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The telecommunication industry is eventually expanding in accordance with the ongoing technological developments and innovations such as the introduction of the 5G networks. There happen to be various factors stimulating global telecom market growth. An example is the rate at which telecom companies/providers invest heavily in new telecommunication technologies such as satellite and wireless communication. All these are mostly geared towards providing better telecom services to consumers. Even though much efforts have been exerted to achieve the goal of serving consumers better, the telecom industry fails to provide basic services like high-quality and bureaucracy-free roaming plans at cost-effective rates.

The aforementioned challenges faced by telecom companies across the globe call for a comprehensive and on time solution. Haven said much, Miracle Tele seeks to introduce an effective business model to liberate the telecom industry whiles having consumers’ needs at heart.
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Telecommunication Market – The Underlying Problem
For telecom companies to have a competitive edge in the market, they should focus much on innovative and customized solutions to their customer and at the same time paying heed to fostering a long term relationship with consumers.

In the first place, besides the great services offered by telecom operators, their mobile plans turn to have some strings attached. Consumers need to sign mid-term contracts with their providers which require detailed information about a client. Consumers are compelled to giving out their personal private information (PPI) for these services.
On the other hand, these contracts come with stringent rules that clients need to fulfill. Any violation of these rules will lead to a denial of service and in worst cases, clients get to pay fines.

Another issue that can’t be left out is the high cost of telecom services despite the gradual decline of the base cost of mobile telephony and internet. This situation makes entrance into the telecom market by new entrants much tougher and results in price surge for end users.

Miracle Tele – Solution Model
The concept behind Miracle Tele is very simple, they’ve strategically partnered with a lot of local telecommunication operator around the world giving them the chance to purchase their call and traffic network overcapacities. Eliminating the cost involved in infrastructure development, Miracle tele is able to provide affordable services to consumers whiles also making quality a priority.

Miracle Tele leverages the blockchain technology to develop a Mobile virtual network infrastructure to offer consumers with cost-effective pay-as-you-go call and Internet services which is available globally. The system is built on the blockchain and as such users anonymity is ensured du to the fact that there wouldn’t be the need for documents as required with traditional telecom operators.

The TELE token is an Ethereum-based token which conforms to ERC-20 standards. The TELE token plays a very important role in the eco-system. Users will be able to pay for their telecom services on the platform with TELE and also transfer and trade them once it hits exchange.

The most fascinating part is that Miracle Tele pays 40% of its net profit to token holders every two weeks. In order to be eligible for the token holder's reward, users will have to stake their TELE tokens on the platform and that’s it, simple as “ABCD”

To conclude, Miracle Tele stands to be the only blockchain telecom project that is poised to disrupt the telecom industry and introducing innovative ideas in order to render quality telecom services to members in their ecosystem. In addition, prior to their entry into the crypto market, they already had a minimum viable product (MVP) which is accessible from over 163 countries across the globe. This is really what characterizes a competent and potential project.

Miracle Tele token sale is underway, prospective investors can participate and stake their token earn a bi-weekly reward. You can either choose to withdraw your earnings via Bitcoin or Ethereum or buy more TELE tokens.

Website: https://miracletele.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MiracleTele/
Whitepaper: https://miracletele.com/files/whitepaper.pdf

bitcointalk account: maxmamru
profile : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2318315
ETH : 0xC5B703c85aEc0a004FBc09c40BCf0da88BD2BC1F

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