about the dangers of human trafficking imo.

I've had some brief conversations with @rhondak about the strange things happening going on in rural areas. There are many veins to follow, I wish I had more tie and resources to dive deeper.

Please, be safe out there

missing is always sad news.thanks for sharing this kind of post.

These numbers are very scary. The first I have read of Virginia's numbers. Thanks for sharing.

great news keep it up

Congratulations @v4vapid!
Your post was mentioned in the hit parade in the following category:

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I think there must be a second part to this story, however, these statistics are alarming, well i guess investigations are ongoing

This is really alarming and sad. Why are all this happening? this is inhumane and cruel. How would this kids parents feel, I haven't been to the United States before but for this happening in Virginia is bad. What is happening to the kids and what is the government doing at it. It hurts when I read post of missing kids. We need to rise against kidnapping.

Good Job. Thank you for expressing your concerns and backing it up. Human trafficking is very real, the present administration is doing something about it, however, the opposition is part of of the problem.

Thank you for this post @v3vapid. There is so much that people don't realize that happens just under the surface unless a little investigating happens. Pedophilia is something that no one wants to talk about or admit that is might be happening in their community.

I truly believe that there are more good people than bad but the evil are more organized these days. And with everyone is so distracted by their screens, it is easy to forget to talk to your neighbors and form a strong community.

If we talked to each other and passed on info, less of this could get under the radar as easily.

God Bless!

This is really disturbing. I have only recently become aware of the grossness that is pedogate (thanks pizzagate) and I am truly alarmed. We have to keep talking about this and I appreciate the hard work you put into exposing truths that are often hidden right in front of us.

For the past year there has been much talk of pizzagate or pedogate via different websites. Some of us found it unbelievable, but when we look at the aleged players involved, it only makes sense that children would be the next target of their power since their pitiful existence is lower than a snakes belly. What ever happened to Alefantis? Great investigative work. Be careful out there.

wow. Thanks for the post.

Oh no! that is way up high status, hope the government block human trafficking especially those kids using pedophile

Please be careful @v4vapid. I fear your investigations will draw attention from the perpetrators. Praying for you.


I believe that is the point in the post. This has to be exposed. We have to protect the children. And I think exposing it is step one in the right direction. Any of us admitting and telling the truth put us all at risk. But in order to fight the badness we have to. So I commend you for writing this and helping to save our kids. But drawing attention is what we want. We want those to open their eyes and see what is going on


Yes, but take care. God bless!

Unbelievable and so sad.

Wow, that is really scary to think there are so many just in one tiny state. And yes, you'd think it has something to do with the fact that Virginia is close to DC...What I'd be interested in is how many of those kids missing were in care...

Upvote ya...

This is one of the most important issues the world needs to face.

@v4vapid , This is a great article. further proof of the pedogate conspiracy... since no one in the mainstream including mainstream alt media will ever even look at this. much less report it. i just can't truly understand why people can't stand up to this trash. there has been a rise in my home state in missing children in 1 area, just ignore the fact that its the richest and most "elite" area of the state, pay that no mind what so ever.... this epidemic must stop and we as just and honorable men need to rise against it!

Excelente publicación, me encanto