Strategic partnership with tx0x to develop a time-based marketplace on Mint Club

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We’re excited to announce that HUNT (running the Mint Club project) has made a strategic partnership with tx0x, a renowned blockchain software development company based in South Korea.

tx0x has over 10 years of experience in creation, design, and solution development based on blockchain technology in the area of NFT, DeFi, and crypto trading. tx0x has been focusing on the creation of secure solutions through its internal group of expertise.

The purpose of this partnership is to establish a collaboration between HUNT and tx0x platforms to develop a time-based marketplace on Mint Club. This collaboration will cover the following tasks/agenda:

  1. tx0x creates a web interface that provides a marketplace that enables people to build a marketplace that enables people to buy and redeem their time-based conversation tickets using the Mint Club protocol (temporarily called InTime).

  2. HUNT provides the technical support for tx0x to access the Binance Smart Chain and Mint Club protocol such as API reference docs, libraries, or wallet implementations.


In Mint Club, we’re building a place where anyone with an idea can create a token economy effortlessly. Also, it is an open protocol, so any project/team can easily build 3rd-party front-end applications interacting with the Mint Club contracts and interfaces.

One of our main aims at the moment is to expand the DApp ecosystem built on top of Binance Smart Chain and Mint Club protocol so that we can create more valuable smart token projects.

Mint Club web app | Docs | Telegram | Twitter


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